Baby Shower Games Ideas (Update)

Updated on July 09, 2011
J.S. asks from Hartford, CT
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Hey Ladies!

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby after ten years of marriage and being told that they'd never be able to get pregnant. Their due date is mid-August, the baby is a girl and her name is chosen already. We're throwing their baby shower on July 16th '11 and my mom has tasked me with "choosing fun baby shower games."

I decided to tap you all for ideas. :-) Help!

Edited to add: There will be a few teens, mostly women in their middle 30's (like me and the mom-to-be), middle 60's, and many in their late 70's and 80's. There will also be 5 children 10 years and under.

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So What Happened?


Thank you for all of the great ideas! I'll be writing them all down and having my mom print out the six she likes best. Maybe more. I really, really appreciate the help. I remember a few of them but there are a bunch that I'd never heard of that sound fun, like the Mommy Multi-Tasking one and the Price Is Right one.

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answers from Birmingham on

We played a fun game at my first baby shower. The hostess got about 10 different kinds of baby foods and covered the label with a bright piece of paper. Each jar of baby food had a number and a stack of spoons in front of it. The guests had a piece of paper that was numbered in the same order of the baby food and went down the line tasting and guessing the flavor of the baby foods. The person with the most correct answers wins. The other game that I really loved was giving the correct names of baby animals. The hostess would say something like " What is the name of a baby seal?" Then we would write down the answer "pup" if we knew it. She had about 12 different animals to name. It was fun!
Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

A few I have played...

-melt different candy bars in diapers and guest have to guess which candy bar it is

-buy string and have each person cut how a piece so that it is the size of the mothers waist (with baby of course). closest wins a prize.

-play a small piece of songs with the word "baby" in them and see if guests can guess the song or artist

-match celebrity to their kids name

-my sons name we picked was Brady which were the same number of letters as Bingo so we played a bingo game but it had his name instead. below each column were pictures of baby stuff instead of numbers. we used candy as the markers

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answers from Seattle on

We always had fun with the safty pin & rice game ( a pie plate full of rice and some small safty pins & see how many many can be found while blindfolded) The yarn game ( guessing the size of mom ) the word baby game is a blast!!! (every one wears a diaper pin or clothes pin and if you say the word baby and someone catches you , you have to give up the pin whoever has the most at the end wins!! ) hope u have fun! SO happy for them!!!!

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answers from Houston on

I second the candy bars in the diapers game, always a crowd pleaser. I even did it once where I put lemon pudding in a diaper and also lots of laughs. You can set it up by saying "We want to help our new mom and dad by preparing them for all the interesting colors they will soon see filling their baby's diaper..." It's gross and fun :) We also always play the game of words you can't say, which I personally hate, but it is a crowd pleaser. You give out 5 clothes pins or pipe cleaners or some little trinket and tell everyone not to say baby, or the hubby's name, etc, just come up with about 4 words that are taboo. Then everybody tries to catch each other saying these things. Gets the group interacting and laughing and if you have people that don't know each other well it helps mix the group nicely. Have fun and congrats on your new niece :D

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answers from Dayton on

Heehee. I love the poopy diaper game!
Trying to convince my fam. to play it at our upcoming shower.

Another I don't think was mentioned: put a bunch of little baby things on a tray and let everyone look at it for a certain amount of time (30 seconds maybe) and then take it away...they have to write down what they remember.

Have everyone bring a baby pic of themselves and everyone has to guess who's who. Fun to see everyone's pics. :)

HTH! Have fun!

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answers from Sioux City on

My favorite is the Price-is-Right game. Purchase several baby items (wipes, bottle, rattle, one-piece outfit, etc.) and have guests guess the correct price of the item (without going over the actual price). The winner of each guess gets a prize. And, all the items go to Mom/Dad.

Good Luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

one that was a lot of fun that I've only seen done at one shower was what I call the "mommy multitasking game" - the hostesses put up a clothesline and clothespins with a basket of baby clothes and contestants had to try to hang up as many clothes as they could within 30 seconds.... while holding on to a baby doll *and* carrying on a pretend conversation on a cordless phone! (more fun and less embarrassing than the usual "guess the circumference of the pregnant mom's belly" game IMO)

and something that's not exactly a game but a sweet idea IMO - another shower host had each guest take a number between 1 and (can't remember the highest number) - they might have had 2 people for each number - handed out plain greeting cards and then each guest wrote the baby a birthday card for whichever year their number was (so if you picked the number 3, you wrote a "Happy 3rd birthday" card, etc.)

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answers from Boston on

At my shower, we really only did one game (I'll explain that one in a minute), but most of the time, the guests made scrapbook pages! They all filled them with all kinds of advice, anecdotes, and encouragement for me as a new mom. Then the hostess of the shower made prints of all the photos taken during the shower and put them in with the scrapbook pages and made a beautiful album for me. I loved it.

The game was simple: baby gift bingo. All the typical baby gifts were put on bingo cards and marked up as I opened them. That was fun, too!

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answers from Lincoln on

We just had a baby shower for a couple coworkers who are expecting in our office. We had so much fun playing Baby Bingo. Just search it on the internet and you will find lots of cute templates! Then, of course for the winner of each game we got fun baby related prizes (which ultimately went to the mommy-to-be). I also found fun games on-line like a Baby Word Scramble and Message on a Diaper where everyone at the shower write fun messages on baby diapers. Here are some links to some fun games below.

Have fun! :)

Baby ABC Bingo

Candy Bar Blurbs Game

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Name Babble

Message on a Diaper

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answers from Syracuse on

I did one where there needed to be a couple people in a group with several groups and what they needed to do was the first person in line needed to blow up a balloon and stick under their shirt as if it was a pregnant belly then the next one in line will and so on then once all of the balloons are blown up the first person in line has to pop the belly and then everyone in the line does so first team to all "give birth" wins

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answers from Kansas City on

I haven't really read any other responses so if this has been suggested sorry.

I went to a baby shower a couple years ago and the hostess' packaged up items (diapers, pacifier, clippers, therometer, etc) and on the outside of the box they used CD labels and they were clues to what was inside. Like Green Day's album Dookie...was used for Diaper.

Similar to the baby food game where you have to guess what's inside by the CD label on the outside. But I thought it was brilliant and fun.

Also my mother-in-law asked my husband quesitons about raising kids, feedings, diaper changes...then at the shower she asked me the same questions and the guest had to decide if we said the same answers.

It was it showed we really had talked about things and some things we missed all together. Like she said "Will (insert husbands name) make homemade baby food?"...I said "yes" the group said "no"...his answer was "yes he planned on it"...but in reality never did it.

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