Baby Shower for My Brother

Updated on July 27, 2008
K.P. asks from Keller, TX
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I am having a baby shower for my brother (yes for my brother)at the end of August and the invitations I have are camo background with a light khaki on top, and I am stumped on how to word them can anyone give me ideas on what to put on the invitations?
Thanks for any advice.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your good advice I finally decided to use Hey Troops its time to help recruit *** into fathergood

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One of my favorite sites is There you can find all kinds of quotes and ideas. Best of luck to you.

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Maybe something like "a new recruit(or Private LastName) will soon be arriving at boot camp. Expected ETA (Due date) Please join us in gearing up Master Sergeant LastName with supplies on (party date). We'll soon see who's really in charge!" Hope that helps!

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My sister in law did a couples shower with the same background and it said something about baby boot camp. I think "help us welcome the newest recruit or private (lastname)" would be cute. I am assuming the father is military. Maybe mention assisting the branch(Army)having to protect from monsters and serve bottles and other new duties as daddy. Or you could do a play on words with camo, like there is no disquising (name) is entering fatherhood or is a daddy now, or has entered parent hood. Help us obtain the required supplies. Just a thought. good luck with that.



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It's kinda plagerizing, but I like to visit sites like Hallmark and other card companies and check out what they have (you can view their cards for various occasions), then you can use what they have verbatim or customize it to fit your needs. Hope this helps and good luck!



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Would something like this work for your brother? I wasn’t sure if he was married or not.

Bottles, Diapers, Laundry in A Heap
Tom and Mary are Having a Baby...And Will Soon Be Without Sleep!

Please join us in celebrating Tom’s Impending Fatherhood!



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Maybe something like...

The (last name) army is growing,
come help us welcome our newest little soldier!



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You can try or I usually go to the online invitation sites and look at their invitations. They have sample wording that I can use or tweak a little. good luck!



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Like any other invitations. Go to the local Hallmark store and go through their invitation idea book.



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I know you did not ask, but I had a great idea for a game at this party... put together a fun obstical course by setting up stations like ;

1. diaper change the doll and carry, (self explainitory)then after the doll is changed and dressed they have to put on a baby carrier (like the front carrier baby bjorn type for infants but go to once upon a child for cheep used ones or online) put the baby doll in the carrier, and they have to carry the baby this way for the rest of the obstical course.. if the baby falls out they are disqualified.

2. un pack and pack the diaper bag (put several types of things in the diaper bags on a table, some things that go in a diaper bag and some do not. have them take all objects out of the bag and place them next to the bag and put back in the bag only the items that belong in a diaper bag. now they have to carry the bag for the rest of the course.

3. Make the bottles (have several bottles on table and they have to pour water (or milk) into a bottle then put the right cap/nipples with each bottle. now they put the bottles in the diaper bag and go to the next station.

4. put the baby in the infant carrier (borrow some infant seats and have each person put their doll in a seat the right way. then snap them into a stroller (you could just put the dolls in a stroller if you want to skip the infant seat part)

then they stroll the stroller to the start and they have to put the doll back, the bag back, the bottles back and take apart then stroll the stroller back to where they were at the finish line!

this course goes in kind of a circle so they can back track then the next person goes after the first gets back with the stroller... you can change up the order but we did it this way. it goes much faster than it reads and you just explain the game before the game starts. We did it with 2 lines of 5 people in each line and the team (line) that got done first, each person got $5.00 starbucks gift cards!

I hope that helps out with a theme game for your party... If you need party favors I do adorable rubber ducks in soap party favors wrapped in cello bags and tied with a custom card and I can use Army or Cammo Rubber duckys! (that is just one of the types of favors my company makes...)

Good luck
A. J



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Baby readiness drills or "boot-ie camp"



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What is the situation- is he adopting with a partner or married and expecting?
I would just be sweet and to the point

My brother and his partner (name)will soon be blessed with a bundle of love- Please help us celebrate this beautiful occassion by attending their shower.

brief and to the point-
If its adoption- Maybe a quoted adoption phrase of love.

If you would like- I have a host assistant service- My staff can do all that needs to be done while you enjoy your guests. We are friendly professional,uniformed thorough and a unique service that you will be thriled with. We do showers- business and personal events of all kinds-
I have many referrals- among them-Pietre Andreis Jewelers- Premiere Photographers- So,...if you would like to enjoy your own party for once- give us a call. We would be happy to be of service to you!
PS_ So nice of you to do this for your brother! If its a partner/adoption situation- he may even have a poem he likes that you can include to really capture the essence of the whole event.

D. Sansone
Party Angels Ltd.



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__________'s got a baby due and needs a thing or two
We are hunting for some friends,some women....even men!
Bun in the oven is going to need a lot of loving
So come for the shower and be the hero for the hour!

Hope this might help. Good Luck!



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If you remember the song...
"She's having his baby! He's gonna be a Dad! He's inviting you to his party!"

The real lines are:
"She's having my baby! I'm a woman in love... Sorry, I can't remember the rest!




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Try they usually have good suggestions.

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