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Updated on October 20, 2011
L.M. asks from Meriden, CT
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My daughters (ages 14 and 16) have been invited to a baby shower for their friiend. What would you recommend as a gift?

No, she is not registered. My girls do not have much money and they will need to pay for part of the gift themselves, so we would like to get something that is very needed rather than wanted.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your advise. My original thought was a large package of diapers and wipes. Since my daughters are selling magazines for GS, we've decided to give her a subscribtion to Parenting (I know, not the most practical), along with a few other small needed items.

Some background, the teen is pregnant by choice. The teen's mother is very suportive. As far as my daughters and their friends the general concensus is that this girl is stupid and throwing away her future.

Brandi - I laughed at the condom comment. My girls and their friends said exactly the same thing when we were discussing the gift.

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answers from Detroit on

Over the years, when I have the occasional teen mom-to-be in my classroom, I give books (usually including some Sandra Boynton) and write a note about the importance of reading with one's child, even as an infant. It's good for bonding, but I am also hoping to emphasize the importance of education.

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answers from New York on

Diapers, wipes and formula if she opting not to bf. These will be things she'll need down the road. More than likely there will be other guests around her age, and they will probably be more inclined to buy cute outfits, or accessories.

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answers from Los Angeles on

One of my favorite shower gifts was a laundry basked filled with all the essentials to start you out:

1. Diapers
2. Wipes
3. Rash cream
4. Teething tablets
5. Receiving blankets
6. Plain, soft onesies in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months
7. Bibs
8. Grooming kit w/ nail clippers, snot sucker, etc.
9. Baby toiletries (shampoo, body wash, lotion)
10. Dr. Sears "Baby Book"
11. Cotton skull caps

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answers from Dallas on

I think it's wonderful that you are caring and open minded enough to allow your girls to go and are thinking of this moms needs.

To those of you judgmental ladies, it was people like you who made me come home crying everyday after school. I was a teen mom. But I was not a skank. I was raped. I did not tell anyone until years later because I was ashamed. Kids and their parents shunned me. My "friends" would not talk to me at all. They all ASSUMED the worst about me. Even the teachers treated me differently. My principal tried to get me to drop out of the high school and attend an alternative high school, because it was " better" for me. Most Likely it was better for t he school's image. I did not though, I stayed and toughed out the stares, the jeers and the ridicule. It was so hard! I wish my friends had given my a baby shower to show they cared! I did have one that my boss held for me at my work, and the employees' and my family came. She was the best boss ever :) I was very grateful to her for that. I needed what any mom did, diapers, rash cream, tylonal, onsies in a variety of sizes, that cream you put on sore nipples, books, I loved reading, it was all I ever did since I had no social life anymore. Books for the baby, thermometer, and memory book.

I sure hope this girl makes the best out of a sticky situation. It cane done...not all teen moms end up in loserville. I am now a mom of 3, we live in a nice neighborhood, have awesome jobs, great friends, and things are totally normal. It was a blessing in disguise. It made me stronger, more compassionate, more aware of human nature and what kids go though that nobody wants to talk about or think their kids will ever face, it's made me a better mother and friend.

Thank you for taking the time to do this small act of kindness. Your daughters have a good mom to look up to!

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answers from Orlando on

Wow there is a lot of judgement here! This poor girl is going through enough let her have her day with her friends. I remember in high school my friend got pregnant I was the only one of her friends that came to her shower because the other moms wouldnt let them go. She was heartbroken! I don't care if she was only 15 NO ONE deserves that. But back to the questions I agree maybe a pack of diapers, some bath items, maybe a grooming kit, or you can out together your own little gift basket of stuff. And as the previous poster said thanks for being here for this young lady, it shows a lot about your character :)

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answers from Washington DC on

diapers and wipes
burping clothes
toiletry stuff - baby shampoo, lotion, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, nail buffer
receiving blanket(s) - K-Mart's Martha Stewart collection as well as Kohls has some GREAT soft blankets at a decent price.

On a personal note - I hope your girls don't get all excited about this shower and think it will be great to get pregnant and have a baby - "look at all the great stuff we can get!!!" Hopefully, it will be a learning experience for them.

Hope the girl has the support of her parents and the baby's father.

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answers from San Francisco on

The baby will need the same things that ANY baby would need, so just buy something that is within your budget. You young teens might offer to babysit for a whold day and night, and that will give them some insight on what it is like to be a teen mom and perhaps discourage them into getting into the same spot.


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answers from Seattle on

Things I NEEDED -
Butt cream was a big one. Probably some nice baby lotion too since it's almost winter and baby skin can get so dry. Diapers ( I would get size 3. My kids seem to stay in size 3's for a long time) wipes, ear thermometer (those are so great!), orajel (oh my god we are using that now)
Things I DIDN'T need -
Baby hats, swaddling/receiving blankets, socks, newborn clothes,diaper genie, wipe warmer.
I don't think it's wrong for you to let your daughters go. Their friend is pregnant, that doesn't mean they will think it's cool. I can't tell you how many friends I had in highschool that thought I was a goober because I was in the band. They are her friends...they don't want to be her. Plus, once they see how drastically her life is going to change they will be happy not to have any kids...yet.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

OK--looks like you're looking for some ideas for practical gifts, not personal opinions on teen moms. Sooooooo.....
•Diapers (size O. or Two for later)
•Bath aids (spongy yellow bear-shaped mat for the tub--$3.99 @ Target)
•Nail care kit
•Diaper cream
•Gift card for Target, WalMart, grocery store
•Blanket (they could do a fleece tie blanket kit from Michaels)
•Crib sheet
•Baby book
•Goodnight Moon :)
•Q-tips, cotton balls, diaper wipes, boogie wipes, cloth diapers for burp rags all in a basket
•Aveeno Baby wash & baby cream

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answers from Seattle on

A parenting book and diapers!
Skip all the cutesy gifts, she'll likely get a ton of those and you don't really NEED them in the first place.

I sure hope it will be a deterrent for your girls.... and a great learning opportunity on how expensive babies are.
Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

Diapers!! She will need so many diapers. Don't get newborn, get size 1 or larger. They don't stay in newborns long.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I like homemade gifts like blankets and coupons for babysitting.

If you get a nice soft fabric at JoAnns w/ coupon and make a blanket that is useful and not so expensive. I lose blankets, daycare uses blankets so I've never a problem with too many blankets.

Diapers are always needed. If you search online for best diaper prices week of ... several websites post coupons & deals. Boxes of wipes.

If they're really close friends offering cleaning might be helpful too.

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answers from Los Angeles on


Sorry, that was mean. I'm having a hard time with the whole idea and don't know if I'd let my 14 year old niece go to a teen baby shower. I don't think I'd even let my 14/15/16 year old *have* a baby shower. I understand she needs stuff, but ... I don't even know where to go with the rest of that sentence. I'd be careful not to get anything cute so as not to romanticize the notion. Practical gifts so it's a lesson to your girls how difficult this is going to be for their friend. Get her one of those diaper cakes.

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answers from Grand Forks on

best thing i got at my baby shower was dreft laundry detergent. i didn't even know i needed it & it was pricey to buy later on but def a good start. $5-$7. that's definitely not fun & cutesy, lol...but neither was ALL that laundry i did at first! good lord! i never would've thought i had to do so much laundry for a little 7 lb baby!! :)

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answers from Tulsa on

those sleep sacks are the best thing I got plus those socks that look like shoes.

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answers from Houston on

I would not allow them to go in the first place. Too many 14/15/16 year olds think it's so cute and amazing for their little teen friends to be having a baby and get so excited over it and want to jump on the teen mom bandwagon.

I would later give a gift, perhaps a pack of diapers, or baby wipes, and a good infant parenting book like "what to expect the first year".

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answers from Savannah on

You have gotten a lot of great practical ideas for gifts. We had a diaper raffle at our shower and ended up receiving diapers that lasted us for 6 months! It was truly a blessing to not have that expense to worry about. The gift that was the most not needed . . . blankets. We received so many that we have a whole 2 shelves in our linen closet devoted to baby blankets. A few are nice, but no one needs that many (unless there are sextuplets on the way!).

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answers from San Antonio on

Have them make coupons like "free child-minding for 1 hour while you nap, shower, or do whatever you need to do." Have them put their phone number and email on it.

yes, diapers. likely the gal can get formula for free.
- swaddling blanket. I like the other suggestion of that sleep sack too.
-a small basket ($1 store) with baby washcloths and baby soap/shampoo, lotion
- socks, cap, a winter shirt and pants

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answers from Reno on

I would suggest an outfit for the next season...maybe 6 months in the future. New mamas get lots of newborn clothing but not much for the future.

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answers from Austin on

Sleepers, blankets, Hoodie Bath towel with tub, assorted bibs.

Is she registered? If so something off of the registry..

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answers from Tulsa on

I agree with most of the other mamas-diapers and wipes, and/or a parenting book. The diapers and wipes will be used without a doubt, and will help your girls not to get caught up in all the cutesy baby stuff!

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answers from Dallas on

All of these suggestions are so good! I teach high school, and have so many pregnant girls each year in my classes; I have 4 right now. All of their friends buy them so many clothes, mostly newborn size. The suggestions here are much more practical, and will surely be appreciated.

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree with diapers, wipes or bath supplies! Carter's socks are the best so if you have an outlet near you I would honestly go and get the ones that are generic colors and have little bead looking trim on the top. Those were the only socks that never fell off my kids feet! (they do sell a lot of Carter's stuff at Target but not these particular socks). I also really loved Carter's sleep sacks (they do sell those) and they are both cute and useful.

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answers from New York on

You have many good ideas here already. I think the coupons for a few hours of free babysitting is a great idea--I babysat a lot as a teen. When I have gone to friends' showers I usually opted for cute and useful. Tie dye onesies and socks have gone over really well and are fun to make if you are crafty (you can get a kit at a craft store). Board books are also great. My favorites for under 2 include: Goodnight Moon, I See and I Touch, Runaway Bunny, almost anything by Sandra Boynton (Moo, Ba, La, La, La; All the Hippos Go Beserk; Doggies, etc). A couple of board books and a basic baby care book might be a nice combo.

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answers from New York on

My first thought was condoms :(

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answers from New York on

I'd say diapers and wipes, if she is using disposables, clothes, a copy of a good book like Dr Sears' The Baby Book or a breastfeeding one if she plans on breastfeeding.

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answers from Kansas City on

i would do a thing of diapers and maybe a small toy or outfit.

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answers from Jamestown on

People get caught up in the giving for the baby that they forget to get a present for the mom. Get a bag of diapers and their friend's favorite CD.

Or you could check out my site for something:


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