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Updated on April 28, 2010
N.P. asks from Port Orchard, WA
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having our second child in sept!!! not sure if we're gonna find out what it is yet, so trying to figure out names for boy and girl. already have one boy, elias river. would love some ideas for unique names. right now we really like amaia, trying to figure out a middle name that starts with r. or we thought it'd be cool to have the name begin with e, if it's a girl. i also like, amica and eveah. having a really hard time trying to figure out a boys name. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions =)

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thanks for all the input....i will let you guys know what name we decide on!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Girl names: Elise, Eliza, Eden, Echo, Eve
Middle girl: Rain, Rae, Renee, Rose, Rosalyn, Ruby

Boys names: Emerson, Ethan, Evan, Elijah
Boys Middle: Reece, Rogue

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answers from Seattle on

Just a word of caution... the name you choose may sound cute for a baby, but imagine what it will look or sound like on the door of an office, for a receptionist to have to repeat over and over again to get it right. The teasing that they might get at school or the mispronunciation by many teachers or worse yet, at graduation. They have to 'wear' this name for a lifetime.

Elias will more than likely be shortened to Eli on the playground (my son has a friend with this name, they've been friends since kindergarten and they're freshmen in college now) and I have a son whose name is Christopher, but people contantly shorten it to Chris, even his editor at the newspaper he reports for changes his name on his byline from Christopher to Chris.

Your baby will be unique regardless of his or her name. Have a very happy family!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I second what Jerri W. and Leah R. said. Be considerate of your child's future. Young children can be horribly mean when a classmates name is very odd, not to mention that they have to learn to spell it. Constant teasing over something, even something that you think is not a big deal, can cause self confidence issues in a child which will shape his/her future.
If you were an employer looking at hundreds of resumes, would you even look twice at a "Story" or a "Echo"? Seriously.
I love the idea of using family names and if you look back into your family tree you may find names that are beautiful that are not used anymore. You can use other resources too from history, like Saint names or biblical names.
Also remember that longer names, like Jerri said, can and probably will be shortened to a cuter nickname especially when they are babies but you can help form that by sticking to what you like. For example, my nephew's name is Anthony, but he was never called Tony and would never let people call him that. We always called him Anty, but now that he's 16 it's back to mostly Anthony.
When you tell someone your baby's name would you rather them say "oh that's different" or "oh that's beautiful"?

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answers from Seattle on

I don't usually give name advice...but, amica is a car insurance company...

boy "E" names that you could try...evan, edson, eli (may be too close to elias), elijah, ephram, ezekiel. R boy names...Reuben, Rafi, Regal, Royal,

Girl "e" names - Eden, elisha, Girl "R" names - Raya

Let us know what you choose!

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answers from Portland on

I'm all for unique names, but please keep in mind that this name will follow your child for the rest of his/her life, and be sensitive to its spelling and pronunciation. Sometimes names are "cute" when a baby is little, but try to picture him/her putting it on a resume when they're 30, and what that name might say about them to a prospective employer. And imagine them having to spell or pronounce their name to every person they meet (I met a mom who named her son Mykkyl because she wanted a unique, and don't get me started on Nevaeh).

And I agree with the previous the name before you make your final decision to make sure there's no other meanings.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Emilia or Amelie
What about the middle name Rose? It goes with almost anything except names that end in R.
For boys Evander, Errol,


answers from Boca Raton on

Riley, Emerson,Elias, Rain



answers from Wichita Falls on

if my son was a girl i was goin to name the baby Mercedes Faith or Deseree N.


answers from Eugene on

Go to the New Age Baby Name book. It has thousands of names to choose from.



answers from Kansas City on

You can find lots of different names online and in books.Go to the library or google unique names,uncommon baby names,etc.Just remember a name is a special thing and something that your child will live with for the rest of their lives.So make sure it's easy to pronounce and that it's spelled just how it sounds for your childs sake,lol!I love unique names as well.I hate when people these days name their child Sarah or Mike!I have yet to find anyone with the same name as my Son and I love it!We have met a few with my daughters name but usually either not pronounced the same or spelled the same!
Something I think is a great idea is to incorprate family names.My Daughter's middle name is Rose which is my Mother in Laws maiden name.You can go way back in the family tree and sometimes find some really neat names that are not common anymore.You could use a last name for a first name.My Son's name was my Great Grandpa's name and before that it was someone's last name.My Great Grandpa had 3 last names for a name,lol.I think it's really neat to use someone's maiden name for a first or middle.We have a theme,lol,everyone in our family,starting with my Husband has a C or a K name!I see that you are thinking about keeping the same initials,I think that's neat!And I do not know too many E names (going away from Emily and Emma) however I have heard of one family having a girl named Elliot.
Hope this helps!C.



answers from Anchorage on

Give your child a beautiful name Emma Rose, maybe not unique but it was my mothers name Emma at least and my daughters middle name is Rose.



answers from Seattle on

My friend has a daughter named Ellison....It gets shortened to Ellie a lot though. Their son is Hayden. In our coop we had several unusual names.. Jove, Zealan, Kade, Olai, Jules, Zeb for boys. Lyra, Addie, Ryen, Ila, Izetta for girls. Have fun naming your little one. My husband and I had to go through a lot of compromising and ended up with Jacob and Julia. Not so original.



answers from Portland on

how about Riley. You could spell it that way or there are other variations--Rylie, Rilee, etc..........Our little boy is named that and it suits him just fine.



answers from Atlanta on

Our daughters name is Emerson Kate. Typically a boys name until now, it is becoming more or a girls name, or unisex at least. I like the name Ellis if we ever have another girl, just thought of sticking with the "E's"
I also like: Girls


Middle names
Rose, Roseanna

Dont forget Rocky or Rocco for a boy



answers from Seattle on

Google for baby names. You can research the origin of names and their meanings. That way you don't end up naming your baby a "cheat" or "sorrow" or whatnot (unless you want to). I'd also recommend you pick at least 2 names, so in case the child dislikes one name, there's a substitute. Good luck and congratulations!



answers from Yakima on

If you go to the Social Security website,, you can click on different names for each year, the popularity, and a lot of other info to see about names. I loved looking at this in preparation for my little one. happy browsing!



answers from Los Angeles on

My god daughter's parents came up with Gialana for a girl. I love it! :)



answers from Seattle on

I like emerson, Eden, Emilia, Elyse/Elise, eliza, Elisha, amaia/Amaya, Amira, Amelia, amalia, Amelie, anna, Rae, Renee, Riley, will think of more later I'm sure!

Here's more: Evelyn, ellery, Ayla, Aja, aurora, Avery, Ella, echo, eliana, esme, etienne, allegra, alora/alaura

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