Baby Shoes Recommendation?

Updated on April 21, 2009
S.V. asks from Cincinnati, OH
4 answers

My daughter is about to start walking and she's about to outgrow the shoes she has. I am in search of inexpensive, comfortable, soft-soled shoes or sandals. Do you have any recommendations of brand/store?


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I bought moccasins for my son in his first year. The brand is Minnetonka, which you can find at

You can also find Robeez on sale when they are changing styles. So you might look for that. Sometimes JoBeth Booksellers in Rookwood has sales on these shoes.

I didn't start using Payless until he was walking well and need hard sole shoe for walking around outside.



answers from Cincinnati on

I didn't use baby shoes for my youngest and he walked at 10 months which is unusual for a boy. My oldest didn't walk until he was 14 months which was a bit late for boys. I think they learn to walk better without shoes. Watch the little feet they want to curl and you cannot do this with shoes.
As to shoes as long as they fit properly any kind should be fine. If you feel better buying a good shoe Stride Right would be my shoe of choice and then go to Walmart for dressy shoes they may only wear a few times. Stride Right are expensive. I personally have to wear good shoes or my feet hurt. I find if I change shoes daily it helps so maybe a few cheaper ones would work better than getting one good pair.



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Pedipeds run about $30 and they are really nice soft-sole first walkers. Sometimes you can get them for cheaper if you go to Google shopping. Zappos typically has good sale prices and sometimes offer free shipping. Bobux also makes cute soft-sole shoes and they usually run about $20. But I would recommend Pediped. I got them for my little guy and they have been worth it.



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For inside walking, I recommend a cheaper version of the Robies--a soft leather slipper. These are awesome for first-time walkers because they don't cramp their little toes but they are non-slip and protect their feet. These can be found at Babies R Us.

For outside, I recommend a trip to Payless Shoes. Their shoes are inexpensive and supportive. My boys love sizing their feet when we visit the shoe store. They have "foot" steps which show you exactly what size your child should wear, without having to hold them still while a cold metal sizer is used! BOGO is going on right now . . . Buy one and get the second for half-price! So you can even get yourself a pair of shoes!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

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