Baby's Hands and Feet Turn Blue....

Updated on March 10, 2008
K.S. asks from Spring, TX
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My son's hands and feet turn blue frequently. We're not talking normal mottling reddish purple. I mean blue. It doesn't stay that way for extended period of time and he doesn't seem phased by it in any way. I have looked on the internet for causes and this can be frightening. Causes can be from poor circulation to menengitis. So I was wondering if anyone has ever had this experience. I am going to the dr. tomorrow but won't be until late. I am so freaked out and worried. Has anyone ever seen this, experienced this. Its only his hands and feet nothing on his face or torso. please help.

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So What Happened?

Well the Dr. didn't act to alarmed she just said as long as his face or lips were not blue to just cover him up. Which makes sense because most (not all) of the time his feet are ice there ya go. She listened to his heart and she didn't hear a murmur (because I figure she would've told me). So thanks a bunch!

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This was happening to my brother's son too (at about the same age as your son) and it turned out to be nothing serious. I honestly can't remember what it was, its been a couple years, i just remember we were all very worried and then it turned out to be nothing to worry about. hopefully your situation will be the same, i'll call my sister in law and get her to tell me what it was that was causing it.

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Was he a preemie? I ask because you said he had to stay in NICU for a while. If so, his hands and feet could be turning blue because he is not maintaining his temperature. That is a problem for some preemies, lasting until they are 6-8 months old. Keep him wrapped up, even if its warm and see if you notice the difference. I would definatley ask the doctor though and bring it to his/her attention. I wish you lots of luck with your family and love how you have thanked God and given Him the glory for the blessings in your life. Not many people do that. But because you have, He will bless you!!!! Have a great day!!!

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If you explained what was happening to your pediatrician's office, it should be okay if they didn't schedule you till later tomorrow. I know the office staff in our pedi's office were trained to know when to get a child in right away or whether it could wait, and if they weren't sure, they always would put me on hold and go ask someone. So unless you are going to a free clinic, you can probably breathe a little easier. If you are going to a free clinic, I would get back online and decide if I needed to take him to an urgent care clinic right away. I know nothing about the symptoms of meningitis, but if symptoms truly point to that, I wouldn't mess around.

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