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Updated on December 20, 2015
C.H. asks from Dallas, TX
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Does anyone have any suggestion on giving a baby shower I'm planning a surprise shower for my friend and I need some ideas to what kind of games to play and what kind of food to service.

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Ah, just my thing.I have thrown quite a few showers. Most people dred the game part. So, instead. I make everyone a inexpensive party favor. Depending on what time of day you throw it depends on the food you serve also.

Idea for party favor for everyone:
Make a gift tag that says: "A baby is brewing!", attach it to a tea bag, it can even be a plain Lipton tea bag. You can wrap the bag up in tissue paper tie w/a ribbon and put the tag on that.

Find small plastic bottles,fill w/ lotion, on tag say: "We shower the mom w/gift's it's true,now here's a shower gift for you"

Another one is a votive candle,,you can google sayings for this one, look under "Baby shower candle poems" on google.

Cutting out the games, cuts down on time on the shower. That gives the mother to be more time to visit or open presents.

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I'm giving a baby shower for a friend of mine at Northpark's La Madeliene. We will have pastries, coffee and juice and then head over to Dillards (right next door) for complimentary facials and makeovers. Just make sure that the cosmetics people understand that they should not pressure the guests in any way. I know that they do this type of thing at the zodiac room at Neiman Marcus as well. (I'm sure its a little pricier though.
Good luck,



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Hello, have you aleady gotten this request taken care of, If not I have some information for you.


answers from Jacksonville on

Hello, best gift to give your friend handmade baby shower, make a baby shower basket for your friend I am sure your friend surprised and remember your gift whole life... If you want to see how to make basket then just check out our site -



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Have everyone bring a picture of themselves; so when your baby is born you can have a "baby shower scrapbook" with the pics and names of everyone so that she can learn your friends.

have fun


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I don't know what kind of shower your looking to throw but if you would like something different here is a suggestion. I had some friend who were bent on throwing me a shower but the quiet Saturday afternoon sipping tea with me in the middle opening presents seemed a little akward to me. SO i told my pals that the only way i would feel comfortable attending was if it was a blast for everyone who came. I had been dying to sing karaoke for a while so we had a karaoke party on a Friday night. (you can get a karaoke machine at best buy or target for 30-$70 that plugs into the tv) It turned into a ladies night of fun, it's great to see all of my friends cutting loose and it was quite entertaining. Everyone was asked to come dressed in the style from the year they were born, people got really into it, and this really got everyone talking, mixed up people who had not previously met. One of the games we played was pairing up and blind folding one person, the blindfolded person had to feed their partner as fast as they could, which ever team finished first won. It was absolutely hilarious. The pictures from the event were great, everyone looked so funny i didn't feel as self conscious about my big pregnant belly! People STILL talk about it being the best shower they'd ever been too. I hope your planning goes well!



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I like the idea of asking everyone to bring their favorite child-time book. This is a great way to kick start the baby's book collection.

I am also a sucker for the old classic -- what candy bar is melted in the diaper and the baby food tasting contest.



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My friends found some things that I enjoyed...they all weren't games but I'll share anyway. My family members put items in a time capsule for my baby to have when she turns 18. They also gave guests blank cards with a number on it (1-18) and people were able to write the baby a B-Day card for that year. I really liked that because if an older person got the number 16 or so...they may not be here anymore but it will keep them close. We played the pacifier game and a name game, but for me I liked the sentimental things that actually weren't games. Good Luck!



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One game that we played at my little sisters baby shower this year that everyone enjoyed went like this:

After everyone had eaten and mingled, the honoree was asked to leave the room (while nobody was looking). Everyone was given a small slip of paper and a pencil/pen. One of the hostesses would then ask questions about the honoree. Questions about what color clothes is she wearing? Is she wearing earrings or not? Are they studs or dangling? What type/color shoes does she have on? What color is her hair? And so on. The honoree is brought back into the room and then everyone checks their answers. The one with the most correct answers wins the prize. It really was a lot of fun because a lot of people didn't really pay attention to any of those things.

Good luck with your shower!



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I'm not sure about the food, but something I did for one of my pregnant friends, was to give her a "new mom's advice book". I decorated a spiral pad really cute and then made several sections in it like "things to do", "must haves", "most recommended books", "helpful websites", and "general parenting advice". Things like that. Anyway, at the shower we passed the book around and let all the guests put their 2 cents in (for some it was 5 or 10 cents), because every parent LOVES to give new moms advice. ANyway, she really liked it and the guests loved dishing it out.

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