Baby Shower Game Ideas

Updated on January 19, 2009
J.G. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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I am looking fun baby shower game ideas. I've looked around on the internet, and all I have come across are ideas for guessing the baby food in a blind tasting or melting candy bars in diapers and trying to guess what it was originally. Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't sound like fun. So, what games have you played that people really seemed to enjoy? Thanks for the ideas.

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answers from Phoenix on

I just threw a good friend of mine a shower...I HATE shower games, I know I'm a fuddy duddy, but I just don't like them. Instead, we laid out a bunch of onesies and fabric pens and stencils around the table so each guest could decorate a onesie - which was awesome for the little girls that were there, they had fun too! Depending on the theme of the shower, you could hang a clothesline across the room and hang each onesie on there, too, as well as any clothes she gets for the shower. We also did an advice key ring...each guest wrote advice on a card. If you are more crafty, something I considered (which was done at my shower) was to have several scrap book pages laying around with scrapbooking supplies for people to decorate. This way the mom has pre-designed scrap book pages that she just has to add the pictures to.

To please everyone with the gift thing, we set a timer and whoever's gift the mom to be was opening when the timer came off got a prize.

We did do the belly measure game, it's just funny to see how small or big some people think she is.



answers from Phoenix on

I have been to many baby showers and here are some games that we played:

Bingo - each person gets a blank bingo sheet and has to fill in the spaces with gifts that they think the mom to be will get at the shower that day. Then play as she opens her gifts.

I never - A take on the drinking game. Give each person 10 coins and go around the room with statements that you never did regarding parenting or childbirth.

Memory - get poster board and write matching baby items on it. Use sticky notes to cover the words and play the game.

Name that tune - Get a song list together on your ipod and play a bit of all songs that have baby in the title -- There are tons of them!

The price is right - buy an assortment of baby items from Walmart or Target and have each person guess on the price of each item without going over.

Get baby items and associate them with candy. Say the baby item and have the guests guess the candy or vice versa. Ex/ Pacifier - Gobstoppers; Cost of College - 100Grand;
Dirty Diapers - whoppers, etc.

That is all that I can think of off the top of my head but you might try goggling it if your need more ideas. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Phoenix on

Actually, the "poopy" diaper is hilarious. Baby shower bingo is fun too. It adds a little pizzazz to the gift opening thing. For my baby shower my MIL had door prizes and the envelopes for the thank you cards were used for the drawing. Pass them out to guests, they address them to themselves, collect them and have the mom-to-be draw one every so often and that person gets a door prize. Keep track of the envelopes, give them to the mom and the thank yous are half done. Very helpful.
Also, and this was awesome. Get a small photo album, and like sized index cards. Pass out the cards to guests and have them put some advice on the cards. Stick them in the album and viola. What a fabulous gift for a first time mom.



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At my friends baby shower the host made a big poster board with a tree on it. the tree had large bunches of leaves....each bunch has celebrity parents then under the tree were apples and the apples had the babies of the celebrities. You had to match the babies to the parents. It was a lot of fun. I believe the leaves and apples were made of felt so the stuck right to each other. I wish I had thought of it for my shower (which was one week before hers...oh well!)

congratulations on your little girl! good luck



answers from Phoenix on

jamie- i was at at baby shower where we played the game w/ the diapers & candy bars- it was actually alot of fun. and we played the game where you guess what baby food is in the jar by looking at it. I have been at a shower where someone filled a bottle w/ candy, and had to guess how many.
my favorite game is the memory game - where you have a cookie sheet filled w/ many different baby items, pass it around to everyone, then take it away, and then have the people write down what they saw. it is a good game that you can then give the new mom all of the stuff( nail clippers/soap/rattles/bottle/pacifer/wash cloth/onesie/diaper/bib/baby safety items/ect..
good luck- hope this helps.


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