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Updated on April 11, 2011
B.M. asks from Ottawa, IL
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I'll be hosting a baby shower for my son and daughter in law in March. They are due in April. What are some favorite games ?

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answers from Milwaukee on

Ok sounds gross but we laughed pretty hard. I was at a baby shower where the host had about 10 different diapers and inside she melted 10 different kinds of chocolate bars, everyone guesses what kind of chocolate bar it is (it's funny cause you will see a lot of the women sticking their noses in a diaper that looks well used to get a good sniff and looking very closely), who ever guesses the most correctly wins.. Don't know if I have just too much of a appreciation for "fart" humor, but it really made me giggle.

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answers from Anniston on

use a clean dippy smask mini candy bars with nuts such as snickers melt just a lil great snack in funny bowl my cousin done cup cakes with center blue or pink surprise its a _____!! so cute



answers from St. Louis on

at one of my showers they had a game where there were a lot of characteristics (attitude, time management, hair, eyes, etc.) and I went through and picked which characteristic I wanted the baby to have of mine and which ones I wanted his dad to have. Everyone else tried to figure out what I would pick. Whoever had the most matches won. It became interesting to see what people put. The winner got a prize and I opened presents in order of the person who had the most matches to the person who had the least.


answers from Nashville on

At my baby shower we played a game called "never say baby" and as people come in you give them a baby clothes pin (pink or blue depending on if it will be a boy or girl) and when someone says the word baby the person who heard them first gets there pin at the end of the baby shower the person with the most pins wins. Have fun :)



answers from Chicago on

My sister had 3 games for my shower. Two were matching games (on paper): 1) match the mommy animal with the baby animal, e.g. dog/puppy, lion/cub, kangaroo/joey, etc. and 2) match celebrity kids with "unique" names with their parents. The third game was Pregnancy Pictionary. My shower was small, so we played in 2 teams. She just had a tabletop easel. That was a lot of fun and really funny because people had to figure out how to draw placenta, labor, nipple confusion, etc. Depending on how many guests there are, have enough words so that everyone gets a turn to draw at least 1-2 times. Beyond that, the game can get long. Have fun!!



answers from Miami on

(1) Craft stores usually sell these little plastic pacifers, they come in blue, pink, or some neutral gender color. You can string them on string (make them into a necklace) and every guest gets only one necklace (one pacifier on each string). Choose something the guests cannot say during the baby shower. For example, they can't say the word "baby." If someone says the word baby and they are caught, the person who caught her (or him) takes the necklace. The guest with the MOST necklaces wins a prize.

(2) Each guest gets a paper plate and a crayon (color of their choice) and they put the paper plate on their heads. They draw a picture of the baby-to-be and the mama or daddy chooses the best looking baby. The winner gets a prize.

(3) Randomly choose a chair and tape an envelope or piece of paper that says "Winner". The person sitting on that chair wins a prize.

(4) Fill a jar of M&M's. Make sure YOU count and know how many are in the jar and have each guest guess how many. The person closest, without going over (or you can use your discretion) wins the jar of M&Ms.

(5) Create a word scramble of words used for baby (diapers, bottles, rattle, etc.). Set a timer for whatever time you think is appropriate based on the number of words you have and the person who unscrambles the MOST wins a prize.

These are just a few games I have played at baby showers. Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

I went to a shower and they wrote poems about baby and the mom to be picked the one she liked best.Another is have toliet paper 1 roll to each table or group and one person is baby and the others put on the "diaper on the baby" who ever made the best diaper on the "baby" wins.Or who can drink from a baby bottle the fastest I'd the cheap ones from the dollar store.



answers from Minneapolis on

Finding safety pins, while blindfolded, in a bowl of rice. It is harder than it sounds, especially if you use the small safety pins. Whoever finds the most wins.



answers from Dallas on

I love the toilet paper around the belly guessing game.



answers from Chicago on

I did my sister's baby shower last September and I got several compliments on my Price is Right game. What I did was have 6 baby items (toy, lotion, diaper wipes etc.) and I put 8 prices, 2 extra wrong prices and the 6 correct prices in random order and the guests have to write down what price they think matches each item and who ever gets the most correct wins. I made it a little too hard so I would suggest using very easy to guess items and prices. Not too many items within .50 of each other because there were a lot of people that had kids that didn't know the prices, so I would make it fairly easy. Hope that helps and you have a great time at the shower!!


answers from Champaign on

The most popular shower games are the toilet paper wrap (pass around a roll and have people tear of the amount of squares they think will fit around mommys tummy), purse scavenger hunt (design alist of obscure objects and have every one look through their purses for who has the most items on the list), baby bingo (using a simple bingo grid, have your guest fill in common baby gifts, then as mommy is opening her presents they can mark off any matching presents).



answers from Chicago on

I did a couples shower for my sister in law and brother here are the games we did
*guess the stats - I got the foot print of each of the parent's from the baby book or birth certificate and also weight and height - the people wrote down their guess for which went to whom (they already had 2 kids when I did this shower so we had those two kids' stats on there too)
*I froze a tiny baby figure in an ice cube and had people guess when the baby will be "born"

those are the ones I remember...



answers from Chicago on

At my daughter's shower I played the memory game with a twist. I had my daughter come out with a tray of baby items..... and told people "to remember as much as they could" and that after 2 minutes I was going to ask them some questions.......... THEN my daughter went into the kitchen with the tray and I asked them questions about HER.....nothing from the tray!!! What color were her earrings..... how was her hair done...... what color shoes did she have on etc....... people were very surprised because not one question was about the tray..... it was fun!!! Just be careful what you tell them when she first walks out with the tray.... don't mention it!! Have fun!!



answers from St. Cloud on

Price is right.

Pick 3 items (could be baby items or regular items or grocery items or a mixture.) Have everyone right down how much they think each item costs. Add totals. The one closest to the ACTUAL total without going over wins!


answers from Rochester on

I like word games, anything with nursery stories and children's rhymes. There are some good websites with printable baby shower games, one that was fun was identifying baby animal names with the adult animal names--some of them are very bizarre. Otherwise, I'm not much of a game person. Double-check the belly measuring with the mommy-to-be before having that as a game--some are very sensitive about it. It is not a game, but we also had guests self-address envelopes for the mom (we bought her thank-you notes) and used the envelopes as drawing cards for some prizes. It saved her time and we recorded all of her gifts, but she was also able to send thank-yous just for attending that way.

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