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Updated on May 19, 2011
C.H. asks from Freehold, NJ
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Hi ladies, I've posted before about this question, but we have more names and I need help! We are between either Christopher Michael or Christian Michael. Any preference? Girls: Keira Ashley, Keira Noelle, Keira Grace, or any combo of those! Preferences? Thanks!!

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answers from St. Louis on

I like them all! Have you looked up the meanings to these names to see if one is more important to you than the other? That might help decide.

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answers from Dayton on

Not much help here...boy: can't say I have a preference.
Girl: Only one I don't like is Keira Ashley. Just sounds off. The other two are pretty though I lean toward Grace.
HTH a little. :)

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answers from Rochester on

I like Christopher Michael. But either way he will eventually be called Chris by most people, especially his friends.

Keira Noelle is pretty. It flows off the tongue nicely.

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answers from Washington DC on

Either way with the boys and Keira Grace is my fav :).

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answers from Atlanta on

Both boys names are beautiful! I favor Christian as it's not as common as Christopher although it's gaining popularity. I love the sound of Keira Noelle and Keira Grace. Ashleys are everywhere like Debbie was when I was a kid, lol. The meanings of all the names are wonderful except Keira which means "dark." As pretty as the name is I couldn't do it.... I love Grace Noelle!


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answers from Anchorage on

Do you like the name Chris? Because Either of those will more than likely end up shortened to Chris. I know someone named Christian and he hates it. He will only go by his last name he hates it so much. And people made fun of him when he was young about being a "good christian" ect.., so I would say to go with Christopher.

I think Keira is really cute. I do not care for it with noelle (is it pronounced noel?) but really like both Keira Ashley and Keira Grace.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I vote Christopher Michael and Keria Noelle

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answers from New York on

I prefer Christopher to Christian. Keira is lovely, out of your middle names, I'd choose Grace to go with it.

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answers from St. Louis on

Christopher Michael seems to flow easier.

Keira Grace seems to, too!



answers from Buffalo on

I vote Christopher!
And I definitely vote Keira Grace... so pretty!
I know a Keira Lily (I know, not one of your choices, but that's what i always think when i hear that first name and think its so pretty)


answers from Houston on

Keira Noelle
Ashley Noelle
Grace Noelle

Christopher Michael



answers from New York on

hmmm..... not to change things around, but I think I like the combo
Noelle Grace.

As for boys, love the name Michael, not a fan of the others, sorry.



answers from New York on

I like Christopher Michael....I like the sound, plus all the Christians I know are either trouble makers or hyper.

Keira Noelle, because it's really pretty.



answers from Chicago on

Great combo
Christian Michael (love it)
Ashley Grace
Ashley Noelle
Keira Grace



answers from Chicago on

I vote for Christian and I love the name Keira too!



answers from Phoenix on

I prefer Christopher Michael and for the girl choices, I like Keira Noelle. You also mentioned a combo of those names-- maybe Ashley Noelle?



answers from Lancaster on

Christopher Michael is a wonderful name.

I would vote Keira Grace, or Noelle Grace.

All of them sound beautiful, though!



answers from Spokane on

I vote Christopher and Keira Noelle!



answers from New York on

Christian Michael and keira Noelle



answers from Los Angeles on

My fav's are Christopher Michael or Keira Noelle... All beautifal names and congrats!


answers from Chicago on

I am in LOVE with Christopher Michael ... it just struck me. Michael is my son's middle name :). I am not in love or in like with the name Keira but that was also the name of my highschool bully ... one name that could be fun is Christina Michaela (mic-kay-la) or even Christian Michaela ... we had a twist on his first name that were both standard male/female names and I think it is really a fun way to go. No matter what you should go with what feels right when you see your baby.


answers from Dallas on

I like Keira Noelle. That's very pretty.

And I would prefer Christopher to Christian. Not a big fan of Christian.



answers from New York on

My husband's name is Christian Michael! :) It's worked pretty well for him.

I also like Keira Noelle.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

Christian Michael and either Keira Noelle or Keira Grace.



answers from Tucson on

Have you looked at what each name means? And what the initials would be? My oldest's name litterally translates to heavenly flower, for a combination of her first and middle. My baby was a different subject, with her I woke up in the middle of the night with what i assume her name should be. I woke and all i could think of was that preticular name, we took it as a sign and went with it. That and none of thier initials spelled anything that kids to make fun of.


answers from Bloomington on

Christopher Michael ( I have had 2 difficult students named Christian)
Keira Grace is my favorite of the three.


answers from Dallas on

I like Christopher Michael a touch more...I think? I don't really know. You're good with either, I think.

As for the girl names, I like Keira Ashley or Keira Grace. I really like the name Keira!


answers from Sacramento on

I like CHristian Michael... As for a girl name, since youre requesting combos, I really like Ashley Noelle, but I would spell it Ashleigh :) Congratulations!

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