Baby's Cheeks Turned Bright Red!!!! Help

Updated on February 06, 2011
K.C. asks from Texarkana, AR
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Hey ladies, today my 6 month old son's cheeks turned bright red in just no time at all!!!!!! He hasn't had any new foods or soaps today. I did put him in a new pair of footy pj's that were not washed yet but his cheeks starting turning alil b4 that. I went ahead took the jammies off just in case. I gave him a bath and washed him with his aveeno wash that we always use but it didnt help. They seem to be alil hot too... Help i dont know whats wrong he doesnt seem to be in any pain at all but i do believe he is teething drooling like crazy and i read somewhere that it could be a teething rash.... Im a new mom and have never heard of that before do ya have any input and exp with this... thanks so much ......
No fever but it has been really cold here but he hasnt been outside more than 30 secs going from house to car. if it is fifths is there meds for that or does it go away on its own?

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.,

Before you panic....the bath was a good idea. Try a bottle of cool water. Hydration helps almost everything. Continue to watch for other symptoms. Most likely whatever it is will be gone soon. :)




answers from Columbus on

5ths. He should be fine. Tylenol if he needs it, a little rest at home. At least you have it over with. It is called the "slapped cheeks" desease because that is the tell tale sign.


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answers from Seattle on

Just wanted to add...if it is 5ths disease than you need to make sure your son is not around any pregnant women. It is only dangerous to them, well, really to the fetus. It can cause birth defects and premature labor.

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answers from Provo on

Step 1. BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Step 2. Step AWAY from the baby
Step 3. Breath again.
It's OK! More than likely it is teething. My son was so red whenever any tooth came in.
If it goes on till tomorrow, call your ped and see what he says. If he is acting fine, then he is fine. Don't worry.

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answers from New York on

I always know when a tooth will be appearing on my son because his cheeks get very red. In fact, the cheek on the side where he is about to get the tooth is the one that gets really red. I bet with all that drooling he is going to be breaking a tooth very soon.



answers from Lewiston on

My son's cheeks turned red like that out of the blue all the time. Didn't start till he was about that age I think too. I am noticing that my nephew gets the same thing quite often. I wouldn't worry too much unless he has a high fever. Could be fifth's disease but I would bet more so that it's something like the teething or dry air, or simply being too hot.



answers from Sacramento on

My daughter's cheeks turned bright red and were warm when teething. It's probably just teething, but of course do an overview of his body for any more spots every so often.



answers from Lincoln on

Don't worry, happens all the time. Does he have a fever?



answers from Scranton on

1 check for a fever. if he has a moderate fever give him some baby Tylenol best way to check for a fever in a 6 month old is rectal.
2 give him something cold to drink even if he does not have a fever, he is 6 months so try water, if you haven't started juice yet,.
3 it could infact have something to do with teething.
4 if it does not go away call the dr on monday

hope this helps



answers from Dallas on

My son is 20months and his cheeks always turn red while pushing teeth. Babies often get red, swollen cheeks while teething and pushing teeth. A rash because of all the drool is also not uncommon. He will probably have a new tooth in the coming days.



answers from Los Angeles on

That same thing is happening to my son right now who is 9 months... He has 4 teeth coming in right now. He is drooling a lot too. I put a little cream on it to keep it from getting too irritated.



answers from New York on

could be just chapping, but my first thought was fifths disease too. not dangerous for him, but it could be very dangerous for any pregnant women, so stay away from any pregnant ladies till you know....


answers from Jacksonville on

Could be. Or it could be 5th disease. (Also called "slapped cheeks disease" I think?). It is virtually harmless... and it has been years since my kids had it. But it is a common childhood illness. The slapped cheek look and the absence of (and either a previous or later fever, can't remember which it is) of fever are the giveaways. It is pretty contagious.. and kids get it and pass it around very easily.

Have you been around anyone's little kids recently? Half my son's 1st grade class all got it within a week of finding out my son had it. He caught it from another kid in the class that had had it a few days before that...

Or, chapped cheeks (from excessive drooling) can be pretty pink.



answers from Reading on

whenever this happens to my 10 month old its a fever..or teething..


answers from San Diego on

It's highly likely to be FIfth disease. We just had it go through the house. Once the rash is evindent they are no longer contagious. The contagious period is before the rash, Typically you think they just have a cold with a fever. But in young children they don't even have that all the time. When it is a worry is in pregnant women, it can cause serious issues and if you get it as an adult, especially a woman it can be very painful in the joints and itch pretty bad. The rash can also cause temporary anemia. Most of the time it's not a big deal but it can be an issue in the already compromised.
My daughter got it first, she months old? I got it next..not too fun but survivable ;) One of my sons got it but never the other. Not everyone gets symptoms so he might have been one of the lucky ones.
Keep an eye out for a lacy rash on other parts of his body.
There is nothing at all they can do for it. It's caused by a virus. I think you can give benedryl for any itching. My daughter could care less, it didn't phase her at all. Me on the other hand :(



answers from Dallas on

Both my children's cheeks did/do that regularly as babies. They may or may not have had a runny nose but no other fever. I put aquafor on them and it goes away.

If it is accomapnied by a fever, I would call your doctor.

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