Baby Was Born with Not Enough Tooth Enamel

Updated on April 29, 2007
S.G. asks from Bradenton, FL
4 answers

I thought that my baby had berry yogurt stuck in his teeth...i took him to the dr.s and they said that he was born with out enough tooth enamel...has anyone ever heard of this, and does anyone know anything that i can do???

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answers from Tampa on

Hi there,
My daughther was born without enamel on her back molars. I didn't realize this until I took her to the dentist when she was 2 years. There was a cavity found, the dentist filled the cavity and sealed her teeth. It was very simple, wierd, but simple. The dentist told me not to worry about it and that her adult teeth would be fine and have plenty of enamel. She is 9 now and the dentist was right! Don't worry, as long as you can seal the teeth, your baby will do fine.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

While neither of my kids have come up with this issue (yet at least) I have dealt with this issue all my life.... and its not fun.... it makes you more likely to get cavities and broken teeth. Both of which I have.... and I have tons of dental work that still needs to be done. I know when I was younger they put some stuff on my teeth that was supposed to help... I am not sure of what it was. These days they have better product and procedures. One cheap and easy helper is there is a mouthwash by ACT (reach) that is call Restoring mouthwash anticavity. It restores minerals to the soft spots, strngthens enamel to prevent tooth decay and kills bad breath. Also once he gets his adult teeth in you may want to consider porcelin veeners. Also, seriously limit the amount of sour candy you allow him. The acids in the stuff that makes it sour break down enamal on your teeth... something he can't afford to have happen! I hope this helps!



answers from Tampa on

S. sorry you are having to go through this.....make sure you cut out all candies, sodas and sweets it can make their teeth worse but you will spending alot of time taking care of their teeth back and forth to dr.s
my girlfriend went through this and her son had a bridge at 3 years old. it happens but just take care of the teeth as mucha s possible.



answers from Jacksonville on

I had little enamel on my teeth when i was little as a result of an allergic reaction to PCN when i was 8 months. I had a molar come in completely brown and had to have a cap on it. It was a baby tooth so i eventually lost it. My adult teeth are splotchy as a result. Other than not having a beautiful pearly white smile i've had no other problems from it.

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