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Updated on March 30, 2010
J.B. asks from Charlotte, NC
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We just recently had a horrible incident with my 17 month old falling on the corner of the fireplace and caused him to get 3 stitches in between his eyes..any suggestions on what product to get for safety purposes? Using a quilt to cover at the moment but not permanent.

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answers from Charlotte on

We kinda took the cheaper route and just laid about 5 or 6 six beach towels all along the edge. It doesn't look super great but it goes with all the toys and baby stuff anyway. At first he would fiddle with it but he got over it.

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answers from Tyler on

We had this same problem and found a cushioned rubber bumper at babies r us. It comes in a roll and you can cut it to to fit your fireplace or table. It has worked well for us. Good luck!

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answers from Nashville on

There is actual padding that you can buy for fireplaces. I think it is on One Step Up website or catalog. Maybe you can try or maybe it is If not, google fireplace safety padding. A friend of mine had bought those baby gates where you can set up a play space in your room and they cannot leave the gates but she set them up around the fireplace so her child could go anywhere but near the fireplace. You can also place large pillows all around the edge.

we have that same problem and have been stressed over it for years! Our kids are now 4 and 6 but they run 'near' the fireplace and we still freak. I am sorry you had to experience that, good for you fixing it now.


answers from Raleigh on

We have a high hearth and a huge fireplace too so I can feel your pain. Cover it with cushion material you can get from an upholstery shop. Usually they will give you scraps, which are quite large for free if you tell them what it is for. Just tape it down well using either heavy masting tape or duct tape if you have to but wrap it well especially on the corners then put pillows lined all the way around and on top of the fireplace hearth but be sure NOT TO USE IT as this is a fire hazard.

I used to have the same fears when mine started crawling so I began wrapping ours until our daughter was old enough to walk without the tumbling and fear of falling into the fireplace. I also wrapped the edges of tables and even removed some pieces of furniture until she was older.



answers from Charlotte on

They sell foam pieces that you can cut to size and adhere to the edges and corners of the hearth. Ours were made by Safety First, I think, but there are probably many other manufacturers. We either bought them at Target or Babies r Us.



answers from Miami on

I agree with the previous answers. i would use a baby gate for now.
Take care.



answers from Memphis on

We purchased a Superyard, a sturdy multi-purpose fence that's like a set of interlocking baby gates. You can configure it in different ways, use pieces in different parts of the house, attach crib toys to it, or create an enclosed play area indoors or outdoors. We stretched the Superyard across the fireplace area and secured the ends to furniture or a wall. It worked very well - no accidents. You can get them on Amazon for about $50.



answers from Dallas on

We have the foam baby bumpers all around our fireplace. I had some difficulty getting them to stay stuck with the tape that was included in the kit. So I went to home depot and found some foam tape intended to be used on bricks and concrete. It works wonderfully, we installed it 4 years ago when my son was little and still have it up for my daughter, I have only had to go through and replace the tape once. We also have a baby gate up in the doorway of the fireplace, so they can't get to the doors. Most of the time my kids climbed up it was to play with the doors. Since they have no access any longer, for the most part they stay off the fireplace. GL!



answers from Savannah on

Aside from blankets all I can think of is a baby gate in front of it or trying to keep him away from that area. I tried doing a search on how to baby proof a fireplace and it seemed that those were the only suggestions. good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Hi, i went the cheap way and kept ours covered with a very thick blanket. Good luck, mom of 7. Yes the day came when the blanket was retired. R.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with getting a baby gate. We had the velcro bumpers and they just kept being pulled off. We now have a baby gate that we bought from



answers from Charlotte on

There is a product you can find at baby stores. It is a rubber strip that tapes to your fireplace all the way around. It will make the corners soft instead of the hard brick points or whatever you have. Its not too expensive. We used and it worked pretty well.



answers from Indianapolis on

I'd recommend checking - they seem to have everything related to children's safety.

Good luck!


answers from Austin on

I remember a friend having baby bumpers made for the fireplace. They Velcro to the edge of the fireplace and matched her decor.

Here is an example from Target.



answers from Louisville on

go to the baby proofing area at your local walmart home depot or babies r us (they have the most stuff) their are corner covers that work and im pretty sure they have clear plastic to run along the fire place as well hope this helps!

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