Baby with Rash and Cold Symptoms

Updated on April 11, 2009
J.B. asks from Belleville, IL
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My 8-month old daughter just started day care this week, and after four days, we're already experiencing some signs of sickness. She's had a red rash on her cheek for the last few days, and I've been using hydrocortison on it. Along with that, yesterday and today her nose is running like crazy and this morning she's got a bit of a dry hacking cough. I called our ped, and the nurse said not to worry if there's no fever and she's eating normally.

I have two questions: Any ideas on what could be causing the rash? (Dr said it's probably just a symptom of a cold - but it looks almost like poison ivy or from contact with something to me - I washed her sheets since, but any other ideas?)
Second, are there any ideas for preventing kids from getting all the day care germs that seem to be passed around on a regular basis?

Thanks, Mamas!

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answers from Wichita on

Well as a daycare provider and mother of 4 I know first hand that the first year will be full of colds!! I keep a pretty clean house,have the kids and myself wash hands all the time, and wash toys daily. Kids just carry germs!! There is noway 2 prevent this!!
The rash could be cause by perfume or detergent the daycare provider wears. I couldn't wear perfume with one of my sons cause he would break out in a rash. Ask her to always put a receiving blanket between her and the baby. See if the helps!!

Hope this helps

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answers from Kansas City on

I too am very careful with germs. My mother and I both push washing hands. We keep a ton of wet ones around and have the kids wash their hands and face with them very often. I also give them clean wet ones just to use on the toys and ask them to wash toys. They enjoy doing this. When we have sickness I can and often do get some dish pans and fill it with tearless baby shampoo and warm water and have them wash toys. They love the bubbles and it gives them something to do that is helpful to me as well. The kids and I even use wet ones to wipe down the couch and lots of things like door knobs, kitchen chairs etc. My parents always tell me things like I'm turning their kids into a germaphobe or that their kids won't share out of the same cup or straw anymore.

I wish I could say that it helps. These kids do pass things around and I also agree any baby in daycare will be sick almost non-stop. Make sure no one is smoking around her. That would make things much worse. Some pediatricians will recommend baby benadryl for allergies since you can't know what all she might be allergic to.

You can water down juice and really push liquids and juices. Vitamin c is really good for helping the immune system and there are other things like children's vitamins and various herbal preventatives.

It will get better eventually.


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answers from Topeka on

My "baby" is now 25 years old and with each of my girls I was told "teething does not cause cold symptoms"...well, let me tell you, my girls each had dozens of colds at the same time that they were teething...I think we Mom's know something the Doctors won't admit!!! Teething and cold symptoms go hand in hand!!!
Treat you little ones symptoms in the same way that you would any other "cold"...tylenol or motrin for the achy, irritability, get some nasal saline spray to keep her little nose cleaned out, and push the liquids as much as possible, to help with the diaper rash. I would also suggest getting some desitin cream to put on her little bottom to help protect the tender skin and clear up that rash. The rash on her little cheeks may be a side effect of the runny may be irritating the soft baby skin.
As to the cough, is it worse when she is laying down in her crib??? If so, try putting something under the head of the crib to elevate it a little, maybe it will help. of course, I never did figure out how to make them lay with their head at the same end of the bed all night
Lots of extra cuddling and rocking will make you AND her feel better!!!
Good luck...
R. Ann

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answers from Kansas City on

My SIL just told me a couple of days ago that there is a virus going around the schools that makes the kids cheeks get rosy. I think it had a fever with it too though. You might ask your daycare provider if any of the other kids have had similar symptoms or anyone in their families.

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answers from Joplin on

I was under the impression that viral related rashes were usually accompanied by a fever. Other rashes were usually an allergic reaction, in young children the most common reaction is to a new food.
A common ailment that gets passed around at daycares a lot is Fifth disease, it has a rash that usually begins on the face and is accompanied by cold like symptoms.
It is so hard to tell with little ones, because it can be so many different things, she may have sensitive skin and have chapped cheeks if what you think is a "rash" is just on her cheeks. Teething can cause some children to have runny noses...sometimes kids can be quite the guessing game for us = ) Lots of luck...if you are concerned about the daycare certainly there is no harm in asking if they wash the childrens hands regularly, disinfect toys and table tops ( ask how often they wash the toys!!) Any toy that is "mouthed" should be washed immediately. Again...good luck



answers from Wichita on

This year our two year old has been getting a rash on her face accompanied by a runny nose, cough and goopy eyes even! :( We've never experienced it, and this is the third time it has happened over the last couple of months.

The doctor said it may all be viral, and thought the eyes might be "pink eye" but now that we are on the third round I am wondering if it could be some sort of seasonal allergies? The rest of us are having itchy eyes, and sneezing like my typical "hay fever" stuff.

I am interested to see what kind of posts you get! :)


answers from Kansas City on

Unfortunately your daughter will catch most of the germs that go around in the daycare. The upside is her immune system will be really strong. A few germs are actually good for our children, it helps their bodies fight off other germs that could be more harmful. She'll have a strong immune system in the end. My girls caught lots when they were younger and now hardly ever get sick. Good luck and God Bless.
P.S. We do wash hands and stuff but we don't go over board. Our toys were at home and therefore we never cleaned them unless they were puked on.



answers from Wichita on

Good Morning J., I am sorry to say whatever other kids have in your day care your child will more then likely get it also. Same thing happens at school.

As for the rash, gee not sure but it could be from something at day care also, if she sleeps in a crib with sheets being washed in something she is sensitive to.

If she will let you but a couple of drops of nasal saline for infants in her nose then use the bulb and suck it out. Use a humidifier at night also. The coughing could be from all the mucus going down her throat. If you think about it when we get a cold we have a lot of drainage and if it continues to go down our throats we sometimes get a chest cough also.

Our nurse had use use a mixture of A&D ointment ( nice sized blob) with about a TBS of Maalox to put on rashes on Zane, it started clearing up even after the first application. He has eczema very badly in winter. You really have to mix it up a lot to get it blended, and it stays put so you don't have to keep reapplying constantly.
Put it in a snack bowl with a lid to keep it.

God Bless and I hope you get some wonderful advice from other Mama's out there.
Have a Wonderful Easter SONday
K. Nana of 5



answers from St. Louis on

The rash is probably Fifth's Disease. Common in daycares and among children. It's harmless unless you haven't had it as a child AND are pregnant.

I am freaking out myself because my son started daycare the first week of February and is still sick. Nothing will clear him up for long. Good luck. The sooner you can stay home, the better.