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Updated on January 29, 2007
J.F. asks from Sanford, FL
17 answers

I was wondering, how did you come up with the name you chose or are choosing for your children? Was it a family name? Did you chose it for the meaning? Or just a name you liked? And have you ever experienced someone else 'stealing' your baby name???

Please tell me what your child's name

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So What Happened?

My daughter's name is Makenzie Jordan. It was supposed to be Elly, for the first name, but my husband at the time, said if her first name was Elly her middle would be Mea, like Elly Mea from the Clampits!!! My son's name is Tryston Alexander, Tryston means Bold and Alexander means protecter of mankind. We went through so many names to find the right one. I didn't want one the same as everyone else's, ya know!

Also if we have another girl, her name will be Kadence Liana. I don't remember what it means, but I really like it alot!!!

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answers from Port St. Lucie on

My oldest is Andre' Mackeith .. Andre means strong and manly , I like the name and it was easy for my mom to say lol . Mackeith is his fathers family name so I gave that to him only because I had no other name but they think I didn't want to break tradition :)

My daughter is Jayla which means Charity .. I chose this because I saw the girl on America's Next top model , and I hated her but loved her name .. I never heard of it before and I thought it was neat the way she spelled it . Her Middle name is Esperanza which means Hope and thats my great grandmothers name.

I haven't had anyone steal my kids name but I have friends and family who are trying to get as close as they can to my kids name which is very annoying to me .



answers from Orlando on

Well my daughter's name is Jenelly; the J is for my husband's name, Jose and enelly for my name, C.. My mother named me C. because my mother's name is Cecilia and my grandmother's name is Nelly.

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answers from Lakeland on

My son's name is Braden Maddox.

I'm from Bradenton but that's not why we named him Braden (contrary to what many believe). I met this little boy while pregnant, he was the nephew of a co-worker and he was the most precious little 4 year old ever! He was a special little boy with Down's Syndrom and his name happened to be Braden. I loved it!

His middle name was chosen because we heard that was Angelina Jolie's son's name. No, we aren't fans of hers (don't dislike her either, though) but once we heard it... we liked it!

If we had a girl her name would've been Michaela. My husband's name is Michael and I just love the name Michaela (Mikayla) anyway.

However, if we are to ever have a girl I'm thinking of going with Cashlyn. I love the nickname "Cash" for a little girl... not sure why. :)


answers from Boca Raton on

Hi J.,

My son's name is Banyan James.... Banyan- just because we liked it (not named after the tree) and James for my husbands father.. I like ONLY different, unique, uncommon names!!!!!!! James is not different but Banyan is... If we were to ever have a girl it would probably be Heaven Mache'...... Good luck!!!!


answers from Fort Myers on

hannah mae= MIL was Mae Ella,FIL's mom was Anna Mae. and hannah was Andreas babys name on 90210!!! LOLOLOLOL

Lauryn elizabeth= lauryn after lauryn hill because i liked the way it was spelled. elizabeth was my grandmas name, and she was due on her bday.



answers from Fort Myers on

Hi J.,

Mikaylah Rose

I spelled Mikaylah with the -ah at the end because of my name Rebekah. There are so many ways to spell Mikaylah. And Rose is after her great grandma. I like to play around with the spellings of names to make it unique(but make sure it makes sense)I also liked the name Nevaeh for a girl(heaven spelled backwards) but my hubby didnt like it and I did notice ALOT of people are using this name lately. My friend named her daughter Jaylah, her name is Leah, hubby's name is Jay. Be creative! :)



answers from Lexington on

Mine are Sebastian Drake and Anastasia Areandra.

Sebastian: for Sebastian, Fl (worked at Bellsouth as an operator and the day after I found I was pregnant, got ALOT of calls for Sebastian, so I figured that was a sign. lol)
Drake: his fathers role playing characters middle name.

Anastasia: for St. Anastasia school in Ft. Pierce, Fl (same reason as Sebastian's name)
Areandra: My role playing charachters middle name.

I do have other names picked out for if I have another kid.
Boy: William Riley (for my lil brother and my boyfriend and the middle lol)
Girl: Kaylyn Rayne (Irish first name, my role playing characters first name)



answers from Orlando on

Hi J.!

Well I have a 2 year old little boy named Ashton Isaiah. And the reason I picked it is because I just liked the name Ashton and Isaiah because my mom had 12 kids and named us all out of the bible so I wanted to keep the bible thing going see as I myself love the lord. And Isaiah has a wonderful meaning it means gods chosen one or something along those lines. So thats how I chose my sons name!



answers from Orlando on

Ian William---Ian means God is Gracious

Tobias Joseph----Tobias means the Lord is Good.

My husband and I chose them for the meaning.




answers from Lakeland on

Hi J.,
We scrutinized over naming our boys. We wanted some tradition/family meaning in it to give them a sense of connection and belongingness, but at the same time we wanted them to have something unlike anyone else in the family. We choose first names that we just liked and reserved middle names for tradition/family. For our first we went with Jacob Eli (we call him Jake, we like that it is a strong name and Eli from my grandfather). When he's in trouble Jacob Eli has a good ring to it. Our second son is Joshua Edward. We liked the meaning of Joshua (biblical) and Edward is my husband's grandfather's name. So both grandfathers got a grandson named for them which was a big hit with everyone. We call our youngest Josh and he looks just like a Josh. He's adorable and laid back with a huge smile. As it turned out both of the boys have the same initials which was coincidential, but now that they are 3 and 5 they think that is really cool. It just gives them even more of a feeling of connection, so that's a bonus. As for name stealing, imitation is the best form of flattery, so I wouldn't worry about it. Good luck.



answers from Fort Myers on

I have an Alex (Alexander)...He was going to be a Nicholas or Sam but then I had a dream with him in it (in the dream he was around a year and a half) when I was around 6 months pregnant and in the dream I was calling him Alex (which wasn't even anywhere near our name list!)...
So we named him Alex.
and oddly enough at a year and a half he looked exactly like he did in the dream....



answers from Fort Myers on

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.....

Our first daughter is Rachael(my sister's middle name) Haley(after the comet she was conceived under!)

Our second is Rebecca(biblical, love the name, & a girl that had been "adopted" by my husband's family earlier in their lives) Avery(LOVED the name!)

Our third daughter is Georgia(after one of my favorite artists, Georgia O'Keefe) Alice(my grandmother)

Our fourth, a son named Jack(loved it & its meaning!) Bernard(my grandfather)

& our last, a son, named Samuel(loved the meaning of it!) Wickham(my hubbie's grandpa & an old family name on his side)

Good luck & hope it helps!



answers from Raleigh on

J. -

Alexander Todd - Alexander after my husband's grandfather who helped raise him and Todd after my father

Mallory Jane - Mallory because we liked it and Jane after my MIL and my sister who passed away at a young age.



answers from Austin on

Well.......naming our baby was difficult..famly and religion helped....Plus my husband and i are L's so is our baby...good thing she was a girl....we could'nt decide a boy's name beginning in L.....

Lily Sophia...Lily for her great great Grand ma Lily<my husbands side> and Sophia for her grandpa Soloman<my side>. We can't name after the living and she has a great grand ma and great grand pa.

She fits her name to a tee. She is our little flower!!!!!!



answers from Boca Raton on

My son is named after his father and grandfather (He is the III). My daughter's middle name is a family name passed from 4 generations (Savannah Christine). Savannah we just really liked, it sounded very sweet, strong and very southern (we are both from the south as well as our families). Good Luck



answers from Daytona Beach on

we named our daughter after my husband's Italian grandmother(still alive). The middle name we used is his grandmother's maiden name,with the last letter changed to an a. Her name is Sophia Cristiana. And yes, after we picked her name, we thought it would be totally original...then we found one of our favorite actresses named her daughter that, and I hear it quite often while shopping,etc.! Good luck!



answers from Lakeland on

My daughters first name came from the movie Steel Magnolias. My husand liked it. Her middle name, which she goes by, is from the movie 'Splash'. We both loved that one.

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