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Updated on February 06, 2011
J.P. asks from Wyoming, MI
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I have been teaching my 16 month old son sign language. He is catching on. I just wondered if there was a class in town or a group that teaches it? Does anyone else teach there babies this? Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks eveyrone. I will definately watch that show with my son. Someone contacted me about classes and books and things. She was very helpful. She doesn't have a class right now but will notify me when she does have one. You can find info here: Thanks again.

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I have been teaching my daughter sign language too. I haven't heard of any classes or groups. We started signing with her when she was about six months, and she picks up on it so quickly. We watch a show called Signing Time, that comes on WGVU at 3:30 Mon. - Fri. ( She absolutely LOVES this show!!

I have found signing to be helpful for her to be able to communicate with us, and us with her.



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I did not teach my children. I started to after my son went to speech therapy when he was 2 or 2 1/2. I however have started a daycare and I have a group of children between 18 and 24 months and we use it all the time. It is a great resource to keep their frustration levels down from not being understood with their developing language. I wish I had done it with my own children more than I did.

I have taken care of a Down's boy and a hearing impaired boy which is where I got started more. I know there is a class in town because the hearing impaired boys family was taking it. I have also seen a class offerd by the Kent County 4C program but you would need to look on their web site to find out when and where it is. I'm sure that they allow parents to join in and it isn't just for day care providers.

Kudos for learning a new language to work with your child. They will only benefit from it.




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We did baby sign with our kids and it saved a lot of frustration (and pointing and grunting...). Check with community ed. - I know some of them have offered Baby Sign classes in the past. Check out Wyoming, Grandville and Hudsonville/Jenison areas and maybe GRCC as well - it's out there. Also, lots of books and DVDs are available to help you out. We used "Sign With Your Baby" by Dr. Joseph Garcia and our kids love to watch Signing Time on PBS ( Enjoy!



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I teach my children sign language, started around 9 months with all of them. It is a wonderful thing! I don't know about any classes...have never looked into it. I use a combination of a baby sign language book, and the american sign language textbook from college. Just last week I discovered a show on WGVU'S station at 3:30 in the afternoon called "signing time". Best of luck to you! A.



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Anyone wanting to attend classes to teach their babies, toddlers, children sign language can go to and look for classes in your area. There are instructors in almost every state and even in other countries.

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