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Updated on October 23, 2009
M.A. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I am co-hosting a baby shower in two weeks. I was wondering what your favorite or most memorable baby shower games were? OH... We know it's a boy if that helps at all.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have only heard of this one:
Get a bunch of the 4 oz gerber juices and gerber bottle nipples/rings and make mini-bottles - guests have to drink them - first to finish gets a prize!

This one was done at my baby shower - buy a piggy bank and have guests bring their pocket change in exactly 8 coins - you go around the room, passing the pig - the person who starts says "have you ever..." and names something they have done/someone they met/place they've been that they think no one else has done - the pig gets passed and each person who "hasn't" puts a coin in - the pig stops at the person before the one who started it and they start the next round - go until people run out - last to run out of coins wins a prize! Oh and the pig and the money goes to the baby!

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answers from Appleton on

For my shower, my sisters got plain white onesies and plain multi-colored bibs and had everyone decorate them with permanent markers. Some of my family was pretty creative! They also handed each guest a plain white card and assigned them each a year and had them make birthday cards for the baby. Now she has a card from a different friend/relative from 1 yr up to age 23 or 25!
If you do the marker/onesie thing, make sure she wets them with a vinegar/water solution and then irons them before washing them to make the drawings set.



answers from Omaha on

I prefer showers that don't have games- but that's me :)



answers from Madison on

Once I went to a shower where they had these cute little tiny plastic babies that were frozen in ice cubes trys. Everyone had to take one and put it in there punch at the same time, (as we were opening presents). You had to keep an eye on you baby in your glass cause once the ice was gone and the baby was free, you had to yell "MY Water Broke" and the first person to yell this won a prize. It was so funny how people were swirling the glasses to melt the ice or drinking and refilling with warmer punch....Just real Fun!!



answers from Denver on

We did a trivia game, which was fun. People worked in teams of two or three and there was a regular trivia round, plus a visual round. We did images from famous children's books and you had to provide the correct title.

Also fun: baby relay race with teams of three or so. One person runs up and diapers a baby doll, runs back and tags the next person who runs up and swaddles baby, next person assembles bottle and grabs doll and returns to start. First team to finish wins. You could also just do diaper battles with two people trying to put a diaper on a doll or stuffed animal the fastest. This is so silly and makes people laugh.

Okay, the very best thing I did for a baby shower was a gift runway walk. Instead of that dreaded hour where mom opens gifts, you have the guests provide you with a brief description of their gift. Then they line up in another room and you announce the gifts one at a time. The gift giver comes down the "runway" and does some showcasing while the gift is announced in a fun way, then presents the gift to mom. People watched and then ran back when it was about their turn. Everyone loved this because it makes the gift giving interactive, fun and fairly brief.



answers from Milwaukee on

I was just at a shower and here's a fun idea:
Split people into groups.
Give them a few cans of playdough (our groups got 5 cans or so each different colors to share)You'll have to get the boxes with multiple cans of playdough if you have a lot of guests to keep the costs down.
Give them some other items like paper napkins, string, buttons, etc.
Have each person in the group use the playdough and supplies and make a baby out of it.
The shower guest of honor chooses the best one and they get a prize - or the top 1-3 - it's up to you.
It's a lot of fun and really neat to see how everyone uses the different playdoughs to make the baby. Lots of fun!
Good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

You can do scrambled boy names. Either give a prize for the first one done or give a time limit and give a prize for the one with the most done.
At mine they handed around a ball of string and had each person cut off a piece as long as they thought my belly was around. The one who was closest won a prize. I was very ok with how big I was so it was a lot of fun to see what they came up with.

Have fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

Here is a game I found online and hope to do next month for a shower I am going to and am helping with. You can shorten the number of candies by the number of guests you expect to have.

A person draws the funny pregnancy/childbirth word and has to match it with the candy bar in the center of the room. They get to keep the one they guess!

Bladder problems ………..Fast break
Choosing a name …….Watchamacalit
Breast feeding ……..Milkyway
Obstetrician …….Butterfinger
Engorgement …….Mounds
Bib ………Gobstoppers
Spit up ……Goobers
Epidural ……..Lifesavers
Contractions ………Whoppers
Twins ……Twix
Triplets…….3 Musketeers
1st trimester……Rocky Road
Stretch marks……Red Vines
Sitz bath…..Fun Dip
Baby’s giggle……Snickers
Hospital bill……100 Grand
Water breaking…….Starburst
How you feel in your 9th month……..Rolo
Your mental state for 9 months……Airheads
What you want to do all pregnancy long (except first 3 months)……Munch
What you fear you’ll look like during pregnancy…….Chunky
Shower your baby with these……..Kisses
Baby’s nap time…….Take 5

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