Baby Wheezing??

Updated on October 10, 2007
K.A. asks from Keller, TX
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I have a 3 month old. We were both sick with colds about 2 wks ago. Since then,well,lately,Ive noticed him wheezing....alot...his breathing is sometimes heavy while hes wheezing? Today is sounds bad,and contiplating taking him to urgent care? Is this cold related or something more?? He was 6 lbs at birth~~
He isnt sick anymore,i.e,cold,sneezing or anything related...just wheezing,heavy breathing..hes never been exposed to smoke of any kind.

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So What Happened?

First,thank you to all the moms out there for your wonderful advise;) It was greatly appreciated! I took my baby into the ER this evening.they did his oxygen levels,said it was fine...but my room nurse heard his wheezing and stated,it sounds like he would need breathing treatments. The doctor came in,did another test,cked his heart,etc and she asked how much he weight at birth,i told her,she smiled and said thats it. He was 6'2.She said,not that his lungs were underdeveloped,but basically,he was fine and when fluid/mucus gets in his lungs,it sounds 1000 times worse! So,hes fine;)and it was normal for "him"...we spent all but 20 mins in there. Im relieved and hes in good health! thank you all so much again!

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We just went through this... he had some slight wheezing that was "mild asthma brought on be allergies" so ryan is now on childrens claritin...... and a puffer a couple times a day. the danger in not treating it is it turning into something else. pneumonia, ear infection, whatever other unpleasant ailment comes from not treating when the illness is new. the ragweed right now is very high!! we moved from FL last december, so like your son, this is ryan's first exposure to "whatever's in the air in dallas in september/october" ya know??

this link has been helpful for us. you can view the allergen counts for different areas.

hope he feels better soon!

~ t

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I definitely recommend taking him to the doctor ASAP. Three weeks ago my 2 1/2 year old woke up acting fine but less than 4 hours later, he was wheezing heavily. I took him to Cook Children's ER & the first time they measured his blood oxygen level it was 82%. After a blood test, we found out he had 'walking pneumonia' caused by mycoplasma. He never had a fever. Just seemingly sudden onset wheezing. He was in the hospital for 3 days. Now he is fine!

Chances are your baby doesn't have this. If a 3 month old is wheezing for just about any reason, I would recommend taking him to his pediatrician. Good Luck!



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You should go see the pediatrician. My twin boys have had some wheezing that has hung on after colds. Two different pediatricians have told me that some virus that has gone around this year does have a tendency to cause almost asthma like symptoms after the cold is gone; the baby may need to take some breathing treatments and you would need to watch to be sure it does not turn into pneumonia. I had to put my boys on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and one of them has pretty much cleared up his cough but the other still has a heavy hacking cough at night only. No other symptoms. They did wheeze for a while and that's why I had to give them breathing treatments. But you need a trip to the pediatrician.



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I have a friend with a daughter in the PICU at Cook's downtown and she said that walking pneumonia is going around like crazy there! The ID doctor said that there are a lot of cases right now so beware! Take him in just in case...



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Call and talk to your pediatrician if you can.

Also, turn the bath water on all the way to hot in one of your bathrooms. Create lots of steam and sit in there with him for a while. This was recommended to me by our pedi when my daughter had similar issues when she was an infant. The steam will help clear up their lungs.

Good luck, I hope it doesn't end up being something serious!


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