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Updated on August 27, 2009
M.T. asks from Keller, TX
4 answers

Some friends and I are giving another friend a baby shower. What are some great, fun games?

Thanks for your suggestions!


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Guess Mom's Tummy Size,Never say "Baby

Guess The Gerber's: (Materials - Gerber's infant food, pads of paper and pens). Take the labels off of the baby food jars and have the women at the baby shower guess the food (carrots, peas, sweet potato). Most fun to play up to 10 jars of different kinds of foods. If there is a tie, blindfold the women and have them taste one of the jars and guess the right flavor to win their prize.

Bottle Races

Guess the Chocolate

Dress The Baby (Materials: Baby life-size dolls, onsies, diapers, socks, shoes, shirt and pants for each baby doll and stopwatch) - Have each team race to see who can dress the baby doll the first. Each person (or team) must have everything correctly on the baby doll when saying finished. Points docked for missing articles or articles not placed on right. A really fun game and a great way to collect some clothes for the mother to be at her baby shower when the game is finished.



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I went to the best baby shower a few years ago. They played two games that were so fun. The first one was taboo - but she made her own cards that went with the baby theme. So much fun and got everyone involved. The other game she came up with was about what the baby would look like. We split up into teams and got a few magazines and a piece of paper. We had to cut out body parts and clothing from the magazine and put them together on the paper to resemble what we thought the baby would look like. It was so fun - we just did the face though - and people added hats and pacifiers and stuff - they were so funny - then the mom to be picked the one she liked the best.

Another shower I went to we decorated onesies with puffy paint - it was a cool take home for the mom to be. I have also been to one that had jelly beans in a bottle for whoever guessed the closest to the amount of jellybeans

Hope that this helps



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It's not a game, but a cute thing to do is put someone in charge of writing things down the Mom-to-be says as she's opening presents and then read them in the context of the conception night. It's funny. Thing like "Awww, it's so cute".

Also Baby Bingo. Make/print sheets with squares and pictures of baby items. Put things like the work "Yellow", image of a Baby Bottle, Blanket, Rubber Duck. As she opens presents, people mark on their card. First one to fill the card wins.

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