Baby with Anal Stenosis

Updated on February 21, 2011
H.S. asks from Clearwater, FL
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Hi, My 5 week old daughter has just been recently diagnosed with anal stenosis but now the doctors think that she could possibly have Hirschsprung's . Does anyone have a child with either condition? She is screaming in pain every day and hasnt had regular bowel movements since she was 6 days old. I'm a first time Mom and havent stopped crying for weeks. I'm nervous and just want my baby to get better.

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answers from Miami on

I know this might sound strange but an experienced cranial-sacral person can help. The connections are off somehow and it can be solved. Babies who are suffering through trauma like your daughter will most likely end up with sensory/self regulation problems later on so it's important to learn how to massage her and give her sensory input so she can get calming chemicals to her brain like serotonin, dopamine and acytcholine. Consult an OT with sensory integration experience to ward off issues to come.



answers from Victoria on

My daughter had this i guess, she couldn't poop on her own. and at 4 days old, screamed all night until we got her to the ped's office who inserted a thermometer and poof, she pooped and all was good in her world again. I kept a log of her feedings and when she began to go too long and she would get fussy, then i would insert a glycerin suppository and poof that was all she needed to help her go. We continued this for awhile (3 months)and it got old, but she did evenutally figure it all out and we haven't had any problems since. She does tend to be constipated so we make sure she gets plenty of water and fiber in her diet. i remember being so sleep deprived and husband & I got up at like 2-3 in the morning to help her poo and we heard a little clink noise and hubby asked me ehat it was, but I snapped at him and told him i couldn't multi tasked at that hour and that I would deal with whatever it was tomorrow. Well what it turned out to be was my wedding ring that fell into the dirty diaper and went into the diaper pail which was dumped that morning and taken to the dump!!! there went $5,000!! So now I have a great story to tell, but not sure it was worth the cost, LOL. Worst part was we had been married for ten years and i had just gotten the ring made as my hubby upgraded my ring after ten years and i had barely had it 6 weeks!! Anyway, I know how horrible it is to not know how to help them and what is wrong. Best of luck and hope you get answers soon.



answers from Philadelphia on

I cant imagine how this feels. As a nurse, I have found two things to be true: 1. medicine is always smarts its trial and error AND 2. children many (but not all) times feed off their parent's emotions, from age 2 days to 28yrs old. I am not sure if you are a religious or spiritual woman but if you are give it to ur higher power and support your child. If your gut tell you the doctors are doing everything they can then stay with that, if you gut tells u otherwise... GET GOING TO A NEW DOCTOR! it hurts us to watch our children suffer. Be strong for you baby. she needs you. and make sure you have someone who can be strong for you when you need a shoulder to cry on!



answers from Tampa on

Are you nursing? If not do that. Check what you are feeding her if you aren't and cannot. No formula for sure. Take a look at Weston Price for excellent nutrition. best best best nutrition. Find a Webster chiropractor, and have her checked- perhaps something out from her birth-you don't know until it has been checked.
Many many things to check- contact me after you have done these if still a problem and I'd help you battle plan other possible things to do.

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