Baby Scratching His Face

Updated on February 03, 2011
L.P. asks from Rio Rancho, NM
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My 4 month old has been scratching his face the last few weeks. I try and clip his nails about every other day to keep them as short as possible. I also file them to try and keep them from having sharp edges, but he seems to scratch so hard he still cuts himself. So we have gone back to putting the little mittens on him. But now he rubs his cheeks so much that they get irritated and red . It does not seem to hurt him, he does not cry when he does it, he just seems frustrated, but it is hard to watch as a mommy. I wash his face once a day (water only) to get anything that might be bugging him off of his skin and also use Aquaphor lotion to keep him from gettig too dry. He usually just scratches on his cheeks and he did just get his fisrt too th, so could it be that he is just in some pain from teething and is trying to handle it by rubbing/scratching his cheeks? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle?

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answers from Miami on

Hi L., Please don't worry. The scratches go away as quickly as they come. Nonethelss, our LO still scratches himself at 21 months. He has sensitive skin. Here is what we do:
1. I don't clip, as it is hard to miss those edges. i file each day when he sleeps with a glass file which is more gentle than a cardboard emery board. You need to be careful as the tip is sharp, which is why i do it while he sleeps. (only in the last month or do can i do when he is awake as he understands.

2. i keep his skin moist to a. keep it from being itchy. b. even if he scratches, moist skin does not "scratch" as easily.

3. I use cetaphil to wash him which keeps his natural body moisture.

4. Make sure your LO does not see any concern on your face. I sing a song when I check out a scratch or bump.

5. don't worry. all scratches heal quickly :)

HTH. Jilly



answers from Phoenix on

Yes, those little nails grow fast, don't they! Maybe try peeling them off, you can get them down lower that way. Otherwise, file them every chance you get. When they sleep is the easiest.



answers from Tucson on

I would stay away from products that contain mineral oil and animal products as well as they clog the pores and do not allow the skin to breath... and are not absorbed they only give an illusion of moisturizing the skin. I would look for healthier alternatives such as Method brand, babyganics, seventh generation, Arbonne baby care products are WONDERFUL AND MY FAVORITE!! I signed up to sell the products after they helped make my daughter's severe eczema go away!! but all those other products are great alternatives as well. Wash with a mild soap from any of them and an oil. ONE WITH OUT MINERAL OIL and then add the lotion ALSO WITH OUT MINERAL OIL!! and of coarse the baby mittens, but if you are interested in learning more about Arbonne please feel free to look at my website: you will not be able to purchase anything but you can browse the products using the shop online button, you can e-mail me and I will mail you samples of anything you'd like. Please don't let the prices of the products scare you there are TONS of ways to receive discounts and a 45 money back guarantee. all the other products are great too! you can find them at Babies R Us. they're are reasonable priced as well. I cannot boast about how they helped with anything but they are great alternatives to the dangerous products out there for babies and I can't say they will last as long as Arbonne's products because they won't... but they are great.
This isn't whether you decide to buy Arbonne or not but I do suggest you look at the ingredients and if you don't know what they mean LOOK THEM UP! your precious little baby can't defend himself that's why you're there. I know I know it's just dry skin that's ichy... but it could get worse. like my little girl it got so bad I didn't want to touch her I was so scared my skin would burn her skin! well anyway sorry for this LONG drawn out message but I hope it helps none the less.
Have a wonderful day and I hope to hear how it goes!!


answers from Providence on

He may just be itchy.

Try Aveeno Hydrocortizone cream. It's what I've been using on my son since he was born as it's mild enough for babies.

Just a little on whatever area he's half a pea size amount on each cheek....try it once a day...if you feel he needs more then up it to twice a day.

There could be something in the Aquaphor that he's allergic to or simply finds irritating and can't tell he's itching. Listen to his signs.

Also check out the book "The Vital Touch" by Sharon Heller. Your local library should have it or purchase it via will answer a lot of your questions.

Good luck. :)



answers from Dallas on

My 15 month old daughter was born with eczema, and she would scar herself from scratching at night. We went out and purchased the traditional scratch mittens from the store, however she would rub them off during the night. As not only does she have a habit of scratching, but rubbing against things with her wrists as well. We tried several different mittens with disappointment, now we use ScratchMeNots. They work and are hard for babies to take off. Our daughter has been
wearing them for about a year now, and her skin looks so much healthier, she can scratch without hurting herself. Although, this isn't the cure for eczema, it gave us time to figure out how to handle her eczema without her little fingers undoing any progress we've made.



answers from Phoenix on

Babies itch their faces whenever they itch anywhere. They just can't distinguish the source yet. Make sure it's not somewhere else that he's itchy. My daughter did that and we switched to all free and clear detergent and cetaphil lotion and Huggies sensitive skin body wash. We took all scents out of all our families daily routine and it was gone within days. No cologne, perfume, scented lotions, etc.

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