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Updated on July 12, 2009
E.T. asks from Rochester, MN
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There was a post earlier this week about double strollers and several people mentioned the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Plus. Does it accomodate the Graco carseats? We have a Graco SafeSeat that tends to be a little larger than the other Graco seats. How easy is it to convert the rear seat to the sit and stand? Is it something that can easily be changed when we are out and about? Our daughter will be 2 at the end of the month and typically she doesn't spend much time in the stroller, but sometimes when we are traveling she will fall asleep in the stoller. My husband is reluctant to get a sit and stand because of that. I'm just wondering if we would be able to convert this stoller that easily or if it would be too cumbersome to convert on the go. Thank you!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have the regular sit and stand and have no problem with putting our Graco infant seat on it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm assuming the Sit and Stand "Plus" has the option to have a seat or the bench? Because the Sit and Stands I know of only have the bench. So I can't be much help in the conversion from seat to bench department. I do know, however, that the Sit and Stand will accomodate a variety of popular brands of car seats, including the Graco. There is a bar that your car seat can snap into, and this bar can be adjusted to fit the car seat you're using. In addition, there is a strap that will also hold your car seat in place, so you can rest assured that baby will be safe in there. I would also suggest looking on Craigslist for used Sit and Stands, as you can often find them at very reasonable prices.

Good luck,
Amy K
(Due Sept 30th with baby #2 - jealous of you!!! :)



answers from Des Moines on

We have the sit and stand plus and our Graco car seat fit pretty snug in it. I am not too sure how easy it is to convert the back seat to the sit and stand part of it we have not tried it yet since our oldest is only 19 months but we now put the baby in the back and have the oldest in the front so he can see everything and it works well for us. The car seat still fits nicely in the back. I hope this helps.



answers from Milwaukee on

Our daughter was 2 in April and we are expecting baby #2 in September. I did tons of research one night on the Sit N Stands. is great because you can read the reviews, plus, there is a question and answer section for each stroller. There were lots of questions posted with great answers for all of them from people who have the strollers. I came to the conclusion that the Baby Trend Sit N Stand called the "Skylar" is the best one for us. I have the Graco Snugride and everyone says that it accomodates Graco car seats. And it does say that the second seat is easily removable for the sit n stand option. I like that each seat has a tray, the second seat is elevated for the older child, and when the older child is using the sit n stand part, there is a buckle for when sitting along with a cup holder and bars on each side for her to hold on to. If you go to Baby Trend's website, you can compare all the different versions of the Sit N Stands. Good luck!

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