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Updated on December 09, 2010
M.R. asks from Churchville, NY
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My younger sister lives several states away and is expecting her first baby at the end of December. I have some gifts to send her but found out she's not really having a friends/family shower. She had a small church shower with some church people, but I want to doll up her box a bit so she and her husband can have a mini-shower together. I was thinking of something really juvenile like squirt guns so they can "shower" each other, some cheap table decorations, Hostess cakes or Twinkies or something (although if I'm feeling really ambitious I might decorate shower cookies, but with 2 boys and another gestating I have little energy after work). Any cute and inexpensive ideas? Anything you would find fun to open if you got a "shower in a box" from a sister? We're pretty limited this year, so I'm open to any crazy and cheap ideas! =)

(I will be digging around and seeing if I have any of my old shower decorations, too, and maybe sending some balloons they can blow up.)

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So What Happened?

I like the A-Z name game--they did not find out and my sister won't tell me the names they picked (I told her I wouldn't steal it), but they could try to come up with "neutral" names from A to Z... I would love a few more cute ideas. These are good and I hadn't thought about the twinkies being squished. I like the corsage idea--I might just find something at a craft store with fake flowers that could work.

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Put jelley beans in a baby bottle for them to guess how many.
Get a few saftey pins to fasten two outfits.
A baby book with her baby picture in it.
How about making the invitation on the computer : shower in a box : lol
Make a bow boquet.

I love the idea of your squirt guns.

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answers from Houston on

You sound like a fun sister.

I would throw in some diapers for sure (be sure you melt a snickers bar in one so they get the whole "guess the candy poop shower game" vibe, a little mom's corsage she can wear, rice krispie treats or something that won't get as smashed as easily as twinkies.

the water gun is cute... how about some silly string? a print out sheet of a really corny baby shower game:

One cute and easy one, is simply a paper with A-Z on it. Then they both have to give a name (either boy or girl, depending on what they are having) that starts with each letter of the name. If any of the names are duplicates (like they both wrote Sara for S), it gets crossed off. Whoever has the most original names (if one put Susan and the other Sara) wins.

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answers from Austin on

Matching shower caps.. I love your idea.. Must share..

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How about a "non alcholol" tropical drink mix with little umbrellas, and baby shower ice cube trays, plastic glasses that go with the theme.
plus what you would like to gift them

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what about one of those "sashes" that Miss USA wears?? LOL they have them that say "Mommy to be" :-) Very creative on your part! I'm sure your sister will be Thrilled !!! GL

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