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Updated on March 06, 2009
Z.S. asks from Houston, TX
4 answers

I would like to know if any has tried the Target Brand of baby's formula. It's half the price but I am a little scared to give it to my baby. Did any one have any trouble with it?

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answers from Houston on

All formula has to follow the same guidelines, so it should be fine. Some babies do better on some formula then others, and when you change brands you should do it slowly, adding both formulas in the bottle and eventually weaning the previous brand out.



answers from Chicago on

All formula in the US has to follow the same guidelines, so there really isn't an appreciable difference between the name brands and the generics. My little guys did fine on Target's formula. Like an earlier poster said, I would make sure to gradually switch over in order to avoid tummy upset.



answers from Houston on

I've used Generic and Name Brand- didn't seem to make a difference. And I have a slightly different take on this than most because my 11 year old (yes, years, not months) still will only drink formula. She was lactose intolerant and only drinks soy formula- I have never been able to get her to drink soy milk. Since she can actually voice her opinion on what she drinks this is what she says: stay away from the powders- they never taste right or have the right consistency. She can't seem to tell the difference from Generic to Name Brand altho she can tell the difference in taste from one of the Name Brands versus another. For my babies I did use the powder- but I can't get away with it now! And I feel fairly sure that the Target brand will be just as safe as a Name Brand. Who knows? Maybe safer.... I do give my daughter Enfamil ProSobee and also the Wal Mart generic version and they are interchangeable to her....(Target doesn't have a Generic ProSobee in liquid or I would be giving her that since I much prefer shopping at Target.) But she knows if I try to slip her an Isomil! I think if it is manufactured/packaged in the US then it is as safe as any other.



answers from Houston on

I used the Target brand for my daughter and at first I too was a little hesitant- but if you compare labels with the expensive stuff they're exactly the same. So we went with the cheaper Target brand and my daughter didn't even seem to notice.

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