Baby Monitor for 2 Children

Updated on April 22, 2010
M.A. asks from Coatesville, PA
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Is there a such thing as a baby monitor with 2 handsets AND 2 bases? I am not sure if any such thing exists or how the monitor would inform you which room the noise is coming from, but I'd sure love it if it existed! Thanks for your help!

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answers from San Francisco on

I just did a quick search and found a Bebe sounds portable color video and sound monitor w/2 cameras. There is only one base, it's $229 and has some great reviews and some bad reviews too.

We have 2 kids in 2 rooms and have 2 summer video monitors. We couldn't have both monitors in our room due to interference so we have 1 in the room and 1 in the kitchen. We also have a handheld in the hallway between their rooms. We listen from that one and then flip the video to which ever one is making noise.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have 2 monitors running too. I found that if you get monitors of the same brand they will interfere. I did well running a graco monitor and a first years monitor. Both were inexpensive and I could always tell which room it was coming from because of the different handsets.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I can't remember the brand, but if you do a search you'll find at least one 2-room monitor. I just wanted to share that we have 2 different brand monitors that we use with the receivers in each of their rooms and it works fine with both monitors in our room at night. That may be a cheaper option than the 2-room monitor.

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answers from Philadelphia on

just read this today & had to respond. I've always been wondering how I could be the only one who needed a monitor with two bases :) unfortunately, they are hard to find. I don't know why, because it has always seemed to me that instead of 2 parent units & 1 child unit, all monitors should have 2 child units & 1 parent handset. I can carry the parent unit around as I go about household duties, but I don't want to have to move the child unit every time I want to give baby a change of scenery. plus, if you have two young kids in seperate bedrooms, it's nice to be able to hear both of them.

a few years back when I was looking for the same thing I got lucky. I found one that has 2 parent units & 3 child units to monitor 3 areas of your home at the same time- it has been great! but since then, I have never seen it in the stores. the one I have was made by 'safety 1st'. it is called the Home Connection Monitor System, item # 08038. I did a quick google for it before writing this & it looks like they don't sell it anymore.
I think if you do some internet searching for multi child or multi room baby monitors you can find a couple. Some names that I saw were 'Graco Baby iMonitor Multi Child Multi Room Baby Monitor'- and on 'Summer Infant Secure Sounds Digital Multi Room Monitor'.
good luck!!

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answers from Lancaster on

I have two sons, in two separate rooms, but they're side by side, so I have a monitor in the hallway between the rooms. If I hear a questionable noise, I go check it. Sometimes if they're coughing , it's hard to tell which kid is coughing too, so I go check to see if they need a drink or whatnot. I hope that helps.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My brother found this system that works really well. It's a digitial monitor video/audio surveillance camera set. Costco sells it. It's made by Lorex and the item number is #469853. It comes with 2 cameras and 1 receiver. The only drawback is that the receiver has to be plugged in - it's not mobile in the sense that you can put batteries in it and carry it with you around the house - but I just set it up wherever I am going to spend the most time (i.e. kitchen, office, etc). The receiver is a nice sized screen (7") and the picture quality is very good. The audio is very good as well. I set up one camera in my son's room and the other in my daughter's room. The receiver can be set up to view all the cameras at once or you can have it switch back and forth between the two. It has alot of features - most of which I don't use like the DVR component (it has the capacity to record as well - for instance if you left the kids with a babysitter). You can also set it up so that the receiver can display on a TV or computer monitor. It also has a motion sensor alarm you can use too. I think it's a great monitor - and it costs the same as if you had to buy 2 monitors.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I dnt know hun, but i would ask. I've never had one. But i know that there are monitors out there of sum kind...

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