Baby Not Sleeping!

Updated on June 16, 2014
A.B. asks from Spring Hill, TN
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I have a 9.5 moth old whose sleeping habits have totally changed. She was taking a hort mnap in the morning and a long one in the afternoon. wE just started to get her on a good schedule when everything changed. The last week she will not take naps and if she does it's in my arms for 15 minutes or until she tries to roll over. I have tried everything from rocking her, playing music, laying in bed with her. I have even though it could be because she is teething and gave her Tylenol. That didn't even help. Her lack of sleep is causing a cranky baby and mommy. Not only is he not taking naps but she has stayed up 2 of the last 5 nights almost the entire night. It's as if she is so tired she can't sleep. I thought maybe she was sick, but she only fusses when I try to lay her down for a nap! If I am playing with her she is fine. We have recently incorporated whole milk into her bootles per her pediatrician. They say if she is only fussing when she is layed down, than thats not it. Any help would be so appreciated!

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answers from Auburn on

First off Bless your heart! I know staying up all night is hard. Have you just tried laying her in her bed and letting her cry it out? I know it sounds awful and its so hard to do but maybe that will work. My daughter is 14 months and when she was about 11 months she got to where she wouldnt let me rock her to sleep she would cry and fight she would lay down in the bed with me but all she wanted to do then way play and when i made her lay down she would cry and fight sleep again. One night she started the crying and fighting when i started to rock her so i took her to her bed and laid her in it and pulled the door up not all the way i left it open just a little so i could hear her she cried for about 15 or 20 mins then went to sleep on her own so from then on out i started just putting her in the bed at the same time everynight and they first three nights she cried a little the longes was 20 mins but after 3 nights she like to get in her bed and go to sleep by herself she thinks she is a big girl when she does that. She still cries a little every now and then but for the most part she goes right to sleep and sleeps all night. May you could try that at nap time and bed time for the next few nights and see how that works for you. I hope this helps.



answers from Johnson City on

has she been congested at all, currently or previously? A mild ear infection or clogged ears can become uncomfortable when laying down.

I would ask you to do some research on the whole milk. I can't tell you that your dr is wrong (because i'm not an MD) but I am an experienced mom (3kids) and an lactation consultant and from everthing I've ever heard, you don't start babies on milk until after a year.

Many drs operate on "this is what we've always done" instead of on what the latest research is showing.



answers from Huntsville on

Try taking her outside for a couple hours every day. And move the nap to afternoon. Get her a pool and let her play in that. If you think that she is overtired, give her a bit of children's tylenol to sooth her a bit. If she is only fussing a little I will say yeah let her and just let her cry- but if she has that hysterical cry- pick her up! She will not put herself to sleep! Also try to find some Teething Tablets- they relax teething babies (main ingriedient is chamomile I think) naturally and might hepl if the problem is teeth.
This is pretty normal for babies. When you get her back on track this time you can expect it to happen again- and maybe even again. So don't worry to much.
As for that whole milk thing- I always have been told fomula or breast milk for at least the first year. Whole milk does not have everything in it that babies need- maybe you should rethink that one. Or at least do a bit of research!

I have 3 of my own and had my first when I was your age (he is 6 now)- isn't it fun to be young with them!



answers from Nashville on

Hi A.,
I'm a new Mom of a 6 week old baby boy, so I don't have a lot of experience with these things yet, but you might ask your doctor if it could be acid reflux. From what I understand that happens when they are laying down. Maybe the whole milk could be fine on her stomach until she lays and then it's upseting her. Just a guess, take it for what it's worth. :) Good luck.
J. M.



answers from Eugene on is the best article I have ever seen on this topic. It lists the five leading experts/authors in the world on it and shows who the original is on the subject and then who came after and how all of them have definite similarities we can draw on. (all 5 are also medical professionals).

For any mother that cares to research for herself, this site will also show you dozens of doctors and pediatricians support and comments for the Babywise methods that over 6 million parents love with their children over the last 24 years.

If you are interested in what the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks on this subject (they have over 50,000 more Pediatricians):

The AAP states that newborns "be nursed whenever they show signs of hunger..... approximately 8 to 12 times every 24 hours."

If you look at page 70 of On Becoming Babywise Pediatrician Robert Bucknam, M.D and co-author Gary Ezzo state, "with these recommended times you will average between 8 - 10 feedings a day."

Looks pretty safe to me as the AAP recommends the same exact amount of feedings for your baby and Pediatrician Bucknam/Ezzo recommend the same authority: the mom should make the call as to exactly when her baby is hungry.

When it comes to the concept of babies crying, the American Academy of Pediatrics (quoted in On Becoming Babywise on page 146 says, "Many babies cannot fall asleep more without crying and will go to sleep more quickly if left to cry for a while. The crying should not last long if the child is truly tired." The AAP goes on to say, "Sometimes you think your baby is waking up when she's actually going through a phase of very light slumber. She could be squirming, startling, fussing, or even crying-- and still be asleep. Or she may be awake but not on the verge of drifting off again if left alone. Do not make the mistake of trying to comfort her during these moments; you'll only awaken her further and delay her going back to sleep. Instead, if you let her fuss and even cry for a few minutes, she'll learn to get herself to sleep without relying on you." The AAP goes on to say, "same babies actually need to let off energy by crying in order to settle into sleep or rouse themselves out of it. As much as fifteen minutes of fussing will not do your child any harm. Just be sure she's not crying out of hunger or pain, or because her diaper is wet."

This is precisely the entire point of Babywise and from what I read, the whoe them of the book. I cannot fathom where all the rumors of "no medical backing" and "dangerous" come from as Pediatricians all over the country back what 23 year Pediatrician and author Robert Bucknam, M.D. and his co-author Gary Ezzo have written.

Moms-- enjoy this book, use your common sense..... and happy sleeping!!



answers from Nashville on

I would definetly consider that whole milk. Think back to when she was a newborn. They usually get gas and the most fussy when laid down because that is when the tummy hurts the most. When sitting up they can process food better. Most peds. won't recommend dairy until 1 year. Maybe do some research on when whole milk is recommended on the internet. Remember to trust your instincts and if you think its the milk it may be. Momma' knows best. Besides it can't hurt to cut it out and see what happens.



answers from Nashville on

I would highly recommend Dr. Weisbluth's method (I think it is called "Happy baby Healthy sleep" something like that). It is a sleep training method that will have you smiling within 1 week. I am so serious about this that I did it with both boys (they even had colic), my sister did it, our friends did and they all have wonderful sleep habits. It takes will power by you and some tough skin but it really is to the benefit of everyone in your household. There are other methods that are less strict, but they will take you twice as long to accomplish the same goal which is to get your child to sleep so that you can too.
You can buy the book at any bookstore or on line. It essentially in a nutshell allows the baby to put himself to sleep. Routine is so important and consistancy is even more important. Don't give in becuase it makes the process longer. In a nutshell, you rock your baby or do whatever routine you have established already before both nap and bedtime. You put your baby in the crib (use room darkening shades and white noise) and he will probably cry for about 30 minutes the first time and eventually fall asleep. The second time and then on it will increasingly decrease in the amount of crying until it is finally down to a minute or none at all. They need to learn how to put themselves to sleep. The great thing is he'll be able to put himself back to sleep by himself if he wakes from a nap too soon. I did it at 3 months. Your baby is plenty old enough to handle this. The older they are when trying to start this the tougher it gets. Start right away with bedtime and then go to nap time. Don't go in unless the baby has cried for 45 minutes. If that is the case, start over tomorrow.
I promise you, you will be so happy and wished you did it sooner. Oh, the most important thing besides routine and consistancy is "SLEEP BEGETS SLEEP!" don't let her get too overly tired. they say that it makes it worse and couldn't agree more. You'll learn in the book that taking away a nap sooner than you should only heightens the problem. At your baby's age, she needs 2 naps a day even if they are short and long. My kids still to this day (2 & 3) get all out of whack if they miss their afternoon nap. The nightime routine is off and they are so tired and beside themselves.
Now that I have rambled on and on, Get the book! It works!!!Good luck to you!



answers from Chattanooga on

Is your wee one eating solids?

It might be hunger. Annalise will. not. sleep. if she's hungry and wants solids. If you're doing baby food, move on to something more substantial and see if that helps.

As for the whole milk thing -- generally discouraged until after 12 months because it can be tougher to digest and doesn't contain as many nutrients as breastmilk or formula.

It might just be a fussy phase. Go to your local library or bookstore and check out the book, "The Wonder Weeks: How to Turn Your Baby's 8 Great Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward." Very insightful and reassuring to a parent who is at her wits end.

Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

She may be ready to move to one nap instead of two. Try keeping her up throughout the morning but then putting her down early for the afternoon nap--maybe noon.

I know this wasn't your question, and I don't mean to question your pediatrician, but is there a reason why he would put your baby on milk instead of formula or breastmilk? Babies aren't supposed to have cow's milk until they are 12 months. Just wondering . . .



answers from Biloxi on

Hmmm....I find it curious that her doctor would recommend whole milk under the age of 12 months. Everything I have heard or read absolutely does not recommend whole milk until 12 months or older because the nutrition a baby needs is not in whole milk. Just something you might want to check into. As for the sleeping problem, babies go through stages like this at times and it could be a combination of things. It could be the change in milk combined with teething. It could be that your baby has crossed one of those discovery lines and has suddenly develop a little insecurity or a "fear" that she will miss something. At least that's the way it seemed with mine. I realize that your lack of sleep is taking a toll, but sometimes you kind of have to roll with the flow. If she isn't sleeping at night, I certainly wouldn't encourage day naps right now. Check with your pediatrician regarding the administration of pediatric benadryl occasionally. I have a son who has seizures and when he was a baby, the doctors told me to use it to counteract the sleep disorder caused by a certain seizure med he was on at the time. But PLEASE check with your doctor before you try it. As far as I know it's perfectly safe in small doses but I am NOT a doctor. Most of all, pray! And it wouldn't hurt to enlist a friend or relative to entertain baby so you can get in some long naps yourself if you have anyone available to help. Good luck, A.!



answers from Chattanooga on

Trust me it could be worse, my son was sick his 1st year and I had a 1 year old and pregnant, he never slept. But now he is the one you can't wake up. Is she eating any real food/cereal? If not that may help her sleep. It is good to get them on a schedule, especially while they are young. I use to give my kids a bath before nap time and it helped them relax. It would be eat lunch, a bath and then get in the rocker and read a story and that is what they were used to doing. If you get her on a schedule she will adjust to that. Be patient though and not irritated (babies since that).
My son was that and still is that way sometimes, if he doesn't take a nap or rest now he will get wound up at night from being so tired he can not go to sleep, so we always make sure he at least lays down for 30 mins. but he is 4 now...he always took naps when he was a baby. So work with her, babies change at certain ages but it will come together and get better.
All of my kids were on whole milk at age 10 months because they came off of the bottle. And it is more feeling. I hope this is helpful :)



answers from Memphis on

Well I suggest that you just lay her down and let her cry. I have a 6,3, and almost 5 month old. I have learned that letting a baby cry doesn't hurt anything. If that doesn't work pray!

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