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Updated on November 03, 2009
S.A. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Okay Ladies put on your thinking caps and help me out.
My sister is having her second baby which we do not know the sex of. Her first one she did not know the gender so she has non genger specific items already. The thing is she is due in February and the only month we could do it before the birth is January. Do you think that is an issue? Also she won't want it after the baby is born b/c she won't want the baby passed around or she won't leave its side either. I know my sister these are not options. So it must be before we know the sex. So my question is should we just have a diaper shower or what. Uhg I need help. You guys are so creative and helpful. My brain just isn't working anymore. I really want to throw her the best most awesome baby shower I can last pregnancy I was pregnant too and we didn't have a lot of spare cash. So this time I'm trying to make up for it.Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Edit: I think I am going to have it at my church.

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You could always do a book themed party where people bring a book for the baby and write something special in it. It is like starting a library for the baby =)

I have an invitations business and have done a couple of invitations for that theme, if you would like to see them I would be happy to show you (they are not on my website yet). If I finally ever get pregnant with #2 I am definitely going to do the book theme, we read everynight to my daughter before bed and I think it would have been special if they ha a sweet message from a family member of friend.



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You certainly don't have to know the gender to have an awesome shower. I didn't find out with either of my children. Also, most women have the big baby shower with just their first baby and a small diaper shower or something like that with other pregnancies. Doesn't she already have everything(high chair, swing, bouncy, etc.) from her first shower or are her children many years apart? A restaurant is fine as long as you are paying for everything, but I enjoyed having mine at the home of a good friend. It was just more personal.



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My friend did this last year with her 2nd. She ended up having a gift card shower where people brought gift cards to target and babies r us, etc. It worked out really well. I also have a friend who makes super cute diaper cakes that are great decoration for gender neutral showers. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll give you her info.



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Gift card parties are amazing! We had one and it helpes us out so much. We actually combined it with a diaper/wipe party.

Also, gift certificates to They have a whole catagory named Gender Neutral Baby Bedding Collections.

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