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Updated on March 07, 2010
S.B. asks from Canoga Park, CA
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Does anyone have suggestions about when I should have a baby shower? A friend or two are interested in throwing me one but don't know when I should have it. I was told that you are suppose to have the shower at 7 months. Is there a common time?

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So What Happened?

I think I will wait until I am 7 months. Thank you all for helping me out.

Oddly enough, I was born in 6 months and was a healthy baby. I hope that I deliver in 9 months because my story is not common for most mothers with premature deliveries.

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answers from Los Angeles on

That is a good decision. I had mine at the end of my seventh month and am so glad I did because my daughter was a month early!

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answers from Victoria on

7 mths is good since you look preggers, but it also gives you time to know what you have & what you still need & be able to exchange things etc.. before baby gets here. I had two showers & got multiple duplicates and everyone had got me clothing. I could have put her in a new outfit 3 times a day & still not use it all! So i exchanged lots of the duplicates & got a walmart gift card. Used it to supply me in wipes & diapers for a long time....I think it ended up being like $230.00! Big help since with formula, diapers, wipes etc...Our grocery bill went up about $150 a month!

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answers from Detroit on

I had my baby shower in my 7th month. It worked out perfectly...I had sometime to prepare when my baby came a month early. You want to look prego but still feel good enough to get organized after it! Dont wash everything...only a few basics. Your baby may end up being in 3-6 month stuff right out the door and you can return stuff (like the 0-3) you dont need and exchange for stuff you do! Good luck!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Usually around 7 months, or some do it earlier. People like to see your belly popped at showers, thats why you usually wait till you are in the last trimester...but honetly, whatever works with your schedule is the best:)

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answers from Dallas on

7 months is around the right time to have a baby shower. That will give you enough time to finish getting everything ready for the baby after you have the shower. If you want some ideas for the baby shower, check out There are some good ideas for things there.

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answers from Provo on

I was supposed to have mine at 8 months...but went into we ended up doing it AFTER the baby was born. It would have been really nice to have some things those first few weeks before the shower!! 7 months might seem early...and for most...that probably never know!



answers from Los Angeles on

Unless she has a high risk pregnancy and a good chance of delivering early, the end of seventh month or beginning of the eighth month is perfect. Also, I found the website really helpful for planning tips, games (if you want to play any at the party), and shower supplies. Hope this helps! Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

My aunt is from a foreign country and they have the baby showers AFTER the baby is born. I thought that was BRILLIANT on so many levels, but then again, I'm pretty logical. Here's why we had all 3 of my baby showers after the babies were born:

1. I only had to tell the birth story ONCE, not 400 times.
2. No one cares about the fat me, they want to see the BABY.
3. Everyone gets to hold the baby and get their fix.
4. No long lingering guests for WEEKS - in and out in 2 hours.
5. Personalized items for the baby.
6. It's a real birthday party and no stupid games.
7. God-forbid the baby doesn't survive, you don't have a house full of reminders, I mean, after-all the US is 42nd on the list of infant mortality, which means 41 other countries have a better rate of infant survival.

Hope this helped some? It's not traditional, but I LOVED it.

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