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Updated on November 20, 2010
D.G. asks from Fleming Island, FL
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Well I'm having my 3 baby but 1st little girl(YAY!). The thing is I want a baby shower for her but a small and enexpensive one at home. I love lavander/lilac for colors as well as fairies for theme. I've been stressing on how to combine the two so I've all but given up on it. I like things that are more untraditional (lilac and fairies instead of pink and princesses) but it seems too much to think about since I'm planning everything. Any advice or ideas on how to makes something nice come out of all of this?
ps* Any other ideas for themes or colors would be nice as well :)

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answers from New York on

I've noticed fairies are often in shades of green (like tinkerbell). Green goes very well with lilac.

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answers from San Francisco on

You really shouldn't host your own baby shower. It's like asking for gifts. It would be better, once the baby is born, to have a Welcome party.

You can still use your colors and theme and friends will want to come by and visit your baby.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Since you're doing it yourself, maybe you should wait until after baby is born and not call it a shower. But as far as themes, that should be easy! Check out a party store.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I agree with those who say you shouldn't throw your own traditionaly you only get a shower for the welcome you into mother hood

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answers from St. Louis on

I think it is kind of tacky that you are hosting your own shower. I would just do a small get together and not call it a shower. Showers are suppose to be given for the first child not the third. If you friends/family would like to purchase you a gift they will, but do not make them feel obligated to.

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answers from Washington DC on

I think every baby deserves a celebration. Especially if its a different gender from the first or its been a while between kids.

I do agree that you should not host your own shower. Wait for someone else to step up. If they don't, then wait til after the baby arrives and then host a 'Meet My Little Fairy' party.

The tinkerbell party supplies are purple.

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answers from New York on

Keep things simple. Get loads of fake or real liliac or lavendar flowers for decorations, shades of purple table clothes. You can find Disney fairies just about everywhere. I'm certain you should be able to find fairy themed plates, napkins, and the like. You may also want to get some dried flowers and add some lilac or lavendar essential oils to them or burn candles or burners with those fragrances for the party.

Keep the food simple too. Do invitations in shades of purple.

I'm not a big fan of pink so when I have my girl baby some day I'm certainly won't be pink everywhere.

Congratulations on the new "fairy" addition to the family.

Throwing your own shower isn't necessarily tacky despite what others may advise. Celebrate the new life you have growing in you and about to join your family. In my family we have showers after the baby arrives (my great grandmother was a midwife and this was her advice) besides it gives even baby a chance to take pictures with everyone for a few minutes. The party doesn't have to be long. 3 hours or less is just fine.

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answers from Hartford on

I want to address all the moms who are saying that it is tacky to have your own baby shower. Do not make assumptions until you know the situation. My husband and I hosted are own baby shower years ago because people wanted to come to our shower, but no one was in the position to throw us one. Had we not done it, we would not have had a shower and many of our friends and coworkers and family would have been disappointed.

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answers from Norfolk on

Totally agree about not hosting your own shower - super tacky and If you were my best friend I would tell you that and offer to host it for you. However, a welcome party after baby comes is appropriate. I like the "meet the fairy" idea.

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answers from Seattle on

Oh sheesh. Different parts of the country have different customs regarding baby showers AS DO different ethnic cultures. Some are first baby only, some are every baby; some are only family throws the shower, some are only friends; some are women only, some are coed; some are adults only, some are family friendly. It REALLY varies by region and by family.

Actual Q:

- Lavender & Lilac Balloons (if you're feeling spiffy some clear ones with glitter inside would be grand, but totally extra). 2 or 3 dozen balloons with helium tied around costs about $15-20

- Purple Iced Cupcakes... the bakery can also put sparkles on them, and many will have little fairy toppers as well

- Google Image "Fairy" & "Fairies". For each one go to the left and click "line drawing". Gives you tons of images. Then just color them in your colors. You can even have tinkerbell in lavender and lilac. You can used these images in tons of ways:
* Make a name banner with each page being a letter of your daughter's name. In the corner of each page (or randomly, depending on where you print it) have a different fairy
* Name Cards / Place Settings / Buffet cards, etc
* Invitations (you can make your own : color the first one and then take it in and get it color copied for the rest)
* Thankyou notes
* etc.

- Boquet in Lavender & Lilac (even better if you can actually GET lavender and lilac)

As far as colors, I think yours are lovely. I personally also LOVE to throw a little brilliant crimson in with purple... and ladybugs are in "vogue" right now. Throw in a red gerbera daisy in with the blue & purple boquet. Anyhow... red and purple together make both colors "pop".

Have fun at your shower!!! And congratulations!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

First off, I just want to say how sorry I am that people are giving you grief about having a baby shower for your third and for hosting it yourself! Although my mom and sister hosted mine, I just recently had a shower for my second not even a different gender! We wanted this little girl to know she is just as adored and wanted as her big sister!

As for your theme, I think it's lovely! I wouldn't worry overly much about making everything coordinate perfectly. Neither of my showers had a defined theme! Check out for balloons and streamers! They also have invites and stuff like that! Riley J. below has some great ideas!

Good luck and congratulations!!!

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answers from Portland on

Her question was about color schemes, not whether or not you think she should host it or if it's tacky becuase it's not her first baby.

I like the idea of getting some fake flowers or streamers in different shades of purple. A pretty fairy cake would be nice. Simple food and drinks, with purple tablecloths, cups, forks, etc. There's not much for fairy decorations other than Tinkerbell and Disney, but I think those would be nice.

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answers from Miami on

Are you planning your own baby shower? Maybe I'm old fashioned, but traditionally, the mom is NOT the one who is supposed to "host" her own baby shower.

As for "themes" the most important thing about a baby shower (or any kind of event like this) is to enjoy yourself. Who cares about colors, really. Is it really that important that you are "stressing" over it? If you have a good time, that should what matters most. All the rest is insignificant. At least that is my opinion. Just enjoy yourself.

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