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Updated on June 07, 2011
B.N. asks from Aurora, CO
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My co-worker is throwing a baby shower to our colleague this Saturday. Some attendees will be bringing their kids to the party. I just need some inexpensive ideas to entertain the kids. The party will be outdoors and I don’t mind being the one “taking care” of the kids, if I just know what to do. I am not sure if a craft will keep them busy. Do I need to play games with them? Do we need to include them in the shower games? Let me know what you think... Thanks

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answers from Chicago on

crayons/books are always an option ... as well if anyone has a transportable trampoline. I like the bounce house idea but it may not be do able, as well cupcakes, finger painting station and they may have fun playing the "my water broke game" depending on the age.


answers from Spokane on

bubbles :) lots of bubbles!


answers from Pocatello on

depending on the weather, and the kid's ages... could you set up a "water park"? sprinklers, a few water toys, a little wading pool, a vat of sunscreen and plenty of beverages would provide hours of fun for little kids.. Just make sure to ask parents to bring swimming suits and sun gear ahead of time!

Other than that... you could set up a play area for the kids. A few balls... maybe a ring toss... some jump ropes and plenty of outdoor toys will do. I don't think kids will be very interested in "baby shower games" unless they are kid-oriented games. you might want to consider inviting kids older than 10 if they want to do the baby shower games... but little kids probably won't be that interested. Bring some crayons and a coloring books if any kids want to do something like that. If the kids seem to be getting bored play a game like kickball or red-rover.

Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Bounce house would be my way of entertaining kids. However, you may not consider that inexpensive. Soooo how about bubbles, yes a craft, and maybe decorating cupcakes or cookies. Man I wish I could come this sounds fun!!!



answers from Kansas City on

Since it's outside, I'd probably not do a craft, except for maybe sidewalk chalk! I don't think you'll need to do games unless they start getting unruly, I'd probably just have a ton of outdoor toys; balls, hula hoops (which incidentally Target has for $3 right now, the cheapest I've ever seen them!), chalk, ride-ons, bubbles, etc. Also those punch balloons are really fun. I think they'll keep themselves entertained. Cookie/cupcake decorating was a good idea too, but being outside that might attract bugs. You might want to have a tub filled with ice and water bottles, juice boxes, milk boxes, whatever. You can get a bunch of cheap packages of bubbles and inflatable balls at Oriental Trading if you have time and that way they can all take home a party favor too!

As far as including them, I'd say no. Of course if one of them wants to play, then sure it's probably fine, but I'd encourage them to play by themselves!

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