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Updated on August 11, 2008
M.P. asks from Melrose Park, IL
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I am looking for any ideas in regards to Baby Showers. I will be throwing my first in a couple of months. Does anyone have any suggestions in regards to games, favors,
decor, etc. The baby is due December 12th, should I do something in the beginning of November or would the end of October be better?
Do you think a house shower is better than an banquet hall/restaurant?
Will be 40-50ppl.
Thanks in advance.

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My M. and I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law who was due in late December. We had the shower in late October and did a Little Pumpkin theme. The invites said something along the lines of "there's a new pumpkin coming to the patch". We had in a restaurant, but home is fine, especially if you have nice yard or patio that you can decorate with pumpkins and fall flowers/foliage, etc. Isn't Cuomo catering in Northlake? They have good food at very reasonable prices. We did centerpieces of small hay bales (bought at Michael's) and then put a ceramic pumpkin on top of the bale (bought at CVS. My brother (the daddy) added teddy bears that were holding pumpkins to the centerpieces and then we gave those to the kids as party favors. For the adults, we got pumpkin candles at Walgreens for $1 each. If you go to a dollar store or drug store, you should not have any trouble finding cute pumpkin themed items for party favors. As a gift, we gave the couple a ceramic pumpkin with their last name carved into the mouth. I got that from a website called If the baby's name has been decided, maybe you could get that name in the pumpkin's mouth instead.

Also, try this website

Sorry this is very long. I enjoy party planning and get really carried away. Congratulations and best of luck.



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Two fun games to suggest:
1. Celebrity baby game. Match the celeb parents with thier children/babies.

2. We created a Mad Libs for our friend for her shower. Anyone growing up in the 80's will remember Mad Libs.



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Hi! I have a few ideas for you.

I had this at my shower and I also did it for another shower. Everyone loved it! Purchase a supply of white onesies, diaper cloths, t-shirts, etc in a variety of sizes. You will also need fabric markers and stencils along with some cardboard. As guest arrive, give each person a onesie and a piece of cardboard to insert inside of the onsie. The guests then decorate a onesie for the baby to be. I loved mine and they wash up really well. I kept them all and they would remind me of the person every time I put one on my daughter. I had a girl and so my stencils were an assortment of hearts, flowers, etc. I threw a shower for my friend who had a boy and I purchased stencils like dinosaurs, trucks, etc. Be sure to have some letter stencils too. The project is a bit pricey, however, it was a big hit.

I also have thrown a round the clock shower. On the invites, list a time of day for the guest to theme her present around. I used the following categories: bathtime, feeding time, sleeping time, playtime, and changing time. Look at her registry to see where most of the items fit and then send out the most in that category. (generally feeding time) This was a fun way to group the presents at the shower.

I have also given every guest a diaper pin on a ribbon when they enter. They wear it on their neck. Everytime someone uses the word "baby", the person who catches it removes the diaper pin necklace and places it around their neck. In the end, the person who has the most diaper pins around their neck recieves a prize.

Another fun idea is to have a table with stationary and fun pens. Ask each guest to write the baby a short note and seal it in an envelope. Put the sealed letters in a fancy box and present to the mother. Suggest that she keep the letters until a specified time in the child's life to read the letters.

Favor ideas:

cookie lollipops on astick in the shape of a baby carriage

buy small plastic baby bottles (sold at most party stores) and fill them with jelly beans and a fancy bow

flower seeds to plant in honor of the baby in a pretty container

I have always done home showers as they are more personal and economical.

Sorry this is so long- I love planning showers and parties!




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If you are interested in helping to start a library for this precious new baby, I can help the mommy to be to create an online wishlist of books that she'd love to have for her new baby. I do all the work, including creating a little "registered at" card to insert in the shower invite.

You can see a wonderful selection of books perfect for gift giving at Be sure to look at the brand new "Baby Scrapbook" which makes it very easy to put together a baby book. Other great gift books include: Lullabies (which includes a lullaby music cd), Baby and Toddler Treasury, I Love You Baby, bath books, cloth books, and amazing board books that baby is sure to love.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. I do all the work, so there is nothing extra for you to do.




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i always like the bring a book one
and the decorate onsies with fabric markers
you just buy a bunch of white onsies in various sizes and people can decorate while they watch presents
if the M. to be is not big into opening gifts in front of people my cousin had and eco friendly shower you don't wrap the gifts you put your card with the gift but they are all just set out on a table and people who are interested can look at them
also cards with child rearing advice too can be fun




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I think the best place would depend on the number of people you're having. I personally like home showers better...more casual and people seem to feel more comfortable talking to others b/c they are not stuck at a table, but it's so much more work for you to host. The cost is probably comparable by the time you do food, drinks, and decorations.

Some games I've seen are baby bingo, finish the nursery rhyme, baby word search, and a when will baby be born chart. Guests picked a day & time and whoever picked the closest (obviously to be determined when the baby is born) was sent a gift card.

Another fun thing I've seen at showers is a timer went off every now and then. Whoever's gift was being opened got a small gift (candle, body spray, stationary.) It was a cute way to keep people interested.

A final thought...My M. and a friend threw my baby shower. On the invitation they asked guests (optional of course) to bring a book for the baby to start a library collection. The guests signed the book. When I saw it I thought it was cute, but didn't really appreciate it. Now that my children are getting older, they LOVE to read books and know who gave it to them. My 2.5 year old often asks, "Can we read the book that ***** got for me when I was a baby." I think it is a great way to build a library, plus help my child remember people who are important to us.

No matter what you do I'm sure it will be a huge success! Good Luck and congrats to Grandma!



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Hi M. P,

My name is D. owner of Good Times Invitations located in Oak Lawn. I have a great selection of adorable baby shower invitations and favors if you would like for me to email you samples. If you are looking for a little less expensive and more personal shower I would have a house shower. Guests have more fun and are more relaxed!

You can email me at [email protected]


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