Baby with a Lot of Gas

Updated on December 13, 2015
M.M. asks from Nolensville, TN
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My four month old has a lot of gas and I think this may be what is waking him up frequently at night. I do breast feed and have tried not eating certain gassy foods but I feel like it doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat he is still gassy. Any suggestions.

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answers from Hattiesburg on


Acidophilous powder can also be given to babies - and sometimes helps balance their system to keep them from being as gassy or from getting yeast diaper rashes or oral thrush!

There is no known overdose syndrome, as the body will rid itself of any excess.

Hope this helps,
L. G

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answers from Knoxville on

The only thing I can say is Mylicon Drops, they are the best thign out there for gas..My daughter was so colicy and they are the only thing that worked. Good Luck!



answers from Nashville on

Hi M.,

If he is burping good after meals, your son may have a sensitivity to cow's milk protien,which is quite common in infants. This can cause excessive spitting up, gas, irritability, etc.

The pediatrician can test this at their office or you can try eliminating all dairy from your diet and see if he gets any better.



answers from Knoxville on

Other than the infant gas drops (Mylicon, Little Tummies, etc.), I don't have much advice. Those worked really well with my son. He was breastfed for a while, then formula fed, then on soy only formula. He had gas very bad no matter what he was fed. It got much better as he aged and started eating baby food, etc.

My daughter is the same way. I breastfeed her (she's almost 5 months old now) and it seems she has gas regardless of what I do or don't eat. Her tummy seems to bother her a lot when she's teething (my son's did, too).

The good news is that this is something most babies eventually grow out of age they age! ;) Best of luck to you and your baby!



answers from Memphis on

one night when my son was a baby he woke up screaming his head off and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was gas. I tried the infant drops and everything else you could think of but he still kept crying I was at my wits end so I finally just put him in his bouncy seat, we had one that viberates, so I turned it on and after a minute or so he was back to sleep! I think the viberation is what did the trick. Maybe you could try that or if you don't have one of those seats you could put him on the dryer (supervised of course) and turn the dryer, on maybe the shaking and warmth will put him to sleep. Just a tip..Good Luck



answers from Clarksville on

I also have a four month old and he was very gassy when he was first born. However I never breast fed but his ped told me to give him Little Tummies and it worked wonders on him.. If you suspect it might be Colic the only thing that ever helped Nikolas was gripe water and it's over the counter as well.. Hope you find something to help..



answers from Kansas City on

Hey! I also breastfeed. I commend you for choosing to do this for your son!! My little girl is 5 months old now. She has ALWAYS had a lot of gas throughout the day - she even sometimes passes gas in her sleep at night. It can be really loud & smelly too, just like an adult, but she never really cries much with her gas so I guess that's the important thing. Babies have gas - but it's when they cry with their gas that you have to start really paying attention.

I've noticed that when I eat certain things she has more gas than usual so I try to limit my intake of spicy or heavily seasoned things. Chinese food & chocolate gives her more gas. But SHE HAS GAS NO MATTER WHAT I EAT. I think you're doing a great job watching your diet and that's about all you can do.

Something I've done to help my baby is to take her to the CHIROPRACTOR & the doc. said he could tell she was having some trouble in her intestines - after her adjustment I could tell this helped her with the gas & bowel movements. Also something else I've done is given her MYLICON DROPS or Little Tummies GRIPE WATER, it's natural.

*** And just remember, this too shall "pass" -- ha! :)



answers from Memphis on

I'm nursing my 4th child and each one was bothered by different foods. Keep trying!



answers from Tuscaloosa on

you can give him mylicon would get this in the "stomach" section of the drug store. I used this on my children and it's like a miracle "drug". Certainly, what you ingest does go through the breast milk however, there are some babies that are just gasy. It also helped if I put my little ones on their tummies across my legs and gently bounce my leg up and down, it helped them to relieve pressure. Some really bad things to eat for the baby is Onions, Chocalate, Cabbage and of course carbonated drinks. I had to really change my diet around for my babies (5) when they were little. Of course there are other gas producing foods, I can't remember, only the triggers for my little ones.



answers from Nashville on

You have probably already gotten this response but try Mylicon drops (or Target brand will work fine). Both my boys had gas & I used them all the seemed to help but sometimes it would not.
Good luck, a fussy baby is no fun!



answers from Nashville on

What worked for me and my children was peppermint. I breastfed and used mylacon(sp) drops but I also used peppermint. I smashed the peppermint candy into a powder and mixed it with breast milk in a bottle and it worked GREAT. You can also use the pepermint extract too. My best friend used that for her children and turned me onto it.




answers from Jackson on


I would suggest you give him infant gas drops. This always helped my son. Be sure to give them to him with his feedings or the drops will be chasing the gas causing substance through his digestive tract and won't do him any good. Good Luck




answers from Springfield on

Try babies magic tea to give it your baby as well as drink it by yourself and pass it through your breast milk.



answers from Huntsville on

I'm not sure what's causing it, but I have some suggestions that may help him feel better. Have you tried giving him those Mylicon drops? Also, you can try holding him over your arm face down (the "gas hold"). The Mylicon Web site has more suggestions and info about infant gas:

Hope this helps!



answers from Nashville on

My daughter also had a lot of gas and it would cause her to cry and cry. We tried everything, but the mylicon did nothing for her. We tried prescription gas drops and do not htink they really helped either. wE tried something a friend used called gripe water. You can get in at som health food grocers or some specialty baby stores. It is fennel and ginger which is all natural, but supposed to help gas and upset belly. we would put the prescribed amount in every bottle. It got expensive at that rate but we only needed it for about a month. It seemed to help and the pediatrician confirmed it was okay to give to her. Other than that try moving his legs and helping him relieve some of that gas. Also, laying him on your lap or chest and putting pressure on his belly will help the pain. I know this is a hard tiem but I promise it will pass as soon as his digestive system matures some more.

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