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Updated on May 22, 2009
C.C. asks from The Colony, TX
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I am throwing my daughter her second baby shower. The first time around, we did all those silly, but fun shower games... the ones with the toilet paper around the tummy, guessing the items from memory that were on a tray, solving the scrambled up letters that had to do with baby things, etc... don't want to do that again... any suggestions on something fresh and new? we have also done at her wedding shower the "how well do you know Jennie?"... wouldn't mind doing something like that again with a new twist on it.. any suggestions for that as well..thank you so much.. .shower is in 3 days! Help!

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answers from Abilene on

I agree that most people don't like games, but here are a few that I have used.
1) Get a plastic baby bottle and fill with jelly beans (pink, yellow, or blue). Set it at sign in table. When guest arrive have them write on a piece of paper how many jelly beans are in the bottle. Make sure they put their name on paper. Closest one to correct number wins a small prize.
2) Baby shower bingo. I found some Bingo cards at Hobby Lobby with baby shower gift items. As the mom-to-be opens a onesie (for example) the person with onesie on their card, marks it off. You can play until all spaces are marked off if you don't want to give a ton of prizes.
Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

This is a great site for Baby Showers

Good Luck! I'm sure your daughter and everyone will have a great time, no matter what you do.



answers from Dallas on

I have hosted 2 baby showers in the past 6 weeks. Let me tell you that I have found most people dont care for the games. So, we did 2 easy games at each shower. Ones that could be played as the shower was going on.
1. Get the tiny plastic babies- (micheals, hobby lobby) Put one in each ice cube tray and freeze. Each guest gets a "baby" ice cube in their drink and the first baby born wins!
2. I bought a baby bottle and stuff it with the mini marshmallows. Put out some paper and a jar and let everyone guess how many are in there.
3. We used ribbon and tied baby stuff to them to make necklaces. (the plastic baby pacifier party favors work best) just go to the dollar store and get some baby things that can be tied on. Each guest gets a necklace when everyone arrives. 2 ways to play... either you cant say the word baby or you cant cross your legs. If you see someone doing or saying it you get to take their necklace. The one that has the most at the end wins.

Hope this helps- let me know if you have any questions. Good luck



answers from Dallas on

C., The folks up here at work had a baby shower a few months ago for a co-worker and we played several games. The one that everyone seemed to enjoy the most was the full diaper game. They took Hershey miniature chocolate candy bars and melted them (one at a time), then spread the melted candy in a diaper (one candy per diaper). They marked each diaper with a number (1-6), then passed them around - each person had to try to figure out what kind of candy was used and write it down on a piece of paper. The one who guessed the most correct ones won a prize (mostly candles). It was funny watching people's faces when they opened the diapers - they really looked like the real thing. The other one that was fun was the baby food game - they took several jars of pureed baby food, soaked off the labels, then numbered the jars. Obviously, someone wrote down what each jar held. Each party goer put a little of each baby food on a plate, then tasted it and smelled it, then tried to figure out what it was. It's harder than you think! The most correct won a prize. Anyway, enjoy, have fun and God Bless! S.



answers from Dallas on

Google Baby Shower. I used a site called (it may be without the dashes) It has tons of games that are fun, new and interesting!

Good luck!

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