Baby Shower Ideas?

Updated on September 24, 2007
M.H. asks from Owens Cross Roads, AL
14 answers

I am planning a baby shower and would welcome any fun and creative ideas (games, prizes, decorations, etc.) you moms can help me with. Thank you in advance for your help!!

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Thank you so much for all your great ideas!!

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answers from Birmingham on

Another variation of the safety pin game is to give everyone a safety pin and have a word that no one can say (such as cute) and if someone says it, they have to give their pin to the person who caught them. The one with the most pins at the end wins a prize and also has a prize for the mommy to be. Another is to buy some baby items, put them in a basket. Pass the basket around so everyone can see what's inside and then everyone has to write down what was in the basket from memory. The one with the most items listed correctly wins. Basket goes to mommy to be after the game is over. Hope these help!

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answers from Jackson on

Don't forget to first ask the honoree if she cares for games - some people would rather not bother. If she is "game" - SMILE - her are a few that I have done at previous showers:

Diaper name tags - folded name tags that look like pinned little diapers. The guest that finds a "poopy" diaper (brown crayon on the inside of the fold) at the time of the reveal wins a door prize.

How many diaper pins in a jar? Or how many candies in a baby bottle? Or how many rattles in a toy bin? Twist on an old favorite - closest guess wins a prize.

Start each guest with 3 clothespins - you can usually find the pink and blue ones at the dollar store, but any will do. Have a common baby themed word picked as the game word and any time a guest says that word, she looses a clothespin to whomever she said it to...words that might be chosen would include Baby, Diaper, Cute, Girl, Boy, etc... The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Prizes can be either for the guest or for the guest to give the expectant Mom....just be sure to spell out to your guests if they are vying for personal prizes or gifts for the honoree. Table decorations can double as prizes if they are baby themed and for the expectant Mom!

And for those Moms that would rather not game, most would still appreciate having baby themed notepaper and envelopes out along with a number of pens (placed in a baby bottle or toy shape sorter?), so that guests can write down inspirational quotes, Bible verses, personal words of encouragement, bits of advice or humorous stories of their own parenting adventures. Guests can fill out papers at the shower to leave in a basket or take them home and mail them back to the expectant Mom - be sure to have envelopes addressed with her name/address so guests will have an easy time of it if they choose to take the papers home.

Table decorations should be fun - cloth diaper or baby washclothes/towel "cakes" with toys adorning the tops OR colorful toys as centerpieces (toddler dump truck looks cute with small ivy plant in the back of it) OR baby bottles that have been filled with candy (blue or pink jelly beans or M&M's) can be used in centerpieces or as balloon weights OR child size umbrella can be turned upside down and filled with soft toys - just be sure to watch any little visitors and make sure they don't get hurt with the handle/top of umbrella - this is better when it is put on a table that can't be reached or hung from the ceiling and then gotten down later so that the decorations can be given to the expectant Mom OR small decorative storage bins/colorful tin pails can be filled with baby items and placed about, use crumpled tissue paper or curling ribbon to fill gaps.

Have fun at your shower!



answers from Montgomery on

Hey M., I recently threw a baby shower and the idea revolved around a cake I found at It's got hundreds of pictures of cakes made by moms and dads that are easy to make.
Here's an easy and tasty recipe for punch: Take 1qt of rainbow sherbert and slowly pour 1-2ltr Ginger ale on top, it's wonderful.

Good luck.



answers from Baton Rouge on

at my babyshower we did where you pass around aball of yarn and have everybody cut off a piece that they think is how big around the mommy to be is.
another one is to go to the dollar store and get some cheap baby items like a bottle, paci, diaper, rattle, etc, and wrap each one in a grocery bag so that you cant see it, then pass them around and everybody has to feel the bag and try to figure out whats inside.
if you can get your hands on a bunch of the little babys that are in king cakes, and fill a bottle with them, and have everybody guess how many are inside.
another fun thing to do is find a cute container that you can write "advice for mommy on" and have everybody write down some piece of advice for the new mommy, i still have mine like this and its great to go back and read.
hope those help, if i think of anymore i'll let you know



answers from Mobile on

Hi! M. I just read your request for ideas on a baby shower. First congradulations. I've founds lots of info online by doing web searches. They give links to the sites where you can purchase products if you like, like how to decorate, games, refreshments.

My name is L. and I'm a License Massage Therapist. My children are now grown but I have 2 grandchildren ages 20 months & 3 months. Another suggestion, get a pregnancy massage. It's awesome



answers from Hattiesburg on

Well, everyone already suggested the ones we played when I gave my sister in-law her baby shower lol. They are all lots of fun!
We did the one with the toilet paper and everyone tears off how big they think the mommy to be's tummy is. I will never forget the big strip that her own mom tore off! Everyone got a laugh when my sister in-law said, "Gee, thanks mom!" LOL!
We also did the clothes pin one. We found the little bitty pink and blue ones in the crafts section at Wal-Mart. Any time someone caught someone else saying the word "baby" they took their clothes pin. That one was funny because some of the older ladies would come snatch it right off of someone else's shirt if they heard them say "baby" lol. Of course, they were friends and knew each other so they knew it was all in fun and did't get offended.
We also did the baby food one where you take off the label and everyone has to guess what it is. It's really funny when someone is brave enough to taste it! LOL! If you get bananas or something like that, it's too easy to guess because of the color. It's harder to guess when all three jars are similar in color. So I got carrots, sweet potatos, and one more. I can't remember what it was but it was a similar color.



answers from Biloxi on

well at my shower we did a few diffrent games.

diaper pins in rice game - get the smallest safty pins you can find and put them in a bowl of rice, then blingfold someone and they have to try to find as many pins as they can in 1 min.
its alot harder then anyone thinks!!!

unscramble words - scramble up a bunch of words that has to do with a baby

baby food game- take the labels off of baby food and they can either look and figure it out or taste it to figure it out.

dirty diaper - buy as small pack of diapers and a few diffrent types of choclate bars, break a piece of the candy bar and put it in the diaper then put in the micro and melt it andmake sure you spread it and they have to try to figure out what candy bar it is. this one is so funny to do!!!

how many candies - buy a big clear bottle most of them are piggy banks, fill with mints or jellybeans or something and see who can guess to the closest number.

hope these helped out!!
also another way to find some games is to go to google and type in babyshower games it will bring up a bunch of pages!!!



answers from Montgomery on

Baby food game..each person picks a partner. Tear off the labels off the baby food jars. Each person is blind folded. They have to feed their partner all of the baby food. The 1st person that eats all the baby food and tells what it was wins the prize. This is really fun and Messy so u may want to wear something that will cover your shirt. If u want a good laugh..get the vegetables :)



answers from Birmingham on

Hi M.,

This is the best website out helped me a lot!!! Hope it can assist you as well!!!



answers from Tuscaloosa on

I am not sure if you have a theme for the baby shower, but one of the baby showers that were given to me by my aunt, she has a thing for books, so the theme was "Bring Baby A Boo." The guest can bring their favorite book, or maybe a favorite book of one of their children or just a book, and of course they bring a gify if they are able to. The books do not have to be new. I ended up with a lot of books, and my son is 22 months and he loves books. Make sure the mom receive a diaper cake, they are cute. Also there is something call the "Baby Hoagi". make these things yourself.Here is a link that has a lot of ideas, you can make these things yourself. Also for decoration you can have a wreath, that represents the birth of a baby boy or girl. I know of someone that makes the prettiest wreaths for baby showers and the diaper cakes as well. I hope this helps with a lil of what you are looking for. If you need to email me feel free to email me at



answers from Huntsville on

A couple games that I have played at a baby shower before were the clothespin game that Glenni L described. There is also one where you pass around a roll of toilet paper and everyone tears off a strip which length they think is the circumference around the mommy's tummy! After everyone takes a strip, mommy takes them one by one and wraps it around her waist & tummy to see who got closest.

PS. The clothespin one is harder than you think! haha I recommend standing up as much as you can to avoid crossing your legs! hehe



answers from Tuscaloosa on

There have been some really good suggestions so far.....the dirty diaper guessing game with candy bars is really fun.....and kinda gross at the same time. The clothespin game has tons of variations, like not crossing your legs, not saying "baby", you can get creative with that one. Having a basket of baby items and passing it around for people to remember what is in it is fun....whoever remembers the most things gets a prize. Baby item scavenger hunts for all the guests, or follow the clues treasure hunts for the mother-to-be are fun. And it is fun to write the clues (for the treasure hunt)in riddles that they have to solve in order to find their next gift. Diaper cakes are soooo cute as centerpieces. I just started looking into making these myself to go along with my other shower services......I do body art for showers (pregnant belly painting or pre-natal henna....and regular body painting and henna for the guests), and I do custom cakes.... so the diaper cakes are a fun addition.
Pregnant belly painting or henna makes a great gift for the expectant mother. They can then put a nice photo of their decorated belly in the baby book.

Good luck,



answers from Huntsville on

Have you seen the diaper cakes? They make cute decorations. You can get a corsage made of baby socks. I think they have both the socks and the cakes at A Nurturing Moment on Airport Road.
A fun game is the clothespin game where everybody receives a clothespin as they come in. Anytime somebody notices another woman with her legs crossed, she takes her clothespin(s). The person with the most clothespins at the end wins a prize.

Hope this helps!



answers from Huntsville on

I helped make a baby sock bouquet for a baby shower a few months ago, mostly using these instructions:

We bought fake roses, pulled off the tops, and secured the sock "roses" on with the tape and wire. We put them in a vase with some baby's breath and other greenery, and it made a really cute centerpiece for the snack table.

Lots of great ideas here... good luck! :)

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