Baby Monitors for Hard of Hearing

Updated on February 24, 2010
M.H. asks from Walterboro, SC
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i wear hearing aids n=in both ears. as long as i wear them i can hear my baby girl at all times. my husband is working nights and my daughter and i stay at my parents so they can help me hear her at night. i cant sleep in my hearing aids because ad anyone that wears them they whistle badly if anything gets close to them. even hair can make it whistle. quite frankly - im ready to go home but i cant hear her at night without them and i cant sleep in them unless im going to rely on just a few hrs of slkeep those that i get on my back until i roll over jerking awake because of the whistling. trust me its worse waking up to than the smoke or house alarm. so my question is does anyone know anything about baby monitors for the deaf or hard of hearing - or where i can i can purchase one. i really dont want to pay so much for something that isnt going to work. i only need one for at night when im sleeping. thanks in advance.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a monitor that has a vibration feature. It's not too old, made by Graco, and as monitors go, was very inexpensive. You can set it to vibrate at night and keep it on your pillow or next to your body. It can vibrate its way off the table if left alone, it's that strong! If you can't find it in stores, try the Graco website!

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answers from Dallas on

My husband is hard of hearing so I got a monitor that was audio and visual. It wasn't that expensive (as baby stuff goes) and it just monitored how loud your baby got with lights. Just a thought but the vibrating one sounds great too.
You could also try having a bassinet in your room/by your bed. I did that with my daughter until she was 5 months due to respiratory issues. If the baby is in your room you are more likely to wake up when he/she needs you.
Good luck!!



answers from Chicago on

Hi Mandy. Have you tried to use Google for "Baby monitors for hard of hearing"? I saw many listings of products designed for the hard-of-hearing parent (although I cannot vouch for any of them, since I've never used them.) Give google search a try -- and good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

Graco and some other companies make baby monitors that vibrate, as well as have audio and visual. If you put it in bed next to you or under your pillow, you'd be able to feel it when she cries and can sleep peacefully. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

A baby monitor can be used for anything... in order to hear/listen to kids or other things.

For me, even if my kids are not babies anymore, I STILL use our baby-monitor because, if I am downstairs and my kids are upstairs, or we have friends over and the kids are all over the house... well, I put on the baby-monitor to hear them and to keep track of anything... since my eyes can't be everywhere at the same time and especially if I am cooking or talking to other people etc., and if my kids are sick and during the night it can be a great way to "hear" your child... when you may not be able to hear them...

So, yes, it is practical for many reasons, even when not used specifically for babies. You could set the baby monitor in your bedroom, next to you on the bedside table, and increase the volume knob, so YOU can hear your child, sans your hearing aide.

You could just buy any "baby monitor"... it is not specific for deaf/hard of hearing people. A baby monitor being a sound transmitter...
It is not an "intercom" which is a 2-way sound transmitter.

Good luck,

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