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Updated on June 02, 2008
J.M. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hi Moms! I am looking for a cute place to have a baby shower. I am having a little girl and I would like to do it somewhere girly. My friends throwing me a shower are interested in my ideas and the best ones I have yet are, "Lisa's Tea Treasures", "Bella Saratoga" & "Maggiano's" all located in San Jose or Saratoga. Do any of you have any other really cute ideas? I think the ones I listed above are priced anywhere between $20-$30 a person and I'd like to stick to something cute around $20. I dont' want my girlfriends spending too much money for the event. HELP me with any suggestions you may have or places you've gone or seen.

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Lisa's Tea House will satisfy the "girly" aspect --- I attended a baby shower there and took my less than 6 month old granddaughter (left her twin brother at home with grandpa). It was an excellent location --- private and very girly!!

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Dear J.,

Congratulations on your blessed event. Unless each of the places you mentioned has a private room, restaurants can be a bit impersonal. If there are private rooms, I doubt the cost will be much under $40 per person, (I owned a catering business), and that doesn’t include tax, tip (15-20%), girly decorations, a cake or the cost your friends will incur on gifts for you and Mia Bella. Also a restaurant doesn't really want people to linger much longer then a couple of hours.

If one of your friends has a nice house or lives in a complex with a multi-purpose room, it could be decorated nicely and not be too costly. You can bet the money saved on a restaurant will be spent on nicer gifts. The bonus is that your family and friends will have plenty of time to look at all your baby things and visit without feeling rushed.

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We held my friend's shower at Lisa's Tea Treasures (the one in the Pruneyard) and it was really nice. We had a private room that fit nearly 20 people. I don't remember the cost per person, but they have different packages so you can choose the type of tea, sandwiches and sweets you would like . I think it I'd a great option for a small intimate gathering. Hope this info helps.



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How about Bella Mia, would be kind of fun with her name:) Mimi's cafe is also inexpensive but fun.



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If you like the tea house experience, you might like
to try Chic Chateau in downtown San Jose. They're
open later than Lisa's Tea Treasure as well as
open on the weekends. They're closed on Mondays.

Chic Chateau is a store that sells high end fashion
as well as a Tea place. Click on the bar that
says "Tea Room" at the top and you can get menu.

You can read about them online at:

If you choose their lunch and ala carte menu, it's
much cheaper. Also, their portion sizes are huge.
I went there with a good friend and my daughter for
tea. We split one crepe and two side scones. We
couldn't finish. My daughter can usually clean off
her plate.

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