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Updated on March 11, 2008
A.H. asks from Columbus, OH
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I am helping my other half's cousin have a baby shower. She is having a girl and since she is the 1st grandaughter and the only girl on her dads side and the only girl besides her mom on her moms side we are doing the theme in PRINCESSES. I just wanted if you ladies had any ideas or even knew some ways to make old baby games more princess like. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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answers from Cleveland on

You can hot glue some pink fuzzies (maybe from a boa) to the top of the pencils! Very girly and princess-like :o)

Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Columbus on

At my shower we played 2 really cute games. They would be pretty easy to turn into princess stuff.

The first was a card game.
You need 2 decks of cards (you could get princess cards from the toy section of like walmart).You pass out cards from one deck to everyone. Keep going till everyone has one or more cards.
You need 5 or more prizes and atleast one big prize.
Have the prizes setting out somewhere so everyone can see them. With the second deck, you call out a card. Whoever has that card gets to pick what prize they want. Once all prizes are given out, whenever a card is called, that person gets to choose a prize to take from someone. When all the cards are called out, the people left with the prizes get to keep them. It was funny to watch my friends and relatives fight over prizes lol.

The other game needs 1 shoe box with lid for every 1-2 people. Mine was themed for boys, but you can paint the boxes pink and have baby princesses on the top of the lid. Youll need a hole about the size of a silver dollar ontop where the babys mouth is.
Giant Spoons that you could make fluffy stuff on or just spaypaint them pink. And youll need Pink cotton balls and big pink bowls.
Each person takes their oposite hand (lefties use right hand, righties use left hand) or even have them tie their hands behind their back and use their mouths to hold the spoon.
The object is to get as many cotton balls into the babys mouth as possible in like 1-5 mins. The winner gets a prize.

If you are going to have alot of people there that may not know eachother. You could have Name tags shaped like crowns or something like that.

The pink punch someone mentioned needs 1 can concentrated cranberry, strawberry, cherry or any other pink/red fruit juice. 1-2 2liter bottles of 7up or sprite. You can use raspberry sherbert, but the orange works just nicely too (im alergic to raspberries so we had to do it that way. we used blue food coloring to make mine blue.. hehehe )
If you need to stretch it out or dont want it as sweet, try adding a couple cans of plain sparkling water.

Something really cute to do is to get onesies in different sizes or all infant sizes in white or pink with nothing on them. Get fabric markers or puffer paints and when guests start ariving, give them a onesie and paints to decorate for the baby.
They can put anything on them! I got some of the cutest onesies from people. The cutest one my sister made it says "Am I really related to these people?" I laughed so hard I cried.. (my family is crazy.. lol)

Ill try to think of some more things.
Feel free to email me or something at [email protected]
maybe ill have more for you later ;}



answers from Cincinnati on

Hello A., I typed this whole long thing then my computer froze up so I'll try this again LOL Hopefully I can remember:))
My shower was Semi-princess themed here are some of the things they did:

They had a game where you had to match the princess to her prince(you could make it hard by also doing match the song to her princess)

They had a word search with princess realted items.

They got me a cute tiara with pink fuzz on it and i had to wear it the whole shower

My sister got this adorable huge fat piggy bank. She bought one of those foam craft kits princess and decorated the pig(wnad and all lol) She put my daughters name on it in big foam letters. Then she sold raffle tickets for 1$ each.All the $ went into my daughters bank. (90$ thanks to maw-maw-:)
They pulled a ticket and the winner won a nice door prize I think it was a picnic basket with some goodies.

The cake had a cute stork and princess crown and the wording read "WELCOME PRINCESS KAYLA"
You could also do cookies in the shape of a crown I have seen the cookie cutter of that at like Micheals or Hobby Lobby

They had some decorations that were pink and purple and princess

Good luck and here are some website links for games and ideas
(have the excpectant mother sign-up here for newsletters it is neat)

Oh and for the favors they did those candy bar wrappers

ps oh yea they did the tray game also and use a mixture of baby and princess then had everyone write down what I was wearing



answers from Canton on

I would say male things Pinka nd sparkly first off!
How about Crowns/Tiaras. Hide them around places and see who finds more. Or have one (or everyone gets one) and Hand it out to someone and whoever says a certain word Like BABY you take it away from them, then whoever ends up with it (or one left) at the end woins that game.

You can get a pretty wand (dollar tree has some real cute ones) and make someone the "WANDER" and that person will use it for like guessing games or pass it on for the nest person.

You can do baby food tasting/guessing, Who knows more about the mom to be (trivia) Unscrable the words and make them Princess related. (Like tinkerbell bottles, or cinderella slippers/booties)or just do scrambled princess terms (glass slippers, crowns, magic wands.....)

How about putting things on a tray and letting them see it for like 1 minute then taking it away. Add some princessy things into it!

Im sure I can think of more and more! lol and like decorating ideas or so forth! If you want to email me thats cool too!
[email protected]



answers from Canton on

A cute idea would to be to buy a toy tiera for everyone at the party and have them wear it throughout the day. Print off all paper on princess paper and play games on that. Refer to the mom to be as princess(name). Buy princess noise makers and when ever the mom to be arrives in the room for any reaason, blow the horn. These ideas might help out a little. Have her stand in the room with a crown on and everyone must look at her for 1 minute. Have her leave the room and everyone must answer questions about what she had on(jewry, colors, rings, types of closes, coor of crown etc. let me know if any of these work for you.



answers from Dayton on

HI A.,

Not sure about games, besides the usual of clothes pin and quickest diaper change, but i wanted to give you a good idea my friend did for my babyshower.

Take a large coffee can and paint it pink, then get a small tree branch, that has a lot of leads on it and spray paint it pink or white.. fill the can with painted rocks, mine was baby blue and baby pink.. then on each branch hang a baby item with ribbon, ex: rattlers, pacifiers, wash clothes, bibs.. it is just a cute thing.

Have fun



answers from Canton on

At my shower my mother-in-law put baby items on a tray and I showed them to everyone. When I left, I didn't come back and they were asked what I was wearing rather than what was on the tray! It was amusing! I'm not sure how this could relate to princesses, though, unless you either put princess items on the tray or dress the mom-to-be as a princess.



answers from Rochester on

I haven't come up with any game ideas yet, except if you used princess type words in a word find game, but I did think of another idea. How about a tiara, or a banner for the mom to be to wear that says Princess Mommy or Queen Mommy or Mom of the Princess, or something like that?



answers from Cleveland on

Here's a game you can play with your guests I found on the internet and it seems fun.
"Advice for Years Ahead - At my mother's baby shower (there's 18 years between me and my sissy) we had every one draw a # from a bowl (as many numbers as there are guests--mom and hostess too starting with 0 for the birth day ). The # represented the future age of the baby We gave every one a piece of pretty paper and a matching envelope and had then write a letter to the baby at that age. No one is aloud to read it. They were sealed and given to my mom to open on future birthdays. My mom really enjoyed opening the letters. They included everything from advice to funny stories about my mom."



answers from Cincinnati on

Not sure about games but for your tables go to your local craft store (if you have a hobby lobby great) to the wedding section. Find the glass slipped and fill them with dinner mints. Also you can get princess candy molds(by the cake decore)and die white chocolate pink. There's all kinds of princess stuff in the wedding areas. Another idea is on the bottom of a cake plate put an X. When every one is eating cake ask then to look at the bottom of the plate whoever has the X gets a door prize. There is also a pink punch that you can make useing rasberry sherbet, lemonade and 7up. All are inexpensive and look nice. Good luck!!



answers from Cincinnati on

I never have given a princess themed party for a baby shower. What a cool idea. As far as a game, here is what I did for my daughters 4th b-day. I made a huge frog on a poster board and then I cut out big red lips and once the guest arrived I put their name on it and got some of those blind folds that people used to sleep with and the person that got closest to kissing the frogs lips with the their lips won the prize. It was like pin the tail on the donkey. It was cute to see the kids after you spon them around once blind-folded. Imagine the fun it would be for the adults. I also went to target and got some dollar items of makeup and other goodies and put it in a treasure chest and that would be a great idea as a nice gesture for everyone coming. Good luck.

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