Baby Registry Is Making Me Insane Today

Updated on June 02, 2010
K.E. asks from Trussville, AL
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Ok, maybe I'M just insane today (caught hubby muttering under his breath that hormones and OCD do NOT mix, can't say I blame him). I swear I'm normally NOT this much of a nut (I'm hoping to blame hormones b/c if not then I've truely lost my mind)!!!

I'm 8 months pregnant, and a week ago we FINALLY found out we're having a baby girl after 4 ultrasounds where we DIDN'T find out. I had already done my registry, basically all green. Well, as soon as I got my hands on a computer (last night) I completely changed it to ALL PINK. Completely, entirely without thinking. And as my husband has just pointed out- we're discussing having baby#2 already (the timing is the question, and really it all depends on finances), and (of course) no guarante we'd have another girl. And not a single thing I've now picked out could be used for a boy (if we had a boy, and if we have baby#2 in the next few years). So now I've trying to figure out what stuff should be more neutral (like what I'd already picked out before) and what I can leave girly. I guess I just want some opinions on it (while I try to find my poor lost mind- heh). Sorry for the rambling!

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So What Happened?

Thanx for all the replies!!!

So I went and took a shower, and now have no idea why I was freaking out! I changed it back to alot of the stuff that I picked out before, keeping only the clothes very girly along with a couple of the small things (hangers, a sheet saver etc). I loved the neutral things I'd picked out, still do (even though they aren't quite as cute in my opinion) and am very happy with it!

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answers from Phoenix on

Most things can be neutrally colored. I registered before I knew whether I was having a boy or girl. My car seat and stroller, bassinet and bedding are all neutral colors. The only things that I ended up with that were gender specific were his clothes. There are plenty of items out there that are cute, but not particularly girly. If re-use of items is important to you, I would look around and find things that can be used for either. You don't necessarily have to have everything green. Red, some shades of blue, brown and yellow are also neutral to gender. My son's bedding is Winnie the Pooh. I found after I picked it that there are plenty other gender neutral bedding sets. Feel free to get some things pink. Blankets, receiving blankets, boppy covers, towels and bottles are all things that are relatively inexpensive if pink is that important to you. I hope my rambling is helpful (see, it's not just you!) Good luck!

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answers from Topeka on

I would stick with neutral colors and theme for things that you know you will want to use again...the big things...crib, changing table, stroller,bouncer etc..then get some things that are "girlie" for clothing....but also go for some that will work for either gender. Most of all...don't make yourself nuts over this...if there are more children...there is one thing for will either be boys or girls!!! That is about your only at least there aren't too many things to decide on!!!
Congratulations on the new little one...your lives and your hearts will ever be the same.

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answers from Norfolk on

My suggestions would be, all of the following items in a white, yellow or other neutral color. Also, if you want to keep the themed items the same, make those in something also neutral: like zoo animals, alphabet and numbers, farm, Precious moments, Looney tunes, Baby Einsteins, Mickey and Minnie Mouse....

waste basket
changing table
playpen/ pack'n'play
wall decor
baby monitor

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answers from Houston on

Your financial situation would play a big part in deciding whether or not you want to have to buy new stuff next time or not. Also, do you have family and friends who are likely to buy you gifts for subsequent pregnancies? If so then I would leave any clothes girly (or at least some). Big items like strollers, exersaucers, swings, carriers, bouncy seats, etc. should be neutral. Blankets, onesies, small toys are fine if they are girly.

Room decor is up to you. Are you likely to want a change in the nursery decor for baby #2 regardless of gender or would you rather avoid it if necessary? My 3 (2 boys and a girl) all had the same nursery room bedding and decor.

Good luck!

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answers from St. Cloud on

We purchased ALL big equipment in neutral designs and colors. (Crib bedding, swing, bouncer, saucer, stroller, carseat, bassinet, baby papasan chair, etc.) I am still happy with the items we got. None are neutral green color....... Swing is the aquarium swing, stroller/car seat was tan/sage/red, bassinet is a cute cream/brown/with teddy bears hanging from mobile, etc.)

The ONLY things we got in PINK for our first child were clothes, pj's, and sleepers.

PS> Our second child was a boy and we are now pregnant with our third boy!

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answers from Redding on

You're worrying too much.
I know how exciting it is to be expecting but even if you know the sex of the baby , you dont have to go overboard as far as registering. Trust me....I know 3 little kids that were supposed to be girls and they weren't. So, everything blatantly girly pink had to go back.
I think it's fine to stick to your original neutral colors and then you can girly things up when your baby gets here. If your husband is already planning on baby #2, the neutral thing as far as nursery colors might be for the best.
I always wanted to know what my kids might be so I could plan, but ultimately, unless you have amnio, you can never be sure and that part of the surprise can be pretty fun.
You haven't lost your mind, but you can certainly create a beautiful nursery with neutrals and embelish when the baby arrives.

Congrats and best wishes!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would to sheets/bedding.etc as well as gear: highchairs, exercisers, etc neutral and save pinks for clothing and paint and curtins, etc.....

Seriously, if your boy (IF you have a boy, IF the finances are OK) needs to use a pinkish flowered receiving blanket once in awhile, it won't be the tragic end! :-)
Congrats on your sugar and spice!

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answers from Portland on

I can't tell if you're being humorous or if you're serious about feeling insane. If you're serious, turn off the computer and stop thinking about this. Go back to it later, when you're feeling calm, and quickly and calmly go thru the list and change what you want to change. Perhaps do this over several days time.

I do wonder how important this is. Don't most of the people who will be shopping for you know you and will buy for you what you'll like. If it's pink and you want a different color, exchange it.

As to planning ahead for baby # 2 and using what you have for baby #1 that isn't even here yet, that is way too much! OCD just reared it's ugly head. Is your husband OCD also? I suggest you adopt this mantra and say it over and over to yourself and out loud as often as you need to say it to keep yourself in the present. "one day at a time!"

I've found that this sort of repeating words helps me to stay on track and to handle my emotions when I start to worry or even get angry. For years my most used one was "be still and know that I am God." This helped me to quiet down and know that whatever I say and do while in a quiet and reverent place would work out OK because God is in me.

When I'm anxious about what is ahead I do say to myself, "M., just one day at a time is all that is required." We do not know what is in the future. You may have another girl. You may not have another baby. You may have a boy who will have pink things. I was my parents' first child and my last brother, born 13 years later, wore a couple of my dresses. They were white lawn, embroidered in white. Everyone thought he was cute. Those who knew us knew he was a boy. Those who didn't, it didn't matter. And even now I appreciate the legacy that continuing to use the same precious dresses created.

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answers from Tampa on

I totally understand that OCD plus hormones do not mix. I am having the same problem with my registry. Luckily green is my favorite color, but I really want to be able to put gender-specific items on there as well. Even though I am going to be a single mother, I am concerned with being able to re-use big items for a following pregnancy, and of course, cost. Here are the things I have already on my registry in neutral patterns/colors, maybe it will help you...

nursery furniture
clothing basics (socks, onesies, gowns)
feeding items
diaper bags
play mats/gyms

Fisher-Price has really durable/well-priced gear in neutral themes, I picked Ocean Wonders, but they also have a couple jungle themes and geometric patterns.

Good Luck and try not to lose your mind! Happy shopping! :)

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answers from Texarkana on

Get all pink if you want to; baby #2 will have his/her own stuff by the time you decide to have another one!

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