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Updated on June 09, 2009
C.C. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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Hi Moms,
My 4 month old little boy does not want to take the bottle at all. He is a breast feed baby. I return to work last week and my husband is taking care of him during the day. We have tried almost everything I think. We have purchased several types of bottle and nipples. We have used sippy cups. We did give him cereal and he likes it. What else can we do? Should we start introducing more food and just mix the breast milk in, when we get a chance?

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I would not introduce more foods. Just keep trying. There is a breastfeeding store at Gilbert and Southern Baby, Mother, and More. Stop in there and see if Chuck has anything that can help. There is a lot of different things that you can try.

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I remember a lactation consultant suggesting using a shot glass or other very small cup and tilting it into the baby's mouth- just like an older child might drink from a small cup.

I've heard of a straw working too, either in the usual way or with an adult taking the straw in the liquid, covering the top opening to keep the straw full, and then moving the straw over to baby's mouth and releasing the pressure/allowing the liquid to flow from the bottom.

Keep it up. Baby will nurse more at night and will take something if they are hungry enough. Hang in there! This is not easy!

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My daughter did the same thing, and after discussing it with our pedi she said it was okay to give more solid food to hold her over while I was at work. I was only gone for a max of 4hrs at a time and if I had to work 8 my hubsband would bring her buy for me to bf. I just made sure to bf right before I would leave and then right when I got home. Talk it over with your ped and see if they have any suggestions also.



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Definitely try a breastflow bottle. My son was the same way, breastfed and refused any bottle, til we tried these. They have a two-piece nipple that baby must latch on to in order to get milk just like when nursing. You can buy them at Target (at least online, not all stores, but many), toys r us, babies r us, or from amazon.



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Hi, I dont completely understand your difficulty, ut according to my mother, she said I never took a bottle. She breast fed me until I was 9 months old, then went to using a shot glass and spon to give me other liquids, and gave me the other foods with a spoon. I realize your child is only 4 months old, but it is worth a try.

Hope it all works out well!




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I had the same problem with my daughter. I tried everything, including the insanely expensive Adiri natural nursers, as well as pretty much every type of good bottle out there. When I mentioned this to my daughter's doctor, he told me to go buy the cheapest bottle I could find. I did, a pack of Gerber bottles with the old style nipple, and she took it right away. He said that it takes work to nurse and many of the other bottles basically just pour the milk into their mouths. The cheapie bottle is harder to get the milk from, and therefore more like nursing. Go figure.

Also, be cautious about using other foods as a replacement for breast milk/formula. My doctor told me with both of my kids that the amount of calories/nutrition they get from solid food at this point is extremely minimal, and it's more about getting them used to eating/textures/tastes, etc. They absolutely need the milk/formula to meet their nutritional needs.

Good luck!



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I, personally, would not give more solids. 4 months is really, really young for solids anyway, but especially for that to be a large part of what they are getting. Have you tried an adiri natural nurser? They are shaped like a breast so you might have more luck with that. My son was the same way. He would only drink enough to not be starving during the day. He nursed a lot in the evening and at night (we co-slept) so he made up for it. Thankfully I only had to go back to work for 6 weeks and then I could just stay home. Good luck!



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There's several options you can try. Keep practicing with a bottle when you aren't around (aka your husband does it). Keep trying with a sippy cup, or a small medicine/vitamin cup. You can also try a medicine dropper as well.

The first year should have BM or formula as the main source of nutrition, solids are just for playing, tasting, etc. Cereal with BM might work as snacks during the day to help out, but it can't be the main source is all I'm saying. You might try the BF'ing forum at or get a hold of a LLL near you as well for more ideas. Congrats on nursing this long, keep up your supply at work and hopefully you can find some other ways to get it into your little one!!! It can be hard when you go back to little girl needed the medicine dropper thing for a while, my son was harder and would take just enough to not starve, but it did work out and I've had long nursing relationships with both of them.

I 2nd trying the Adiri nurser as well, or the The First Years Breastflow bottle....the latter being the only one my son would very grudgingly try. We also co-slept (and still do) and nurse lots in the evening and throughout the night to make up for it. Some babies will reverse-cycle and take the majority of their nourishment at night if they are away from mom during the kids both did/do this.
Is going home at lunch an option for you, or your husband bringing the baby to your work to nurse for lunch?



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I went through this with my youngest whom is 14mos now. She refused the bottle and just wanted to BF. In the car she would scream and scream when she was hungry and wanted no part of that bottle! Basically what we did was alot of trial and error and I say I pretty much bought stock in bottles. It was a frustrating and pricey task! From a BF'ing support group I was told to try a breast flow bottle. We did and I admit it was not an instant success but she took to it more than any other bottle we had tried. So we just kept giving it to her off and on. She was about 4mos when we started and by 5 1/2 mos she would finally take it in the car and for daddy. Another bottle I am told works well is called Adiri...think that's how its spelled but its very expensive! We never gave food this young so not sure about that part. I tend to think its kinda young. Well good luck I feel your frustration. I worked hard to BF Deja my little one then when I wanted to supplement some bottles it was even harder to get her to take them! I have 3 kids and my other two were not like this!

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