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Updated on July 23, 2008
J.B. asks from Southington, CT
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Hi Moms, I was wondering if any of you happened to have some good ideas for baby shower games or other things to do that are different. We've got a few so far such as having everyone give a write prediction for the baby (i.e. hair color, eyes, personality, etc), advice for the new parents, baby bingo (while she is opening gifts). We have lots of prizes to give away so there is some good incentive for the guests to have fun playing. ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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answers from New York on

Hi, I have several ideas -

1. you could get a couple of baby bottles and fill them with juice or water and have the guests try sucking the juice or water out of them - the one that does it the fastest wins (could be funny watching them suckle a baby bottle!)

2. you could do a 50/50 raffle with your prediction game - with each paper you give out to have the guest write down their predictions - you could sell those papers as 'tickets'....(like $1.00 a ticket) - and when the baby is born the one that is either correct - or comes close to it - gets 50% of the money collected - (most of the time the winner will just tell the new parents to keep the $$)

3. Each guest is given a clothes pin at the start of the party. Everyone is told not to say the word 'baby.' If you accidentally say 'baby', then the first person who catches you gets all of your clothes pins. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. Try tricking your fellow guests into saying 'baby'.

4. This one is kind of gross..but if you have guests with good senses of could work - Fill 10 diapers with different smelly products e.g.chilli sauce, baby lotion, chocolate, beer ..etc... Give each guest a pen and paper and pass the little diapers around and have each guest sniff them and write down the source of each smell. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

5. Buy small baby products and keep a list of what each one costs. Make a list for every guest of all products without the prices. Guests write what they think each item cost and then total all items. Closest one to the correct cost wins. - YOU COULD THEN GIVE THESE BABY ITEMS TO THE EXPECTANT MOM

I wouldn't do too many games though... some people might get bored with them...especially if the mom-to-be has LOTS of gifts to open.

IF she does have lots of gifts to open - the baby bingo may not be a good idea - it will take a long time to open the gifts and sometimes after they are opened.. some guests will decide that its time to leave... and you may just forget (in the hype of all the gift opening) about the playing the game.

I would get the games out of the way before the gift opening... just my opinion...

In any way...have a good time...enjoy the party.. and congrats to the new parents!

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answers from New York on

I went to a shower where we played guess the baby food. The jars were all kept sealed and the labels were removed and replaced with a number. (Note: after the game was over the labels were taped back onto the jars, and they were given to the mom-to-be - expiration dates were checked to make sure they were good for at least 9 months)

For a smaller intimate shower, go arround the room and have all the moms share a favorite motherhood moment.



answers from Boston on

something that is VERY EASY is set a timer for however long, and every time it goes off, whoever's present she is opening, gets a prize. you could also fill a baby bottle with m&m's and have everyone guess how many, the closest wins a prize, or just the m&m's! one thing that i would MAKE SURE you do, is have all the guests fill out a return envelope with their address for the thank you cards. (pre-buy them, so you have the exact envelope).this will make it SO much easier for the new-mom. you could also use the envelopes for a raffle -just pick one that has been filled out. good luck and have fun!!



answers from Boston on

I once did a game of TV kids, where you list out TV families, and people get points for each of the kids they get right (like on Growing Pains, Brady Bunch, Family Ties, etc.). Or fill in the blank in nursery rhymes.

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