Baby Sign Language and CPR Class

Updated on February 20, 2007
S.W. asks from Chicago, IL
4 answers

Does anyone know of a good baby sign language class? I live in the uptown area and work - so It would need to be eve or wk end and not too far north if it was during the wlk...Also looking for a CPR class in spanish for my nanny!

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answers from Dallas on

I have seen these classes offered through Dallas County Community Colleges through continuing education. I know they did offer one the last two semesters at Mountain View in Oak Cliff, Eastfield, in Mesquite, might do so as well since they have sign language for adults.
Good luck, I thought about doing this and wish I had my nearly two year old son just isn't putting words together yet and is getting so very frustrated. His hand movements are very good but mean little to nothing to us.
God bless. A..



answers from Dallas on

Presbyterian hospital of Dallas offers a lot of these kinds of classes



answers from Dallas on

I agree that you do not have to take a class, but we did and it was so much fun. Classes with your baby can be a fun thing and so we chose sign language. I searched on the internet and found a lot of options, it is just hard to find an option that fits location and time. Some educators will do a private class for you and your friends.

I took two different ones. I took Baby Signs from Kristy ( but her current classes are in Coppell. I also took from Kari who teaches through soundsteps kindermusik. ( I think her classes this semester are during the day so neither of those will work for you.

I would just search online. There are several kindermusik "franchises" that offer sign.
Some other sites are:
-Sign to me Classes in Texas
-Wee Hands Classes
-Kindermusik class locator

Another thing to look for is the Signing Time series. It is currently playing on PBS every Sunday from 6:30-7 am. They are great videos and teach a ton of signs. I have my VCR set to record them every week.

There are also online signing dictionaries such as and

I hope that all helps.



answers from Dallas on

I do not believe you need a class for sign language. You just need to post a cheat sheet on your refrigerater and do it every day. Start at 8/9 months. My son got it and my daughter is getting it now. 10 to 12 months is when I believe they will start signing back to you. Save your money. You can get books at half priced books with signs.

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