Baby Trend Vs. Joovy Caboose Sit N Stand

Updated on June 26, 2009
A.M. asks from Saint Cloud, FL
4 answers

Which one do you like better & why? I currently have a second hand Baby Trend that has been great but is ready to be retired. I'm expecting another baby in November & would like to invest in a new one. From what I've seen the Joovy APPEARS to be shorter, but I haven't seen cup holders by the handle like the Baby Trend. I'm also curious about the manueverability. Thank you.

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answers from Orlando on

I am also looking for a sit and stand and I went to the store to look at the baby trend and did not like the fact that the part of the seat where there butt goes is so short (one of my complaints about my first childs stroller) I am now looking at the mia moda compagno the seat appears to be a little bigger online so I am on a mission to find a store that stocks this stroller so I can look at it in person before purchasing and I think that USA Baby on sand lake rd should have it but I haven't gone to see it yet.



answers from Jacksonville on

I have the baby trend and bought it brand new. Its hard to turn but was cheaper and i liked the cup holder better than the Joovy for me. I have a 3yr and another due soon.

There is also a similar stroller at



answers from Jacksonville on

I have the Joovy and love it! It folds easily and compactly and is very manuverable. I have had no complaints at all with it. The cup holder is sold separately (not on all websites) and is a neoprene-like slip that goes over the handle. Very useful and will never break off like the plastic cup holders. I travel a lot so this was an issue for me - may not be for you. I have not seen the baby trend so I can't really compare but I am very happy with my Joovy!



answers from Jacksonville on

Have you considered the One Step Ahead convertible double stroller? I have one (that I bought on Craigslist) and it is wonderful!! I looked at both the Baby Trend and the Joovy and the back seat on both were too short for my toddler when the baby was in the infant car seat.

You can see it at It's called the sit-n-stand elite. I have an almost 3 year old and a 5 month old baby. It starts off as a regular double stroller and the infant seat can snap into the front. Then when your baby grows out of the infant seat, the front seat becomes a regular seat. Then when your oldest child is ready for a sit n stand, the back seat turns into the little "jump" seat!

This thing is awesome! Takes only a little more space in my trunck than my single Graco! It turns great and is a pretty smooth ride. The seats aren't very well padded and that would be my only complaint!!!

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