Baby Rips Out Ear Plugs

Updated on May 13, 2008
L.M. asks from Mundelein, IL
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My 10 month-old-daughter recently had tubes put in her ears and they gave us ear plugs to use when bathing her. However, she tears them out as soon as we put them in. No matter how many times I put them back in, she messes around with her ear until she pops them out. I can't hold onto her arms while I'm washing her hair! Any tips?

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Hi L.,

My son just had tubes and the audiologist & ENT told us that if he won't keep his plugs in, they can sell us a watertight headband that covers the ears and keeps water out.

Best of luck!




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The head band is the best idea. But our doctor told us that is not that important to worry about ear plugs unless your child's head is under water. The tubes are put in to drain out not in.



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My 2 year old has tubes also, and just recently started fighting the ear plugs. We just make sure to lean him forward to rinse the shampoo off, and keep a dry towel handy. If they are leaning forward, a tiny bit of water may go into the ear, but it does't go into the ear canal. Once we are done rinsing, we wipe away any water, and he has been fine. As long as she isn't putting her head under the water, it should be fine.



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The water tight headband is also sold on It may work, although I doubt she will allow that to stay on as well. I would just try to make her wear them only while you are rinsing out her hair. Maybe if she knows it will only be for a minute or two she will be ok with that. Outside of that, she isn't doing enough splashing, etc. to get a lot of water in her ears anyway.

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