Baby Sign Language - Bellwood,IL

Updated on September 13, 2006
A. asks from Bellwood, IL
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I'm interested in taking a class on baby sign language. Does anyone know where classes are offered?

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answers from Chicago on

Merit School of Music in the west loop has a baby sign class.

not all baby sign classes teach "fake signs," and if they do, so what? you're more likely than not doing this to help your child communicate with YOU as early as possible. chances are they won't remember many signs as their spoken vocabulary expands anyhow.

if you have limited spacial perception ability (like me) take a class. i can't figure out anything like knitting, signs, etc from looking at 2-D pictures. i have to see someone do it.

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You can check with Gymboree they have a baby sign language class.

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I would personally take out a few beginners books on asl and learn some basic signs like food, more, happy, sad, bed, good morning, etc. Then your child will know the real signs vs. the fake ones baby signing gives for things. The reason why I say this is because I am a fluent signer and I think the real language is more instrumental later on. Atleast then they can know a few words that they could potentially sign when they meet children who are deaf or hearing impaired. The baby signs are useless beyond infancy. I don't mean to be so harsh about this but I worked with a deaf child for many years and still have a deep relationship with him and his family and had I not learned sign language I wouldn't have had such abackground to deal with him so effectively. After that, when I was teaching in the classroom, I always did a unit on helen keller and deaf/sign language. It always was my students favorite unit of the year. They continued to ask me for signs months and months later. Its very enriching for them to learn about and parents loved it too. SO no matter what you do - good luck! Its great fun signing!!!



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Hi A.,

I would agree w/ Naomi in getting the books or video tapes. You could spend less money and find a video tape that will teach you what you need to know. I have two deaf brothers and I have taught my children the basics to get through the day to day, such as eat, please, thank you just to name a few. The books are pretty easy as well.

But, it is totally up to you and what your preference is. You might enjoy getting out and meeting others too... If you take a class I would like to know your thoughts on it.

Take care best of luck!



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I just searched through my emails for this address. I had a hard time finding places that offered baby sign classes when I searched a couple months ago. Honestly I forget how I received this email address, but email them and they will tell you where their classes are and when they are starting. I just received an email from them that a class was starting this fall, but my little one is still too young to start. I have a video and book that my sister gave me from when she took aclass a couple years ago. If you want that info, let me know and I email it to you.

Good luck
the classes email address
my address if you need to contact me


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