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Updated on October 19, 2009
S.J. asks from Cleveland, OH
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HI,my son is 9months,and he is NOT sleeping. I am up till 5-6am most nights with him,yes he is teeting but we took him to the doc and she seems to think he cant breath when he is laying down,so he has been sleeping in his swing and a propped up crib.He has problems swallowing and runny stuffy nose also,he goes to the see an ENT doc but untill then just some advice to get him to sleep would be great :) I am a tired mom of 3right now,feel like i havent slept in a year!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all SO SO much for the response! I have never heard of putting vicks on the feet before..what does that do? I might try that one out..But he did see his ENT doc and turns out he has a bad case of acid reflex and is 2 ear infections away from getting Tubes in his ears..Since he got the meds for the reflex he is sleeping through the night ;) We do have a nightly routine also so that did help some but since he was so miserable and they wanted him to sleep in the swing it got a little messed up as you can imagine :( But I thank you all again....Its good to know that there is a site like this where you can hear other stories like your and get support :)

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answers from Dayton on

What do you mean "has trouble swallowing"? Just because of the stuffy nose, or all time? Does he cough and cry while drinking his milk? My son has dysphasia and this is what he did. One side effect is a constant stuffy nose/congestion.

If this sounds anything like him, he needs to see a GI dr. If not, then sorry to add any confusion. I had never heard of dysphagia and it took FOREVER for us to get a proper diagnosis.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Hi S. I could almost garentee that if you would get a jar of Vicks Salve/vap o rub and put a small amount on the bottom of his feet then put his socks on and let him sleep that way he will be so much better in a couple days. I did this to my granddaughter and it was amazing how much better she was the first morning after that. I did this many years ago and IT DOES WORK. Good luck but please try it.



answers from Columbus on

I always use a warm mist vaporizer when my little one has a cold. Vicks makes one for $15 at wal-mart or target, and its perfect. Also, this might not be related, but sometimes acid reflux can cause an excess of mucus, triggered only when they are laying down, and perhaps could be causing problems? Just a thought.



answers from Cleveland on

A vaporizer or humidifier in his room might help his nose. Vicks rubbed on his chest and/or feet helps open the nasal passages.



answers from Indianapolis on

saline spray and vicks on his chest and bottom of his feet with socks on.



answers from Cleveland on

My son is 8 mnths and he's teething as well.. i do saline drops 3 x's a day and then at night i've put vicks on his feet, covered them with with sock.. i put a humidifier in his room on high & i put a pillow underneath is mattress to hoist him up.. i also don't put my heat over 65 to make sure the heat doesn't dry him out.. but that he's bundled warm for bed. Also i have giving him a thin receiving blanket since he was little to 'cuddle' with this is like his security thing.. I give him a bottle also b4 bed.. but i do put him to bed awake.. he knows it's bedtime.. routine as always.. he only gets changed upstairs.. lights out no nite light & he knows when he's getting ready for bed.. i hope something works for you.. good luck :)



answers from Fort Wayne on

I'll probably get a lot of people telling me how wrong I am, but have you tried putting him to sleep on his side or on his stomach? My dd had horrid problems with her adnoids and it kept her from breathing well at night. We started laying her on her side and stomach and it made a huge difference. Just make sure his mattress is firm and there aren't any bumper pads in his crib, or blankets underneath him. Vicks under his nose may also help. I'm afraid there isn't any real magical solution. My dd didn't sleep through the night until she was 10 months old, so I totally feel your pain.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi S.
I have a 9.5 month old daughter that is also seeing the ENT at the end of the month. Her issues have not affected her sleep. She sleeps 11.5-12 hours EVERY NIGHT. Not sure what your routine has been at night or if you have previously picked your boy up in the middle of the night so I want to take a step back. We did sleep train her using Ferber at 4 months...have never had a problem since. However here is my nightly routine

Here is what I do
After dinner, its up to the bath
after bath we have a sing along CD that goes for about 20 mins and she crawls around everythign in her room. we dress her during the songs
Give your baby Motrin. Obviously we do not do this every night but when she has had a cold or is teething, I would give her a shot of Motrin to comfort the pain of teething or cold symptoms

Humidifier in the room. Crank that thing on high to help with keeping the nose clear
prop up the crib (although i think you already do this)
Give a bottle before bed
Put to sleep awake
Does your baby have a lovie??? My baby girl has a special little blanket that is 12'x12; that she loves to sleep with. She has woken up in the middle of the night but finds her pacifier and her blanket and we never have to go in
Which Ever path you choose, PLEASE do not give up after 1 or 2 nights. You need to give your baby time to learn whatever you are teaching him. Plus a nightly routine works WONDERS. Try to keep that same schedule for your baby and other kids EVERY NIGHT...Its gotta be hard with 2 other ones. If you need more support or have more questions, please let me know. I REALLY REALLY feel bad for you. I remember those aweful nights..I couldnt do it for 9 months..mine only lasted 4 and that was too much.
Also I like the other suggestion about the vicks vapor rub on the chest or feet.
Good luck and please give me a buzz if you want to chat more



answers from Indianapolis on

Try suctioning his nose really well if you can. Also, the saline nose drops have worked for us. Sorry, that's the best I've got for you, good luck =-)

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