Baby Shower Favor Ideas - Carrollton,TX

Updated on November 08, 2007
S.L. asks from Sachse, TX
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Anyone have any suggestions for cute and unique baby shower favors (not too expensive)? Im hosting my baby sis's shower for her first baby coming in Jan, and wanted to create something really cute to give to the guests. She expecting a girl, and the colors of the shower are pink, dark pink, and green. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Maybe some cute lollipops. Tie ribbons around them and put a little "Thank you" tag on them. You can display them in something like a flower pot, so it looks like a bunch/boquet of flowers. Put that foam stuff in the bottom of the pot so you have something to poke the stems into. Seems like Party City or some place like that would have "It's a Girl" lollipops, or maybe some shaped like pink teddy bears, etc.



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For the baby shower my co-workers gave me, they took small plastic baby bottles and filled them with candy. Kisses or pastel M&Ms would be cute.



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I love that idea of the pink sugar and cute!

Ok, I went to a shower a few weeks ago and they did something really cute! She had 3 hurricane candle holders (2 different heights. Each one was filled with a different candy.
1. Pink, white and brown M&M's (you could do the pink, dark pink, and green)
2. Gummy candy (it was some sort of sour gummy sour cherries or something like that)
3. Jelly bellies - there were different shades of pinks and browns, but again, you could do the different pinks and greens.

She had a little silver scoop, some little celaphane plastic bags and pink ribbon. When guests left, they scooped up a goodie bag with a mixture of candy into the bag and tied it off with the ribbon as they left. It was really cute and unique!!


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I went to a shower about 3 yrs ago for a little girl. I have no idea how to do this but the favor was SO cute.

It was a clear glass sugar shaker/dispenser (stainless looking top). The sugar was pink and swirled in the dispenser with cinnamon. We enjoy cinnamon toast and it was a bit hit with my daughter for a few weeks!

Have fun....Susan

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