Baby Will Not Burp!

Updated on April 26, 2007
L.K. asks from Columbus, OH
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I have a baby that is 2 days old today and he will not burp after I feed him. I have gotten him to burp only a handfull of times. Every other time he just kindof goes to sleep, but then when he gets uncomfortable, we will fuss and pull his legs up. We try over our shoulder, tipping him forward and back, patting his back, rubbing his back...nothing works. I have 2 other kids that I breastfed and they never had this problem. It is keeping me up most of the night, because he can't get to sleep when he doesn't burp. He was born at 39 weeks and weighs 7lb 1 oz. There is nothing wrong with him as far as I know, he just can't seem to figure out how to burp. Does anyone have anything that they have tried that I haven't or anyone else have this problem? I feel so bad for him and that I can't get him to burp. Please help! :)

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I, too, was having difficulty with burping my baby until I tried a technique described in Dr. Harvey Karp's "The Happiest Baby on the Block" book.

Before you burp your baby, put him in one hand with the other hand under the chin. Next, bounce him up and down a few times (gently and just a few times - and, this will not cause him to spit up unless you are *really* jiggling him!). This encourages the gas in his stomach to rise to the top for easier burping. It may also be easier to burp if you think of the gas in your baby's stomach like bubbles in a bottle of soda pop - quick thumps to encourage the bubbles to rise to the top and out of the baby.

Good luck!



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If your breastfeeding I wouldn't worry about it so much. Yeah burping is important at least once during a breastfeeding but they do not get as much air in their bellies as bottle fed babies do, as there is no air in the breast.
Have you tried with him across your forearm, head toward your elbow, your palm at his bells and patting or rubbing his back?



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Congratulations on your new little one! My son took a little while to get the whole burping thing down too. We would try lots of different positions and it was kind of funny because it was usually when I gave up and was about to lay him down that he would finally burp. Although no position worked every time, the one we had the most luck with was when I laid him across my knees with my hand under his head and then slowly alternated lifting one heal off the ground and then the other. I would usually pat his back while I did this as well and usually I'd eventually get a burp out of him that way. I also tried feeding him in different positions and found that when I fed him lying down, he'd seem more comfortable afterwards even if we couldn't get a burp out of him. Hopefully your little guy will figure it out soon, hang in there, I know it’s awful to see them so uncomfortable!



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First, *congratulations*!

Second, check out the Dunstan Baby Language DVD for free from you local library - infants have universal sounds that they make, and this woman from Australia who has an incredible ear (like photographic memory, but with her hearing instead) noticed her baby repeating certain sounds so she researched it and her findings are really interesting, simple, and I wish I would have known this when I was nursing my first 2 kids. Here's a quick summary:

Also, try these positions - whenever I did these, my babies burped in addition to everything else:

Hope the burping thing works itself out, and enjoy that sweet little bundle! As you know from your first 2, that time just passes sooo quickly... :)



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After you feed him, lay him flat on his back for 30 seconds. Then, pick him up and try burping him. It always worked like a charm for me.

My other trick (when he's a couple of months old) is to sit him sideways on your lap, and lean him slightly forward. Hold his head/chin up, and gently rub/pat his back. Start on his lower back, and work your way up. It helps to force the air upward (and outward!)

Good luck, and congratulations!!

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