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Updated on August 03, 2010
R.P. asks from Bedford, TX
6 answers

Hi everybody! I was wondering if ya could help me find the perfect baby sling. I had a Native Baby sling with my second child but was wondering if there was something better. What do you recommend? Thanks a lot! R.

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answers from Norfolk on

Love my Ergo. When pregnant with my first, I got a Maya wrap as a shower gift. I tried it a few times and my son hated it. We then got an Ergobaby with Infant Insert and he loved it! For more than two years, my husband and I both happily and comfortably wore our son in the Ergobaby and will use them again after our twins are born. (Ordering another so we can both wear at the same time.)



answers from Columbus on

I used a mei tai carrier, and loved it. I used it from 3 months until our little guy weighed about 20 lbs (about 14 months). We didn't have the money (and I didn't have the time) to sew a woven wrap, but that is probably what I would've chosen if $ was no object. I still occasionally use the mai tei for a back carry, and he's okay with it, but it's tough on me (I'm pretty petite, and not as in shape as I should be, so carrying around a 25# weight on my back is not as easy as it sounds! LOL).

I did use a friend's ring sling, but I could never get it adjusted quite right, and it put pressure on my shoulder.

I second the suggestion for It's a great place to learn all about the different kinds of carriers and what might work for you.


answers from San Diego on

I use my Mayawrap all the time. I also have 2 other ring slings I bought from
I can carry my kids for ages in them. I stop when they get too tall to move and have them strapped to me LOL Probably til 3 or 4.
I don't like all the padding, I started out with the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder which worked well but then found the unpadded.
I'm on child #3 and love them to bits! We are always going and doing and moving and they're perfect!



answers from Minneapolis on

I am sorry to say this but from my experience it seems like there is the "perfect" baby sling for each different stage. I too LOVE my maya wrap, its perfect for the first year or so, until the baby starts to get heavy. I can still wear my 3 year old in it, but not for more than 20 minutes before my back gets heavy. I have borrowed my friend Ergo for my now one year old and three year old and its much easier on my back/shoulders than my maya wrap. I love wearing my babies so I think its worth it to invest in the best one at the right stage. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I love the Maya Wrap ring sling. (I used the lightly padded one.) It's really sturdy, but very breathable and comfortable. They have a pocket on the end of the fabric for keys, wallet, or whatever small items you have. It's really well made and I highly recommend!!



answers from Cleveland on

I prefer a woven wrap (instead of a stretchy wrap like the Moby). I can use the same wrap for my baby and my 4 year old. You can get a shorter one to be used in our shoulder carrier like a ring sling, then use the same wrap to do a quick back carry, and/or you can get a longer one for double layer (which equals very supportive) front and back carries as well. I would suggest visiting . It is a great on-line community of baby wearing mamas and you'll easily be able to learn about the multitude of carriers out there as well as visit their FSOT section once you decide what you'd like to buy.

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