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Updated on March 02, 2007
A.E. asks from Miami, FL
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Hi I'm planning on throwing a surprise baby shower for my sister and I just wanted to know if there are any moms out there that can give me some new and fun ideas for the party. For example party games or decorating tips. If you have any suggestions let me know ;) thanx

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answers from Miami on

what was abdolutely amazing for my 2 showers was a diaper shower!! everyone was asked to bring diapers- all sizes- & of course i was registered & my close friends & family bought me presents as well. I didn't have to buy any diapers for my forst on until he was 6 months old & now my second son is 7 months & I still haven't had to buy any diapers!!! we called it 'Pamper Palooza' to be cute but you could make up whatever you "It's Drizzling Diapers! Come to ___'s Baby Shower" or whatever...

gift receipts are very helpful, as she'll have to exchange diapers once she figures out what brand she likes and also as she runs out of one size and wants to exchange smaller diapers for larger ones. I didn't get gift receipts & wished I had- Publix is great about exchanges, but Target * Kmart are NOT. Walgreens is so-so if you talk to the Manager...


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answers from Boca Raton on

I had my shower last Nov, we did a "Jack & Jill" party...simply means boys & girls can attend! We had it at a beautiful park in Hollywood, FL (TY Park) rented the biggest pavillion they had, invited everyone we could possibly think of & their families (kids, etc) & the guys took turns cooking on the grill. It was a great time & having it as a J&J made is so our single male friends could have some fun, meet new people, eat great bar-b-que & have a few beers with us on a beautiful day in the park. It may sound a little white-trashy but it was lovely, decorations were cute & we got SO MUCH STUFF. We got everything we needed & more from our registry!

One cool idea my girlfriend came up with was to put on the invitation that whoever brings the most diapers wins a giftbasket full of goodies..for the basket we got all kinds of neat things that would appeal to a man or a woman, a pair of wine glasses, a bottle of red & white wines, some chocolates, some mini-size items from stores like GNC, Bath & Body, etc.... Lets just say we got a TON of diapers.

For more ideas just google baby shower ideas, or baby shower games - you'll find a ton-o-ideas. If you do an outdoor thing just be sure to check the weather!

Good luck,

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answers from Miami on

I am throwing a surprise shower for my best friend this week! Instead of making all the decorations in blue, I decided to have a theme shower. She is decorating her son's nursery in cowboy stuff so we are having a western party! This way she can take home the decrations and actually use them!

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