Baby's First Hair Cut

Updated on December 16, 2008
A.R. asks from Ladson, SC
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We recently cut our son's hair for the first time and I saved a lock of his gorgeous red hair. Any suggestions on the best way to preserve this keepsake?

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answers from Macon on

I recently trimmed my son's bangs for the first time and was interested to read this and find out some neat ideas on how to store the lock of hair I kept. However, I just wanted to mention, can they really test for DNA on hair from a hair cut? Doesn't it have to have a skin tag or peice of the folicle still attached where it's removed from the scalp? I don't think the actual hair itself contains any DNA.

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answers from Athens on

Someone gave me as a gift a small clear plastic box made especially for this purpose - it had a clear heart shaped frame inside to put the lock of hair in... I'm sure they picked this up at a baby store or keep sake place,.

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answers from Atlanta on

Years ago- I assume they are still around- The Baby Store in Marietta (I'm sure you can find them elsewhere too) had a really cute glass heart that you press the lock in between and it stand s up- kind of like when youpress a flower between glass- I love ti- I am still meaning to get one for my other 2 children...
Good luck
It was called a tress press

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answers from Myrtle Beach on


I would try to laminate the lock of hair for keepsake. If you laminate it, no air, dirt, etc. can get to it to mess
it up in anyway. This way it shouldn't change the color
either. You may also like to put into a scrapbook after
laminating, for safe keeping. You'll always know where its
at. Hope this helps.


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answers from Spartanburg on

go to a scrapbooking store or craft store and get some acid-free tape. carefully tape one end of the lock together and then just store it in an acid-free scrapbooking envelope. my grandmother saved my mother's first lock of hair, and 60 years later it is just fine, except that it was never secured together so it's difficult to get it out and look at it without losing a strand or two (hence the tape suggestion).

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answers from Atlanta on

I know this may sound silly, but I was at the Cracker Barrell this past weekend and in their store they had a new baby section. In that section they had the sweetest little ceramic box that is beautifully decorated and is meant for a lock of your childs hair from their first hair cut. They also have one for your childs first tooth that they lose! They have these decorated for boys and for girls. I actually purchased two sets of the hair and teeth boxes as my sister just had twin baby girls and I wanted her to have these for when they have their first hair cut and lose their first tooth! These are really affordable too!! I highly suggest you take the time to maybe go have breakfast there over the weekend and to pick these up for your son!!

Good Luck!

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answers from Charleston on

I'm not sure if this is true but I was told by someone that after you cut your childs hair put a piece of the hair in a ziplock and put in the freezer. This person said that if anything ever happened to your child the police could pull dna from the hair. I'm not sure if this is true or not but its worth the try to keep your child safe. I think.



answers from Charleston on

A ziplock bag is a simple way to keep his hair safe. You could also use one of the vacuum seal machines that are used to store freezer foods. Keep a few strands available quickly for DNA testing and for the Ident-A-Kid (sp) profile. The newer versions have a block for attaching hair samples. Not something any of us want to think about, but helps whenever you may need it. My son is 16 and I get warm & fuzzy when I find his hair again. They grow up so fast!

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